( Part 2 ) — Manifesting’s Grand Conspiracy

This is Part 2 of our Manifesting’s Grand Conspiracy Series. To read Part 1, click here.

We were watching our favorite TV Dog Trainer, Cesar Millan, last night. Because of his understanding of psychology and the dynamics of “energy”, he is able to teach his clients to see their own self-defeating behaviors when dealing with their dogs (after all, his motto is: “I rehabilitate dogs and train people”). With that teaching often come some TRULY profound, and some SEEMINGLY profound and life-changing spiritual adages.

For instance, he told a lady who was worrying that her dog may react to a certain change in habit / lifestyle routine that she can “only control the now” and not to focus on what COULD go wrong in the future.

On the surface, and in that context, those four words were powerful for that particular lady. But does it mean that this spiritual rule is something to live by, carte blanche, without analysis or a DEEPER understanding of its validity?

Let’s find out!

====== Continued =======

First, we think we’ll all agree that human nature loves easily-digestible, feel-good rules of living… especially the kind that don’t require a lot of work or mental jockeying. “If it feels good to me, doesn’t do anybody any harm, or keeps me from worry, doubt, and fear,” the rationale goes, “then I’ll adopt it, love it, and sprinkle it over everything I do.”

That mindset — as tongue-in-cheek as it was written — is precisely how a great majority of well-meaning (but lazy) people on this planet operate their lives, businesses, and relationships:

Recycling the same passed-down, protective, passive, unquestioning niceties over and over… regardless of how relevant that nicety might be, or how responsible to bringing forth RESULTS in their life.

While, as we said earlier, it WAS the perfect thing to say to the frantic, worrisome, everything-will-go-wrong wired dog owner… would you want people like surgeons, detectives, oil tank captains, and insurance agents to have the blanketed one-size-fits-all belief that they can “only control the now?”

Er, well, we don’t!

NOW can, and should, be the future for a lot of people. If they were programmed to think that they can only give energy to what they see, hear, smell, feel, etc. IN THE MOMENT, things could be detrimental. To be effective and get RESULTS, a surgeon has to see the impact of his or her actions — the expected outcome — on their patients BEFORE they act; detectives use reasoning and postulate probabilities; captains of the sea map and plan out their shipping routes in advance; and insurance agents anticipate obstacles that could prevent their clients’ applications from being accepted.

These people require forward-thinking skills and a conscious awareness of probable future expectations to get the job done.

Some, based off the focus and mental-emotional energy targeted to the outcome, can indeed control the future… by creating the future for a particular event.

How? (We’ll give you the answer at the end of the blue table. Within the table, however, is some interesting pivotal insight… a little academic in parts, but well worth reading):

In Part 1 of this series, we gave you a new way to look at the proliferating nicety that so many spiritualists love throwing around: “We’re All Connected.”

Yes, okay, so now… ramp up the music, Maestro… ’cause truly, without exploring those three words, it’s just a single note floating around your noggin.

Connected to What?

Connected to Who and to What Degree?

How Does the Connection Affect Our Ability to Manifest?

As Above, So Below. As Within, So Without.

Seem familiar?

It should!

This phrase is probably as old as human thought itself. In one way or another, its meaning has been passed down by every religion and metaphysical school of study known to mankind.

It’s an expansion on, or derivative form of one of the sacred laws (“As Above, So Below”) inscribed on one of the most revered documents in the Western World: The Emerald Tablet.

This tablet’s history or origin isn’t important to discuss, as nobody seems to know for sure where it came from, or who really wrote it (it’s largely attributed to Hermes-Thoth, someone who, according to legend, was a contemporary and possible teacher of Abraham, of Biblical history); however, what’s important is this:

Encoded within the tablet’s mysterious wording are the principles and laws that have been the unaccredited source of many of our mystical and religious traditions. This tablet contains an extremely succinct summary of what Aldous Huxley dubbed the “Perennial Philosophy” — a timeless science of soul that keeps popping up despite centuries of effort to suppress it.

So, let us bring this back to one of the fundamental laws inscribed on the tablet and what it should or can mean to you.

As above, so below; as below, so above — at first glance, and remembrance of hearing it before, this phrase may seem like another general spiritual principle. You may have come to know its surface meaning as “macrocosms is the same as microcosms”. The universe is the same as God, God is the same as man, man is the same as the cell, the cell is the same as the atom, the atom is the same as… and so on, ad infinitum.

