Your VIEW of Life — What Do you SEE?

We’re going to share a few inspiring stories with you (even though they may seem horrible at the beginning) and then provide a FREE resource (access to 5 coveted video tutorials valued at over $97) that you can use immediately to help you do what we do:

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We were hosting one of our famous 2-on-1 simulcasts several months ago and when we opened up the lines, like we always do towards the end of the call, one of the lucky attendees got a chance to ask their question to our guest mentor.

Our loyal regulars always know the protocol, which is for them to ask a concise, clear question, and then, er, well pause long enough for our teacher to answer.

But, for whatever reason, we got a ‘talker’ this time around and it was almost hard to interrupt him. All we could do is listen to a man, from Indiana, tell the most incredible version of a self-sabotaging personal experience.

Meaning, he was pretty descriptively on-target about his current financial reality – i.e., complaining and whining  to our guest mentor, like it was acceptable to hog the line, about how hard it is for him to travel and enjoy dormant hobbies because he’s working a 50-hour per week JOB that’s making him, in his own words, “just over broke.”

Not only that, he told us how he’s only 7 years away from retirement age with little or no funds and that Social Security may not be there for him.

Yes, the comments / questions went on and on… “how am I supposed to stay positive and focused when there hasn’t been any improvement with my money situation?”; “the only reason you guys make money is because you sell your knowledge and products…” blah, blah, blah…

( click on the “continue reading…” link below to read our mentor’s response )

Our guest teacher, in the most delicate but ‘take notice’ manner, said: “Wow, that’s pretty darn good. With a lot of detailed emotion, you’ve just mastered the art of getting exactly what you expect.”

“Wud ya mean?” the caller quickly asked.

“It’s simple”, he continued, “but I also know it’s so hard for folks who are used to immersing themselves into illusionary experiences. Like you, a lot of people’s reality will automatically line up in a way so that it can provide them with proof of whatever they choose to focus on and believe.”

The caller was still confused and said, “but, how’s that relate to my financial situation?”

Our guest mentor went on to explain how this person’s vivid self-talk and descriptions to us about what was really going on in his life was causing him to proliferate that reality into his experience.

Let us give you a scene from a fairly recent Hollywood movie that might help you understand this whole idea of how everything in your life is the way it is because of how you think about and describe to others your unwanted realities.

The Wedding Date is a romantic comedy starring Debra Messing and Dermot Mulroney.

In the movie, Kat (Messing) is flying to London to attend her sister’s wedding where Kat’s ex-fiance (who dumped her) is going to be the best man. To create the illusion that she’s moved on with her life and is unaffected by the break-up, she hires an escort (Mulroney) to pretend to be her new fiance. She found him by reading an interview of him in a magazine.

At one point in the movie, she’s talking to Nick (played by Mulroney) about a comment in the interview that she didn’t agree with.

She reads the section to him:

“You said (and I quote), ‘I believe every woman has the exact love life she wants’… do you honestly believe that I want to be single and miserable? Do you think I want to be hung up on some guy who led me on for years and then — out of the blue — shattered my heart?”

Nick replies, “First of all, there’s no such thing as ‘out of the blue’. And secondly… yeah, I do.”

She’s incredulous.

She yells, “What??”

Nick says, “When you’re ready to let go, to be un-single and un-miserable… you will. Till then…” and walks away.

There’s a HUGE lesson there that most people don’t get. Even the ones who SAY they get it don’t really get it. And, just like the case with the caller above, you can tell they don’t get it because they’re not living it.

The basic lesson is very simple: you are where you are right now — you’ve been experiencing what you don’t really want to experience — because you made the choice, at some unconscious level, to be there.

Some people will argue that they didn’t choose their present circumstances. Or that it’s luck. Or “the breaks”. Or they say they’re on “part of a learning curve” or something. But the truth is that you can look at every area of your life: your marriage, your bank account, your relationship with others, your parenting, your physical health and the fact remains the same: you are where you are because that’s where your opinions, beliefs, and decisions PUT you.

Have you noticed that compared with the person who is ‘being’ sad, the person who is ‘being’ happy seems to have all the time, all the money and all the energy to do important things in their life?

