Personal Achievement And Doership… Revisited !

The time has come, the Walrus said, to talk of many things…” starts the old poem by Lewis Carroll.

It is relevant to this blog post as well.

More so than ever, I’ve become incredibly confused about how some people interpret their current experiences, and their self-assessment of their own habits and behaviors.

Certain time-tested mindsets and habits of thought breed daily achievement (i.e., getting things done or taking control of your day).

But, before I tell you what I think some of those are, please allow me to list some of the items that confuse and sometimes baffle me.

* * * * * * *

Why people complain about how they don’t have the money to do or buy what they want,

* don’t put forth the sweat equity; either in their job to put themselves in a position for an advancement, nor in their business so they can connect with more resources, contacts and customers.

* blow $200.00 a week eating out, when they could eat in (healthy, fresh food from the grocery store) and put the $100 they save every week into buying silver coins (see Why I’m Going Silly For Silver).

>> Why people who complain always have solutions to problems, yet fail to identify themselves as part of the problem.

* think of the person who cries, “I can’t open your PDF or play your .mp3 file” when they still haven’t updated their Adobe Reader program, or cleaned up their computer, browser, and operating system.

The Newbie ClubIf they’d be willing to put the time in, and face the reality that they continue to struggle with their PC (and take ownership of that fact) they could learn a lot at The Newbie Club.

If they’d be willing to look at their own competency levels, then instead of blaming every vendor whose “system” doesn’t allow them to login or download their products, they’d spend as much time tracking down good computer instruction as they do tracking down a good car mechanic or hair dresser.

Yep, if only… if only they could face up to that and put in the time, they could also learn a lot at PCPitStop and EHow.

>> Why people whine about not knowing how to find information and professional contacts to help them build their online business when they have 2 very valuable tools available to them: and (or

Best Online Search ToolOr, better yet… grab a copy of Search Automator 3 ! If you’ve ever been at a loss for quality content, information, or inspiration, you need to take a serious look at this.

We use it daily to sift and sort through a treasure-trove of Websites, ebooks, tutorials, resources, checklists, guides, tips, tricks, articles, MP3s, videos, images, and more.

* We meet folks every day who email us and ask: “How do you set up an e-commerce system?” or “How do you find mentors to interview?”

Well, for the former, we can’t think of a better, low-cost, user-friendly automated and centralized serviceE-Junkie than E-Junkie. Without question, if you’re not a comptuer whiz, online marketer with a lot of resources, or haven’t outsourced the help you need, this is the the most accommodating, flexible, high quality and low cost solution for selling digital products online.

For the latter (how to be an interviewer), we send them straight to – it speaks of itself. Go take a look.

>> Why people know exactly what they’d do if they were in your shoes, yet slough off day-to-day responsibilities, while at the same time seek to assume additional ones (I’ll definitely write about CDSF, or Consistent Daily Self-directed Focus, some other time).

>> Why the average American today spends four hours daily in front of the tube (T.V. – i.e., Electronic Income Reducer) when they have more opportunities than ever before to be an incredible ACTIVE participant in life.

>> Why people react to what they think is happening, yet never verify their thought process with facts

>> Why people assume that they have to fix themselves completely before they’ll ever be “somebody”.

>> Why people complain about the weather outside when they need to be complaining about the weather in their head (inside).

Okay… so, I guess now I’m about to get carried away, and could probably go on ad infinitum, but you get my drift, so I’ll STOP. The bottom line, as Life Coach Tim Brownson says, is “some people just like to be miserable.”

To sum all this up, I offer the following definition from Webster:

CONCEPTUALISM – a doctrine in philosophy intermediate between nominalism and realism, that says that universals exist only within the mind, and have no external or substantial reality.

Uhmmmm, kind of a more rough, raw, old school, but still needed-to-be-read similarity to what we know as MANIFESTATION.

Now, for Barry’s plain English version – “You got an idea, a desire or a wish? Then DO something with it rather than jump on a soapbox.”

> Talking about it alone won’t make it happen.

> Daydreaming about it, with pretty and plump thought bubbles, all day, will just cause it to stay in the ethers.