And we’re all “encapsulated” in this substance (made up of waves and particles of energy) known as the ether, or as metaphysical author Gregg Braden likes to call it, the Divine Matrix.

In his book of the same name he writes: “So, in ways that we are only beginning to understand, we find that we’re connected not only with everything that we see in our lives today, but also with everything that’s ever been, as well as with things that haven’t happened yet.  And what we’re experiencing now is the outcome of events that have occurred (at least in part) in a realm of the universe that we can’t even see.”

Yes, EVERYTHING — not just “We’re All” (as in people) — is CONNECTED!

“As Above, So Below.”

But, this phrase — this saying of wisdom, this ancient law — is also known as The Principle of Correspondence, which is the second Hermetic principle. And the significance of this principle is that it is believed to hold the key to all mysteries.

In plain english, it basically says that the three great planes of existence (physical, mental, and spiritual) are NOT completely separate PLACES or STATES as much as they ARE degrees of co-existent vibration. Yes, these planes can fade into one another and share the same space (as within us — a human being). You might say that the Spiritual (God, or Source… whichever works for you) vibrates the fastest.

So, these various planes each have their own rate, or their own “SONG” if you will. Spirit (God / Source) is at one end of the Pole of Vibration, and at the other end are certain extreme gross forms of physical matter (like a rock, for instance — energy or matter at a low rate of vibration).

Between these two extreme opposite poles are millions upon millions of different rates and modes of vibration. Yet — and here’s where it should get liberating for you — the great second Hermetic principle says as above, so below; as below, so above. In other words, there is a harmony, agreement, and correspondence between each plane… EVEN if something seems completely opposite and not related in nature.

Courage knows Fear; Liquids transmute to Solids; Hate feels Love; Poverty is in tune with Prosperity; and Dark dances with Light, etc., etc.

So, ancient Hermetic secrets AND modern science confirms that “matter has melted into mystery” and that all levels of existence share the same essence. We’re microcosms of the universe (God / Source) and the universe (God / Source) is a macrocosm within which we are contained.

While you DO indeed have total control and responsibility for what you see, feel and experience within your inner-world (“so above” — your higher-vibrating, infinite, All-That-Is self), it is so, so, so vitally important to be in a state of constant vigilance with your outer-world (“so below” — your projected physical experiences).

Not only are you creating from Divine Mind / Infinite Intelligence, so is everybody else. Remember, as we’re all connected, it stands to reason that we’re all simultaneously manifesting our own outer-worlds. Sure, we’re taught to be absorbed in our own inner-world, yet when we manifest with blinders on, we never get to SEE beyond ourselves.

We came here to interact, associate with, guide, mentor, teach, play, and work with others. Yup, we’re all hanging around one big “manifesting swimming pool”, and depending on your level of participation — whether you’re swimming in the water or sunning on the edge (i.e., how often you socialize, work, and play with others) — you might either splash others, or get splashed in the face with other people’s “realities”… or… you could give others a whiff of your “reality” just by walking by… or smell their own stinking “reality”, like that familiar stench of heavy chlorine.

Some things are happening (playing out) in your outer-world that you don’t like. Or some things happen around you, or to you, that you swear you didn’t think about, visualize, or put energy towards.

Okay, so instead of ALWAYS playing the self-pitied blame game every time something negative or unwanted comes your way — instead of saying, “Well, I must have attracted that to me!“…or… “I was responsible for seeing or hearing that!” and then going into denial that it’s there (i.e., pretending it’s not happening or ignoring its existence), know that you don’t create in a two-ton steel box.

Start discerning your reality from external realities.

As The Kybalion states:

“While All is in The All, it is equally true that The All is in All. To him who truly understands this truth hath come great knowledge.”

Or, as Doreen Virtue, Ph.D., states in Divine Magic:

“When an author creates a character (such as Shakespeare’s Romeo), part of the author is in the character. In the same way, part of the Creator is in each of us. Yet, just as Romeo isn’t entirely Shakespeare, neither are we entirely the Creator.”

In other words, your “seen” OUTSIDE world is directly tied to your personal “unseen” INSIDE world, and everybody you’re directly tied to… and even indirectly tied to, when you’re brave and open-minded enough to explore and SEE truth, regardless of what it may look like (more on that in a second).

