Reach For The Stars, Or Stay in a Rut

We like watching America’s Got Talent because it showcases people who are dedicated to grooming their gifts, giving value to the world, and trying to achieve what they want to do.

It’s easy to say you want something… but much harder to follow through.

And as a goalsetting expert we once interviewed said, “Behavior doesn’t lie.”

Too many people say they want to lose weight, but eat junk while they sit on the couch. They say they want to make more money, but shy away from every opportunity to do so. They say they want to follow a passion, but put it on the back burner to pursue “someday”.

Ask them why, and they’ll always have a reason. Or… should we say “an excuse”? Because no matter how reasonable a reason seems to be, if it prevents someone from doing what they say they want to do, it just means they’re not walking their talk.

Yeah, sure, talk is cheap… and action is gold.

It takes a lot of personal investment to do something that inspires others. And many people just don’t want to put any skin in the game, in case it gets hurt.

But that’s like refusing to love in case it one day dwindles, refusing to create in case it gets critiqued, or refusing to laugh if someday tears will come instead.

We especially paid attention to a local boy, from Grants Pass, Oregon, who recently wowed the crowd at AGT. His name is Hairo Torres, and he says, “if you don’t try, you’ll never know.”

Here he is performing in the quarter-finals, with an act that got him put through to the next round:


He reminds us of another local guy, who’s just as talented… with one big difference.

He refuses to try, because it might mean getting out of his comfort zone. He can entertain his friends till the cows come home, but not a bigger audience.

He focuses on what could go wrong, rather than what can go right.

What about you? Which would you rather be?

The one who reaches for the stars… and might hit the moon?

Or the one who stays in your comfort zone… digging deeper and deeper ruts?

You can shine, or be covered in dirt. It’s all up to you.

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