Many people think that if they had more time, more money or more energy then they would be truly happy. But they don’t get the connection between ‘not being very happy right now’ and ‘not having the time, money or energy they want.’

There’s a principle we’ve learned recently that is one of the most IMPORTANT principles to “grasp” with all your mental strength.

Truly, if you can understand what we’ve shared above, and what we’re about to share right now, you can take your life into many WANTED experiences FAST!

The principle we’re about to reveal is unfortunately used backwards by most people.

It’s called BE-DO-HAVE and, just like we have in the past, a lot of people get stuck in “ruts” (whether financial, emotional, or mental) because they’ve got the flow reversed. As in HAVE-DO-BE.

You know these people (maybe it’s you).

Like, you probably know of somebody who’s said stuff like, “If I only had more money, I’d invest,” or “If I only had more time, I could start a business…”

We talk to many, many people every day who are in the process of creating a true “Life Without Limits” experience for themselves… but, still, even in this pool of ambitious people we know, a great majority still don’t take certain “assume the role” steps that are essential.

For instance, most people, when asked “what do you want out of life?” respond with:

> More Time
> Travel the World

Yet statistically, only 21% of the entire population even has a passport. However, $54 Billion dollars were spent on lottery tickets in 2005 alone.

So, which group of people do you think is most likely to travel the world?

The BE-DO-HAVE principle says…

“In order to have something, you must first take on the role of already having it.”

So, for instance, if your goal is to become a full-time online entrepreneur, like us, then with every choice you are given on a day-to-day basis, you simply ask yourself the question:

If I already was a full-time online entrepreneur, what would I choose?

BE-DO-HAVE is simply BE the person first, DO what that person would do, then you’ll HAVE what that person has.

Emulate someone who is achieving the results you want. Ask yourself what that person would do in your situation given a decision that would bring you closer to your goal. You will get an immediate response, void of the limiting emotions and beliefs that often hold us back.

Whether you understand it or not, the BE-DO-HAVE principle applies to your life. Choosing not to apply it could be the very thing that is keeping you from achieving results in every area of your life and from obtaining all the wealth and freedom you desire.

Study this principle, apply it to everything you do, and just imagine what you can achieve!

Sure, when you strip it down to its core, it’s nothing more than a way of looking at life. It is nothing more or less than that. Yet this way of looking at life could change your life — and probably will!

Now, there’s one other thing we have to mention (or repeat) here:

BEING results in HAVING!

And, how to BE is often closely related to who you learn from, hang out with, and get to know.

The Law of Association basically says:

Unhealthy, unhappy, and broke people hang around unhealthy, unhappy, broke people.

In other words, you can get a “leg up” or an edge on BEING who you want to be by associating with others who have already BEEN where you want to go.

People, like our friends and mentors, Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill, can help you see / feel / imagine yourself where you want to BE with an online business, like ours.

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In other words, you’ll be inspired to DO the things that will allow you to HAVE all that you want.

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Barry and Heather

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16 Responses to “Your VIEW of Life — What Do you SEE?”

  1. You guys are effin awesome…I purchased your interviews a while back and listen to them on my I POD when I need a little pick me up. Thank you also for this simple straightforward article…

  2. Hi Heather & Barry:

    You nailed it with this post. When I was rebuilding my life, I was taught, “fake it til you make it.”

    A great question to ask is, “If I were already the person I want to become, what would I do in this situation?

    Then go and do it.

    Be- do – have

    Keep em coming.

  3. Just want to say thanks for Be-Do-Have. I am 60, just lost my job, have no savings, lost that in lending fiasco, and out looking for another source of income. Had a dream that says do wht you really want to do, get that training, open that business, set up that school. Anyhow, I want to cry and laugh, will let you know how it turns out.

  4. Barry and Heather,

    Things are just starting to turn. It is taking some time to overcome the bad habits in my lifetime of thinking. I had to get myself out of a very negative environment career wise. I am revising my viewpoints of al that is around me, and revise how perceive those I deal with. It is becoming fun to see what each new day will bring. I now look forward to my e-mails my regular postal delivery and each new person I meet.

    Thanks for the boost in the posterior.


  5. the answer to what do you
    SEE when you look at your life and attempt to
    HAVE things ? Is that we already have all power, money,wisdom,happiness and all truths and knowledge and all other things inside us its just a matter of realizing, feeling, and beliving it. Then putting it to use with pure intent.