Believing that you can control, and are therefore responsible for, everything you see and experience is just as detrimental as believing that the more you inoculate yourself from (or purposely don’t explore or understand) anything less than feel-good or uplifting stuff, the more spiritually-evolved you are.

Here’s typical mind-numbed rhetoric (the kind that makes us puke) that is wrapped up in self-deceptive pretentiousness and New Age dime-store psycho-babble:

(an excerpt from an email we received from a spiritual teacher this week):

“People might expect you to react with fear in the same way they do about it but you won’t because you have me to tell you that everything IS OK!

Many people have been coming to me asking me if I am not worried about the economic meltdown. Their problem is they are fueling their own fears and expecting me to be their partner in distress. I continue to refuse to do so because I am on a higher vibration. They will not change until they change their perspective.

You are also operating with me on this high vibration by reading this message because you are a person of various perspectives else you would not be receiving this message in the first place.

You are very lucky to be able to get these messages from me and other light workers during these times. Know that we are all connected.” – Mr. Z (identity protected)

We’re always amused when people put labels on themselves in an attempt to be identified with an image that the label provides through mass (and therefore often false) interpretation.

This guy is no more a “light worker” than the person who wears their “Namaste” signature like a badge of honor.

As the researcher, lecturer and author we’re going to introduce you to, via the PDF linked at the bottom of this blog post, said:

“A New Ager will invariably have the self-image of being loving, kind and ‘spiritual’. Whether they are or not is irrelevant. No matter what they do or say the reality is rearranged to ensure the survival of the self-identity.”

Like this researcher, we ALSO agree that people should spend less time attempting to “fit in” and “care” what other people think, and be a catalyst for change, fun, and results by engaging life unfiltered and unrestricted.

Just like taking the concepts of “oneness” and “living in the now” to the extreme can put pressure on the person to always be congruent with the concept (oneness is often seen as a convenient excuse to be passive, and living in the now can artificially alienate the extremist to reality), glorifying yourself on a “higher vibration” because you don’t worry about the economy is misguided bullshit that barely passes for spiritual intelligence of any kind.

Yes, Mr. Z, we are all connected, and the more you, we, and everybody else explores, engages, and confronts other people’s agendas, plans, hopes, dreams, expectations, beliefs, etc. (people in our immediate circle of influence — family, friends, associates — and BEYOND — politicians, government figure heads, elite families), the more everyone will learn to control the future, NOT just the NOW.

As above, so below; so within, so without — the phenomena of one plane may be employed to solve the riddles of higher or lower planes.

Our physical outside world (“so below”) is more or less reactive to what has already been built and experienced on the inside (“so above”). By reflecting on what is, regardless of how ugly some of it may look, you get a better understanding of “so above”, and once you understand what is above (what you, others around you, and “groupthink” have vibrated towards), you can change it. Then once “the above” is changed, or rather realized, it will begin to reflect itself “below” or manifest itself differently in the outside world.

In Part 1, we mentioned The Truman Show.

As you probably already know, it’s about a guy named Truman, played by Jim Carrey, who doesn’t know he’s in an ongoing TV show, not understanding the facade being presented every day that hides the true reality.

The movie provides a fascinating metaphor of the process of spiritual awakening. Truman lives his life meeting all expected norms, not challenging anything or anyone, not asking too many questions, and just plain taking everything at face value (sound familiar?).

Similar to the misinformation, half-truths, twisted facts, and complete omissions we get from our current mainstream media today, every incident in Truman’s life is carefully stage managed and filtered by a TV Producer (Cristof, played by Ed Harris) who essentially plays God.

But “things” accidentally happen, and Truman starts to “notice” — starts to feel, just like Neo in The Matrix, that there’s something wrong with the world. As Morpheus tells Neo, “… you don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in your mind, driving you mad.”

Truman woke up. And, after reading the very fascinating supportive comments from Part 1 of this article series, it’s very evident that a great majority of our readers want to as well.  Yes, this blog attracts Truth Seekers… like you, who are all tired of the same ol’ same ol’. We all KNOW we aren’t yet SEEING what is True, and in fact never have been. The signs are everywhere that our perceived reality is a complete lie, and there is a shadow reality where the truth resides.

To get there though — to evolve and be in an intellectually-aware stage to reclaim the rights, freedoms, and privacy that are now being taken from us — requires doing what you’ve been programmed to NOT do:

Confront life and, as one of our readers, Chuck Dane, said, “respond to it [the seemingly unwanted experiences that are OUT THERE] with a ‘deeper understanding’ which can and does assist in minimizing if not eliminating its impact.”