> And, complaining about it constantly will just make it run away.

But, while those may be three ways to NOT take control of your life and get what you want, there are plenty of interviews available too, a la carte, that can help make your physical world operate at a much more optimized pace.

Guidance, inspiration, and leadership is what it’s about. You can find a lot of that here.

But, if you you’re all set inwardly – you’ve got the awareness and awakened mind to work on building things (like a spare-time or part-time online business) – then, go for something fun and rewarding like:

Build a Niche StoreBuild a Niche Store

It’s a great way to build an eBay business without selling your own products.

Check it out. BANS enables you to build eBay affiliate websites targeted to any eBay niche you want. These act as the medium through which you funnel targeted visitors to eBay.

It’s the best thing for the start-up entrepreneur to come along in a loooooooog time.

But, if you DO have your own product, or idea, or some PLR products lying around you haven’t figured out how to package, market, and sell… as already mentioned, use E-Junkie for that.

Before I let you go, here’s something Mentor #8B, inside the Barry’s Conversations section of our Manifestation Portal, recently sent out about the art of accomplishment and people who have a “speed implementation” mindset:

We outsource anything and everything that doesn’t absolutely require us to do it personally. We know what our high payoff activities are, and we are disciplined about getting everything else off our plate. (I even found myself delegating converting my handwritten notes to a Word document.)

We say no – a lot. When you realize that everything you say yes to means saying no to something else, you start saying no to anything that won’t directly result in your guaranteed success.

We make decisions quickly rather than spending months trying to figure out how to make it happen. Just decide you will do it, when you want it done, then figure out the how.

We have something really important at stake. And not getting it just isn’t acceptable. We are willing to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get things done. We are willing to invest more time, money and energy in the right tactics to move forward quickly.

We are resourceful. “Sorry, not possible” is not an answer that we accept. We constantly scan for, “What would have to happen to have this in my life?” There are no obstacles that can’t be overcome, just opportunities to explore other options.

Getting things done fast is about possessing a certain attitude that causes you to take consistent action on your highest payoff activities.

If you find that you don’t yet possess a speed implementer’s mindset and habits, then it’s time to get some help. The truth is you probably won’t be able to change this without some mentoring or coaching.

So find someone who is embodying the success you desire and hire them to mentor you!

Your Partner in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

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12 Responses to “Personal Achievement And Doership… Revisited !”

  1. Hi Barry, refreshing to read and challenging to each of us to think of how we sound to those listening! My additional comment is that when you are doing your search for info be sure and find reputable sources. I am sure when Tiger Woods seeks a coach, he checks out the credentials first. Yvonne Chamberlain wealthcoach

  2. Yes, Yvonne, we all want a mentor, coach, or teacher who is congruent with PERSONAL and BUSINESS life – i.e., they personally practice what they preach.

    So, I have a feeling 99% of the folks in our community understand the validity of that, as well as picking a personal coach who’s “been-there-done-that” for lack of a better description. Yep, good ol’ fashioned due-diligence is what we should do with whomever we relate.

    A Big Thumbs up for the reminder.

  3. I am sorry to say, I am getting tired of all the propaganda. I am getting dissapointed to realise the slowly turning of what it was a great spiritually enlightening site into commerciality and bussiness recommendations. Pls don’t abuse the trust; If I need that sort of advice I would not turn for it here. Please get back to basics “life without limits” sort of spiritual writtings or call it something else!
    hope I don’t cause offence but someone has to say something!

  4. To GLORIA:

    Somebody has to say something” – really ?

    As in like, if you do then that means we’ll take notice and tell you: “Ahhh, yes Gloria, darn, we musta been in some far-out mind warp writing about ‘business stuff’ on a blog called Life Without Limits. How dare us.. what the hell were we thinking. Business stuff just is gonna kill our reader’s ongoing on-again-off-again battle with spiritual ecstasy.”

    Gloria, please excuse, but certainly don’t ignore, the biting sarcasm (it was intended) as it’s apparent that either a) you haven’t been hanging around here that long or b) you have, but just only chose to SEE what you THINK is “feel good” spiritual stuff.