  6. Hi Justin,

    You say that “we already have all power, money, wisdom, happiness and all truths and knowledge and all other things inside us its just a matter of realizing, feeling, and beliving it. Then putting it to use with pure intent.”

    That’s a good start… and it’s really an important part of what we’re talking about with this process.

    But, still, it’s just the start of the process.

    When we say “HAVE”, we’re talking about RESULTS.

    BE and DO can be seen as the first steps in manifestation… the intention, the “acting as if”, the mindset, the realization that you are responsible for everything in your life, and the responsibility in making it come true.

    That last part — the “come true” part — is the HAVING.

    You’re really talking about potentiality, or the first part of the equation… we’re talking about the manifestation, the results showing up in your life, the ENTIRE equation including the end of it.

    So to say you “HAVE” everything already is only true if you can look around and SEE an unlimited supply of money in your bank account, impeccable health, one of every car you could ever desire in your driveway, your perfect dream house, amazing people in incredible relationships with you, and so forth… everything your heart could ever desire, manifested already into reality.

    As you understand that you have the potential to create all that, that’s wonderful… but our question was regarding what you SEE (as in, do you see the physical manifestation yet, rather than being in the process of manifesting it)?

    Now yes, of course, you need to “see” it (envision it) in your life BEFORE it shows up… but again, seeing it in your mind’s eye is just a precursor to seeing it manifested in reality.

    So really, the question is asking you:

    What does YOUR personal life look like?

    What have you CREATED in it?

    There’s nothing wrong with wanting to experience things in your life. There’s nothing wrong with desiring items and being willing to exchange one energy (money or time, for instance) for another energy — the “thing” you want to have. And that’s true for any”thing”, be it physical, emotional, mental… health, relationships, material objects, or what-have-you.

    All the best as you go forth and manifest!

    Barry & Heather

  7. I laughed out loud in my car on the way home tonight!

    Two weeks ago, following the suggestion on a teleconference I was listening to, I wrote on a scratch of paper, “What I really want right now is to receive $5,000 or its abundant equivalent before the end of the month.” Tonight I was thinking, “Hmm, EOM is coming up fast. I wonder where that $5K is?” I stopped the self-talk before it got to the “Oh well, it’s probably not going to happen” point.

    Then it dawned on me: two days ago I applied for a new credit card and I asked for a $5,000 limit, thinking I would have the balance on my current card transferred. Today I was told that the my application has been approved and I’ll receive the card next week – but that they don’t transfer charges from other cards. So now I still have my original card plus I have $5,000 credit on my new card! It’s not quite the same as receiving $5,000 to deposit in my bank account – but then I wasn’t that specific when I asked, was I? (LOL)

  8. When I look at my life I see incredible abundance. I have everything I’ve ever asked for, and then some. Not everything comes immediately, though most things do. It is at this point that my heart swells with incredible gratitude; I can actually feel my chest swell. The feeling is so intense I have to stop everything I’m doing just to say, “Thank you.”

    Sometimes I have to wait years, especially for the really BIG and IMPORTANT things because it takes so much time to put everything in place to manifest. Sometimes I’m not quite prepared and have to undergo transformation in order to make room for that which I’m asking. Transformation is never easy and sometimes I resist and struggle. But then I remember to let go and just allow whatever is going to happen to happen.
    It is then that everything in my life begins to flow and I find myself in rapid succession of all that I’ve asked for.

    I am blessed because I know what I want, and what I want really matters to me. This is my heart’s desire. Sometimes I ask for things that I THINK I want, but that is not my heart’s desire, and oftentimes I don’t receive it. At first I didn’t understand why certain thing weren’t coming to me, but that was before I understood the difference between fearful, whimsical thoughts and the heart’s desire.

    I am blessed not because I deserve it, but because I trust I will receive what I’ve asked for and because I’m so thankful when I do receive.

    However, in spite of being intelligent, I’m also ignorant and stubborn and have oftentimes asked for and received things that were incredibly BAD for me.