Just like you can’t feel or experience good without knowing what bad is, you can’t challenge value systems and controlled processes, or make informed decisions for your family, by creating a stance of innocence and naivety against the outside world.

As we’ve been saying, your inner and outer world form to create one big synchronistic yin-yang circle.

And while you can’t change the “big-picture reality” alone, no matter how good your intentions, it is possible to make a difference with the combined efforts of a surprisingly small group of like-minded and focused people.  According to Gregg Braden’s book, all you need to start to bring about peace or healing is “the square root of one percent of the population… in a city of a million people, the total is about 100.  In a world of 6 billion people, it’s only about 8,000.”

So that’s how many you need to rally together to jump-start a big-picture change in consciousness.  But in the meantime, you can certainly work on changing your own small-picture reality.

Mystics talk of “the dark night of the soul;” that period of deepest darkness and inner searching prior to the dawn of the light of spiritual liberation. It is the point at which we have to confront our deepest fears and inbuilt prejudices, and overcome them (even as Truman did) in order to step into a new reality.

Via Part 3 of the series, we’re going to explore who and what groups of people maneuver the puppet strings and put so, so, so many unconscious people in a literal trance.

Until then (we expect to have the next blog post ready this coming week), we encourage you to spend some quiet time UNDERSTANDING with clarity why you’re used to catering to ineptitude, molly-coddling incompetency, and living in denial about your own “crap”, and the “crap” caused by the people you have influence over.

Via the 24-page PDF below, you’ll learn why all this is the equivalent of living with your own stench because you were afraid to flush the toilet for fear of what you might see.

24-page Eye-Opening PDF:
Your Key To Understanding Your World

( Right-click, then choose ‘Save Target As’ )

Your Partners in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather

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17 Responses to “( Part 2 ) — Manifesting’s Grand Conspiracy”

  1. I have to admit. My warped sense of humor is thinking that the marketing identity that you both created a few years ago – of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully – has taken on a life of it’s own 🙂

    Where attention goes energy flows 😉

    If only tv land was as interesting and mysterious as real life….

    = = = = = = =

    [ Comment ] – Yes, Shaun… it’s been a fun, creative, productive…

    Our mission together, started via http://www.MastersofTheSecret.com, has always been to be a catalysit for changing the world for the better, one person at a time, through conversation and interviews that are candid, uncensored and refreshingly real.

    We gave ourselves the self-imposed titles of “The Fox Mulder of Manifestation” (not just Fox Mulder) and “The Dana Scully of Success” (not just Dana Scully) to jive-up with our investigation and research into the areas of metaphysics, manifestation, personal achievement, and spiritual growth.

  2. Hi,

    I find this as an interesting post. The crap as you term it has never been hidden. We have all been programmed from the time we were born till the time we stop buying into what others put out for us to believe and start using our own mind to determine what is true for ourselves.

    The key is ourselves. Yes there will always be others who will try to convince us of what we need to believe or agree with.

    Now if you want to go down this particular rabbit hole of grand conspiracy, then don’t forget to include the US Government and all their smoke and mirrors. What about the Illuminati? You can spend many a blogs on all of this.

    You seem to want to touch on all this New Age Guru type stuff as being a bunch of mumbo jumbo and state that you have the solution. If that is not what you are trying to portray, then that is what I take from this and the previous post.

    I have stated it before and will state it again, “You will believe what you want to believe!” That is true with everyone.

    What you are saying in these posts is the same as telling everyone that the US Government is a Corporation that is running this country and not as the Constitutional Government that everyone is led to believe.

    The majority of people want to be led around like sheep and so will follow what ever avenue that they feel is right for them, even you if that is what they feel is the right thing for them.

    You can bring the truth to light with love and yes we live on a plane of existence in duality. But, if you state it through hatred or fear, then it will also be equally as powerful.

    God Bless! “Search for your own truth!”

  3. Good stuff.
    You two have come a long way. Initially, you appeared to be like many skilful marketers looking to cash in on a fad. Props for continuing to grow

    I enjoyed The Secret as brain candy but thought it was far too simplistic… Duh!! I still watch it from time to time (particularly in dark moments) for a little lift… but I will also watch The Pursuit of Happyness, Braveheart, What the Bleep, and others. I’ll listen to Wayne Dyer, Tony Robbins, and Deepak Chopra.
    At the end of the day we can’t absolutely control external events, only how to respond to them.