    In no way have we ever said (nor will we) that spiritual growth is mutually-exclusive of business, product recommendations that serve and add value, and advice that is morbidly full of love and light fluffy atta-girl / atta-boy vibes.

    If you had been reading our PAST posts (Ahhh, start with the last 10 for starters) you’d have already realized a few things:

    We SERVE by researching.

    We SERVE by interviewing (

    We SERVE by writing.

    We SERVE by teaching our way (see below)

    We SERVE by not falling into the status quo.

    We SERVE by keeping things candid, straightforward, and refreshingly REAL.

    We SERVE by not offering you the standard, regurgitated, G-Rated “spiritual rhetoric” that so permeates the self-growth arena.

    We SERVE by being passionate about what we do, and sharing what we find along the way.

    Here’s a few thoughts about no-limit living from the caliber of people I would call super-achievers ( unbridled Manifestors, not “enlightened beings” which, for some reason, you feel this site is supposed to be about):

    They step beyond boundaries of what’s considered normal; they lash out at cherished ideals; they even put their reputation at risk sometimes (what they feel people will perceive them as by doing a certain thing).

    They engage life with massive energy, surround themselves with enigmatic people, and never use enlightenment as a crutch for NOT living large in this physical world now.

    To me, enlightenment isn’t so much about striving to perfect our ego, or continually evolve into this beaming light sort of being, as much as it is being in a state to appreciate little amazing moments and be awake enough to SEE the magical things that are already happening in our life.

    I’ve always seen enlightenment simply as an “experience,” not a permanent way of life. I don’t feel somebody “gets” enlightened like they get a tattoo, get a college degree or get married. Instead, it’s just an experience. It begins, it ends, and another one takes its place.

    So, Gloria, if you really want to see (and HEAR) what keeps us striving for boundaries beyond the “norm” – what keeps us passionate about all that we pass on it and who we find for our community – go here:

    Then, click on the RAVE REVIEWS icon.

    P.S. And, if you think our main LWL blog is “tainted” with commercialism, or stuff that ruffles your feather, holy smokes…. our stuff at just might cause you to call in the Spiritual Police.

    And, if you’re bold enough, two posts to START with there are:

    “The Getting of M-O-N-E-Y” and “Are You Comfortable Paying The Universe.”

    Better yet, the comments associated with those posts will help you to better understand how to lighten youy “mixture of spirituality and business” load.

  5. Gloria, I’m sorry you feel that way because with a logic like that, how do you appreciate life. The truth is, without money you get stuck in survival mode, forget enlightenment. Besides, operating a grocery store in order to make a living is going into a business that serves yourself (i.e. you make money) and your community as it supplies food for people.

    So how is this blog different from a grocery store ? This blog nourishes our minds and our souls… an leaves the nourishing of our bodies to the grocery store!

    Life is a process, one that requires money in order to experience it. Business’ objective is to make money and frankly, I don’t know about you but personnaly, I do understand that my beleifs about money determine how much I have. You might want to look into working on those beleifs.

    This, by the way, follows the buddist’s logic that when something disturbs you, first look within to find out why, then asses your course of action.

    Hope these lines helped.

    Bless your spirits


  6. I can see how infuriated you are to hear somebody’s opinion who you do not consider a SUPER ACHIEVER since obviously is a reader of your post!!! I am sorry to dare give my opinion.
    I have no time, no obligation to explain the way I think or who I am but do not cling on a word I said “enlightment” to pretend you know how I think or where I come from.
    I seriously appreciate your work in this site but that doesn’t give you any right to put me down for what I intended as constructive critisism. This kind of selfrighteusness is found in the sort of religious people when they consider themselves spiritual because they work a lot…

    go ahead, please ignore me, little me stupid new reader, and continue with your business as usual

    I am surprised by your response!

  7. Hi Gloria,

    Actually, we have bona fide “Super Achievers” reading our blog all the time… so just because you’re reading it doesn’t make you not one.

