“Live” Simulcast… PLUS… Our Life Enhancer Toolbox

Tonight we’re putting master coach and speaker, Terri Levine, on the hot seat as part of our brand-spankin’ new LWL Simulcast series for 2008.

Terri’s a popular keynote and motivational speaker, and a successful bestselling author. Before entering the coaching arena, she worked as a corporate executive with an impressive track record of growing million dollar businesses, and is known for her marketing expertise. In fact, she was a speaker at Joe Vitale‘s Spiritual Marketing Super Summit.

Terri’s a true professional in the personal development and the business industries… she understands how the two come together, and is able to teach from both perspectives to seamlessly bring balance into the lives of those she teaches — whether they want to focus on one, the other, or both.

Why is this important?

Well, the topic of tonight’s call is Top 10 Laws for Living a Life of Abundance.

And understanding the power of those laws automatically takes us to a world where we bridge the personal and business worlds…

One of the laws, for instance, is The Law of Loving. Okay, sounds like a personal growth law… but once you’ve learned to love yourself, and love others, you need to love what you do in order to achieve abundance.

And what you do, when it’s rewarded with the energy of wealth, takes us into business growth.

Another of the top 10 laws is The Law of Action. And while planning and following a path to success could just as easily apply to your personal life… as soon as we’re talking about the action bringing about abundance, we’re now “taking care of business”.

We talk a lot about doing what you love and loving what you do, and being okay with receiving wealth and abundance in return. It seems that everyone who has “money problems” (which usually boil down to “creativity problems” instead) is somehow resisting the notion that they deserve to be paid — and paid well — for what they love to do, and are good at.

Provide value to the world, and the universe provides value back to you.

Okay, now let us point out something kinda obvious to you… you’re reading this on a blog.

What might not be so obvious is that a blog is an incredible tool for allowing you to tap into these laws of abundance yourself… to creatively give value to the world and be rewarded for it back, with minimal technical know-how or hands-on effort required.

Yes, anyone can have a blog. Write about what you love, and people who love the same things will find your blog. Our peers and colleagues, Anik Singal and Rosalind Gardner (two top internet marketers who believe in the power of giving) can even show you how to get traffic to that blog in only 10 minutes.

If you watched Barry’s video the other day, you will have seen the free resources that Anik and Rosalind were giving away to help you set up, write, publish and promote your blog within minutes.

But that was just the tip of the iceberg… today they’re launching a highly anticipated webinar coaching program called Blog Classroom that will show you exactly what to do, step by step, in order to have your own “blog of abundance”… a place you can write, publish, share, and make money.

We believe so much in this program and its value to you that we’ll give you a gift worth $200 — our latest Life Enhancer Toolbox full of gifts and resources to increase your business and personal efforts — just for enrolling in Blog Classroom. To collect your bonus, submit your receipt to our support desk here.

Terri Levine is a coach’s coach… as one of the top professional coaches in the life coaching industry, she’s the one that other coaches come to in order to learn the ropes.

Anik and Rosalind are marketer’s marketers… top performers in the affiliate marketing, pay per click marketing, and blog marketing arenas that other marketers come to in order to learn the ropes.

So yes, there are some very uncanny similarities between the two groups of people we’re talking about today… and the two opportunities you now have for increasing your own abundance.

1. Join us on tonight’s simulcast with Terri Levine by clicking here and choosing “Print Details” beside her name (you can also add yourself to our simulcast mailing list for updates on every call, and a free gift).

2. Or join Anik and Rosalind in Blog Classroom by clicking here and checking out everything they have to offer you. Then submit your receipt to collect your bonus Life Enhancer Toolbox.

Or, hey… why not do both?

After all, abundance is not about living conservatively. It’s about getting out there and embracing a life without limits.

Your Partners in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather

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  1. Hey, how about a transcript and/or recording of the call? I can’t join in due to other commitments.

  2. I agree with Phil De Franco, some times it is difficult, even impossible, to listen to the live program. Life
    interferes, as you know.

    You are doing a great service, truly, and getting better
    and better.

    If everybody appreciates you the way I do, your dedication is well worth it. Thanks. Magda

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