    Some random thoughts (not necessarily original);

    Trust in God but tie up your camels.

    In my world nothing ever goes wrong… some things may not be to my liking but I learn the lesson and move forward by choice. I know I have not yet learned the lesson when the same circumstance arises again. I endeavor to perservier.

    It’s not how I arrange the furniture, its how I arrange my mind.

    Things that are difficult take time. Things that are impossible take a little longer.

    Responsibility… response ability… the ability to respond… not react, implying knee jerk reflex… respond… examine, question, assign meaning (preferably an empowering one), and take action.

    Hope, like wishful thinking, is weak. Hope in your left hand, take a dump in your right hand and see which fills up first ; – )

    Decide what you want, take action, look at your results, learn, recalibrate and take action again. The journey is the fun part.

    There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.

    You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take

    Thinking positive is no guarantee of success. Thinking negatively virtually guarantees failure.

    Blend belief, faith, gratitude, kindness, and love with Simpleology 101. Your results may or may not be all that you want… but a hell of a lot better than sitting on your ass doing nothing.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Hi Charles,

    You say:

    “Now if you want to go down this particular rabbit hole of grand conspiracy, then don’t forget to include the US Government and all their smoke and mirrors. What about the Illuminati? You can spend many a blogs on all of this.”

    Yes… we COULD spend many blog posts on all this, but just a few will be fine. And in case you missed it, that is part of what we’ve been alluding to… you don’t have to say “don’t forget” when you’ve just been reading about it! 😉

    Then you say:

    “You seem to want to touch on all this New Age Guru type stuff as being a bunch of mumbo jumbo and state that you have the solution. If that is not what you are trying to portray, then that is what I take from this and the previous post.”

    Umm… no, that’s not what we’re saying at all. Simply that oftentimes you’ll be taught certain things in spiritual circles, like that you’re 100% responsible for creating your reality, and that’s really only part of the big picture. The other part we can’t necessarily control, at least as individuals, is the “government” and “Illuminati” stuff that you already mentioned, and other “hidden truths”.

    Where do you see that we stated we “have the solution” and the rest is “a bunch of mumbo jumbo”? Do you not see quotes from metaphysical teachers’ works in both posts… and NOT framed as being “mumbo jumbo”?

    Certainly we’ve offered people solutions here, if they need something as simple as a wakeup call to change their approach to manifestation. Some people have already gotten light-bulb moments just by realizing they don’t have to take 100% responsibility for, as an example, the way the governmental puppet strings are being pulled, or the economy, or the state of the environment… yada, yada, yada.

    But I don’t see anywhere that you could have construed as us saying the equivalent of, “anything you’ve ever learned from a spiritual teacher is bogus, and we have the solution that will rescue you from that and the world at large.”


  5. Crap!
    Has everything you’ve been sending me been this powerful? I think I’ll start reading it all.

  6. [ To Charles Spangler ] –
    From: Barry Goss

    Charles… I always find it gratifying when my predictions come true. It truly is the folks who get stung the most by our thoughts who complain the most and are looking for the same Violin to be played.

    Heather already responded to your other “stuff”, so I’m going to tackle this belief-busting accusation you keep throwing our way. While beliefs certainly do play a major role in how we perceive life, and therefore what parts of life are swirling around our experiences, understand that how you talk about beliefs is all about context.

    First of all, there’s a HUGE difference between believing something and knowing something.

    For instance, beliefs can be unproven and limiting. I.e. you might still hold onto the belief that “it takes money to make money”. Really, the truth and the knowing, based off people actually doing it, is this: it only takes a creative idea, perhaps some time and effort, and adding value to someone, or a group, to create money in your life. So your belief can be proven to be false and limiting… but your knowledge can’t be dismantled the same way, because it’s been proven to be true.

    You either believe that President-elect Obama is African American, based off what the media keeps saying, or you know he’s actually half-white / half-black based off doing research on your own and digging deeper. In other words, you know by not readily accepting the majority consensus, what may be true beyond just beliefs; just like the majority consensus is, “If I sign my letters “Namaste”, I therefore believe myself to be loving, kind and compassionate,” but the only way I can know that is if other people give me feedback that makes my beliefs congruent to my true actions.