    What has us scratching our heads is that you think “Life Without Limits” should refer to SPIRITUALITY and nothing else (yes, you used that word several times… and that’s all Barry or I need to know about you, to understand that you are communicating an issue you have with “NON-SPIRITUAL” information on our blog… or what you go so far as to term “Propaganda”. Hmm… free resources are “propaganda”? Interesting…)

    The fact is, you can NOT have a well-rounded “LIFE Without Limits” without addressing ALL areas of life… yes, that includes spiritual, but also physical, and mental too. We are complete 3-dimensional beings (mind, body, and spirit) and without all 3 legs of that vital tripod of life, we will collapse and fall over (just try taking one leg away from a tripod if you need a real-life experiment to see what I mean).

    So bottom line… if you want to read articles and receive info from a community who ONLY addresses “basic” spiritual writings, as you call it, then there are plenty of those around the internet that will only predictably give you spiritual information day in and day out.

    That’s not what we’re about at Life Without Limits.

    On the other hand, if you want to read articles and receive info just about business and/or wealth-building, there are plenty of places to do that too.

    That is also not what we’re about at Life Without Limits.

    What we’re about — hence the name — is a complete and well-rounded Life Without Limits. Yes, I know I’m repeating myself… just want to make sure you get it.

    This is not about not being able to take “constructive criticism”… we are different by design, and serve the complete life of our community members by design. You need to understand that if you want to hang around (which you are certainly welcome to do).

    It is also not about Barry (or I) being “self-righteous” in our responses to you… we know what our business model, mission and vision is, and we have the right to let you know if you misunderstand. Ironically enough, by the way, your two comments sound like they’re coming from a place of “self-righteousness” more than ours do… there’s that mirror effect that occurs in life. You might want to take a look at the reflection to see what you discover (a little unsolicited “spiritual” advice for you).

    And if you don’t like hearing the comments back from Barry or I (which we will always do if we feel like answering comments on our blogs), then just scroll up and see what Martyne wrote to you. Another well-thought-out metaphor for you, this time about a grocery store.


  8. Hi

    I just want to say thank you for the post Barry. While I was reading it I discovered that yeah, I did some of the stuff described there as “limitations” without seeing all the angles of a situation . I know the “soapbox” pretty well but my new life which starts right now, does not know any soapbox and does not allow any sort of soapbox any more.
    Thank you all the same for Life Without Limits Blog. Awesome

    Take care

  9. What stunning info. I recognized my self in some of this and am very happy to have the information to set things right.

    I can’t thank you enough and am very excited about the future.

  10. I want to sincerely apologize…to you all.
    you do an amazing job in sharing all sorts of amazing stuff and I am more than grateful.
    I was quick to post because I got annoyed as I have been recommending this site to friends and the first blog, which is this one, appeared with a few too many suggestions that didn’t interested me or my friends I suppose; like the silver coins and web learning.

    I know; quiet egoistic and shallow…

    and you are right, I haven’t been hanging around too long. I will be! since I have been discovering the forums plus loads of many inpirational and yes “enlightening stuff” and the ones you suggested and I realise I actually should say:Thank you.

    I look forward to learn more.

    Peace & Love

  11. I appreciated this dialogue with Gloria because of the transformation of perspective which evolved from the truthful sharing of differences in “opinion”. Expansion of consciousness emerged from the willingness of all to candidly engage in this conversation and to persist beyond initial “reactions” to reach a new level of understanding. Thanks to Heather and Barry for taking this “head-on”; to Barry for this blog article (which, ironically is one of the most insightful and useful one that I have been impelled to read thus far; and especially my appreciation to you, Gloria for having the receptivity and humility to reconsider your point of view, to shift your perspective based on new information, and your willingness to acknowledge that openly, so that others can be inspired by your process.

    All the Best!

  12. Hi Heather & Barry,
    This is the first time I have posted on ANY blog. I would just like to thank you for this one, and the time you take to help us all. I need all the help I can get , any I am getting it here!…you are both Awesome!!!
    Cheers Michelle.
    Ps, We all need a Life Without Limits……..Cheers.

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