    I’ve since learned there is no such thing as ONLY good or ONLY bad and that to every top there is a bottom. Thus when bad things happen, I am equally thankful because I trust that in some strange way I’ve asked for this. I’ve come to view the bad as a weeding out process to help clear the path for receiving all that my heart desires.

    Consequently, my greatest growth has resulted from being thankful for the bad. It’s a slow and painful process, but only because I temporarily resist and struggle out of fear. Yet it is usually this very fear that prevents me from achieving my heart’s desire, hence which is why I sometimes need the destruction of the seemingly bad.

    In the end, it is all good because I know it will turn out that way. I trust with all my heart and live accordingly. And that is why I am so blessed.

  9. The “be” “do” “have” principle is one of the most important I have learnt over the years. When you focus on the “being” part you cannot focus on what is going wrong, lack or any other negative thought processes. So when you don’t focus on what isn’t working and concentrate on “being” your energy changes immensely….

    If we can grasp the essence of this principle and apply it in our life… we see the abundance all around us.


  10. When I look at my life I see all that I have every wanted manifested as I want it. There have been times when I resisted and well you know the result of that…. however, when I hold tru to the cause I always get what I want!

    Thank you for your site… I do want to expand my business experience by creating wealth online. I have a couple of ideas so if you can offer advice or help I would appreciate it.

  11. Thanks for asking

    certain areas like weight loss looks quite on target and I am sure that I will be able to get my goal

    profesionaly , I feel stuck for not going forward with my vision


  12. Hello,

    When i looked at my life, i am gratiful for all the many good things that i have from my Parents, my Kids, my Friends etc. My work is abundantly blessed, and most of all i see a vision of a greater future and more excellent relationship.

    Thanks for contributing to my growth.

    Warmest regards from Bamako-Mali

  13. Dear Barry & Heather,

    My response is -I have had a very successful, satisfying Army career of 34 years. Given a chance would love to be back! I have been offered jobs even before retirement-Resident Director of Army public School, Head of Projects
    (Civil Engg) and now MD of a real estate company in Lagos,Nigeria.

    I love golf which I have not been able to play for the last three years and I am still searching for my FINANCIAL FREEDOM AND TRUE HAPPINESS. Have gone through Morry’s QMP, Tom Pauleys -Rich beyond wildest dreams, abundance tool kit & Money,Money,Money-and Dr,Robert Anthony’s books on maniestation etc.

    I have reached a stage where I can meditate, have made marked change in my attitude but not complete; intentions, parameters, visualisation as best as I can , emotions et al .My desires are on their way and I am patiently waiting. Overall a good life and it can and should be much better.

    That says it . Now l await my philosopher friend cum guides’ response.


    Warm regards-Brig SSSidhu.

  14. I wonder about life is an understatement. Who is in charge of our lives, ourselves, God, etc. etc.

    I live a country bumpkin sort of life. Lots going on and lots of interruptions on a daily basis.

    As to my ‘having” things it’s a difficult process. ie., more month at the end of the money sort of life.

    I think I must be thinking wrong or something but am not sure. Associate with family and friends who have “things” because they have a healthy cash flow.


  15. Loved the article. I’ve looked at the Be Do Have equations often enough, and I have to admit that I do get it backward if I am not really paying attention (being) to what I am thinking (doing) yes, and then you have what you where thinking about without paying attention!

    Paying attention is so important because you can miss the good stuff too. I just realized this week that I have gone from a credit based life to a cashed based life, something I have worked on being, when I went on a trip and paid for everything with cash! I could never afford to do that before. I’d have to use credit.

    For me that’s a sea change.


  16. Hello fellow travelers

    I just stumbled upon this site via an email ….

    I have practiced the art of manifestation for both good and bad things in my life …but.. by not realizing until recently, via a lot of reading and research how and why things were happening the way they were…. negitives… talk..emotions and thoughts… repeating over and over the negitivies that were happening in my life..i am trying to overcome these habits…

    I am going though one of the tough times right now … with most of my life in turmoil and up in the air right now… which i know is of my own manifesting …

    today i am starting a journal for gratitude and attitude changes…. i know how to make the changes …. but have a hard time turning off the little ego based negitive stream of thoughts and words …

    thanks very much for the truth that i have read here … i will come back here often to read and learn ..
    congradulations on the beautiful baby

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