    Before you invest your time, energy, and money into anything that involves you GROWING yourself (as in self-exploration and self-empowerment endeavors), I strongly encourage you to engage in the Due-Diligence of life – your outside and inside world as Heather and I detailed in this blog post.

    And, whether that means signing up for a guru’s meditation session on a mountaintop, reading a book, or smoking a joint in your underwear with a friend dressed up as Barney, we don’t care! Just DO something that causes you to BE yourself and engaging in anything that can cause you to wonder, think, question, and explore.

    Next time – BEFORE you judge and attempt to right our wrongs – read our entire post and realize that you’re doing the very same thing to us that you’re accusing us of doing to others:

    Namely, that we’re trying to change people’s beliefs (this is the SECOND time you’ve attempted to scold us for such a travesty)…and, to top it off, you’re TELLING us basically we should believe that because we’re empowering our readers to question the spiritual rhetoric that’s been passed down to them, or that we’re emphatic about showing people the value of non-escapism and seeing a full-color view of life, we’re spreading hatred and fear.

    Not only an asinine assessment of us, Charles… but one that’s rooted in ignorance, avoidance, and self-delusion.

    Like we said in our post, the more you avoid the very issues that you don’t want to hear about or the things that light a fire under your feet, the more you have to wrestle with them in the future.

    They, like the very unwanted experiences you SEE in your outer world, don’t go away. Instead, they become much worse.


    Well, probably not… so, here’s my best well-meaning, sit-down-shut-up-and-have-a-beer advice: Relax, clear your mind, turn off the notion that things should be a “certain way” and READ the PDF I’ve linked below.

    It will explain to you precisely WHY self-deception forms and HOW to get rid of it.

  7. I guess it all basically comes back to the Ying and Yang factor. Without the negative there is no positive ?

  8. Wow.

    What an unexpected onslaught on the seemingly innocent advice – “You can only control the now – don’t focus on what COULD go wrong in the future”.

    And all the words, whole pages of it triggered by that little sentence. Not mentioning that 95% of what was said is not connected to the spark that ignited the explosion…

    It is visible that the advice is a composite of two parts – “You can only control the now”, and “Don’t focus on what could go wrong in the future”.

    Now, I totally, absolutely and completely agree on the first part. The only time that exist is now, and only now we have POWER to change things, to affect the world around us, and – most important – inside of us. Our adventure of living depends on our ability to attune to the world around us, to feel the winds, and currents in our surrounding, and to let us flow along the ones that we choose.

    If we don’t attune we will be unable to choose and we will be drifting around thrown about by erratic currents.

    The second part is tricky, but one I agree also, not only because it is basically what have said the Jesus himself, but mostly because when you are attuned to the here and now, you can hear the thunder of the waterfall far ahead and then you can choose the current that will bring you to a safe passage.

    Anyone that says – concentrate on the future, basically says – forget about living fully.

    And you know what? If you’ll get to the place in the future you were so concentrating on all that time, you’ll be unable to feel happy, for you’ll be unaccustomed to the here and now and looking only ahead.

    That is the definition of neurosis.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – — – – –

    [ Barry’s Reply ] —

    Leazek, first things first: not only did you completely miss the ENTIRE point of the post — i.e.. that you can ab-so-lute-ly, without question, CONTROL certain aspects of future-experience and that you will, in some circumstances, WANT to have the skill to DO that — you also missed the tie-in to WHY we used Ceser’s advice as an example of how to put time-worn spiritual pleasantries in proper context.

    Us watching Ceser didn’t spur on this post… it’s Part #2 of an ongoing series after all – an expansion on our original post.

    Our simple message, if the fine-tuned background and thought-process of this post escaped you, is this: STOP living your life in black and while mode, as in gulping down and feeling proud that you KNOW certain truisms WITHOUT living them or using them to gain an edge in life or enhancement in lifestyle.

    The philosophy, for instance, of “living in the now” will do absolutely nothing for the goal-setting, task-focused, forward-thinking CEO. If he wants RESULTS, his cognitive energy always needs to be circulating between past, present and the future.

    Taking proliferating spiritual mantras, and adopting them to “fit in” to your life ONLY becomes effective when you actually know what the mantra does for you and, if you didn’t adopt it, what you’d be missing without it.

    I remember Guy Finley telling a local group of students how staying completely focusing on the NOW can be like having tunnel vision if you don’t have the proper training, internal maturity, and real-world reason, to ACTUALLY flow in the NOW.

    Some people ( we know of plenty ) spend too much EFFORT trying to rid themselves of “busy thoughts” and planning requirements that they end up artificially alienating themselves to current day reality.

    It’s a sad, sad scenario….especially when the people doing it, don’t want to KNOW about it or “fix it”

    We talk in detail about all that via this report:

  9. Hi Barry and Heather,

    I’ve never posted a comment here before, and hope what I’m writing makes sense. I want to be brief because I know you have a full plate. But, I am so happy that you’ve written on this topic. I’ve been struggling with these very ideas when trying to learn about how the way we see the world effects our external conditions.

    I’ve been told by others that by seeking the truth, regardless of what that truth is and paying attention to certain facts, that I am perpetuating negativity. That because they are more enlightened, so to speak, that they don’t have to pay attention to the economy, things the government may be doing, or even to global atrocities because those things are not part of their “reality”. And that by me speaking out on these things going on, that I’m actually helping to keep it in existence. Which has caused more confusion for me when trying to gain a sense of what the truth really is, because I don’t quite understand how ignoring things, or putting my head in the sand can help to make this world better.

    For example, I do believe there are unseen forces at work, that aren’t there for our best interests and no matter how many happy thoughts I think, those forces are not going to go away. But I do believe that if enough people are aware of them, and choose to do something about them, things could get better for our world.

    So thank you for writing something that is actually thought provoking and not just another post that says as long as I think happy thoughts, and buy this or that program, then the world will be all sunshine and cookies. It’s quite refreshing.

  10. Dear Heather & Barry,

    Another chalanging blog , thanks.

    One fact that can be checked out on the governments; the USA, UK and others all declared bankruptecy 1932 – 1933 in Switzerland.

    It can be hard to find but it is on many search engines. This fact makes the populations in these contries EMPLOYEES.

    When your children are born they are numbered, given a number social security that follows them for LIFE. They are “Prisoners of the IRS” who persue them until death for taxes that are against the USA consititution’s 16th amendment as stated by the USA Supreme court.

    Now they chase and imprison people using State courts and local courts who refuse to recognise the Supreme court rulings.

    Check out what the IRS did on Joe Louis. After he beat Hitler’s boxer at the 36′ Olympics, then won 2 big cash prizes which he donated to the USA Army and Navy the IRS charged him interest even on these donations!

    This left Joe heavily in debt to them. He even joined the segrated USA army and was decorated!

    His Mother left him $600 which they confisgated along with his children’s trust funds. Joe had to glad hand people in clubs to earn a living and box until he was 38.
    Well after his prime trying to pay the IRS.

    When he died the German boxer he had beaten paid for his funeral.

    These are hard cold facts which can be verified.

    So please, Heather and Barry keep doing what you are doing; not only raising peoples consiousness but telling them to SEE the darkness and the light.

    They still have to make the choices. These are all our own responsibility.


  11. Yes,

    The Fox Mulder and Dana Scully tags you clarified about investigators into manifesting and success by each of you.
    It has been a great journey tuning into what you both shared in that time.

    The tv characters were into investigating conspiracy theories which your recents postings having focussed in that type of direction but for real world events we live in and the relevance to us all manifesting in our collective world.

    I read your report into the Eckhart effect and some of the backlash you copped from quite a few of your readers. There is a similar critical thinking message you’ve been desiring to express that I am reading in the last two blog posts. Before I downloaded the this pdf I could tell this was going to be from David Icke. There is no doubt some of your audience that are…. lets just say new agey …or have a religious bent to themself and their beliefs are probably going to get their feathers ruffled with the critical thinking and discernment message that is the essence of these posts.

    David Icke is an interesting character I came across in my own explorations about six years ago. There is quite a few interviews with him on News For The Soul radio online which is where I heard of him. Same place I discovered James Ray by the way. I listened to those interviews and David Icke gave many thought provoking perspectives of the events of September 11, 2001 that I found challenged the official story being accepted and propogated by the mainstream media around the western world soon after. Interesting times to say the least.

    All those interviews and this pdf are worth taking the time listen to and read. Whilst I do not subscribe to David Icke’s complete conspiracy theories he certainly keeps you awake to realising all is not as it seems with the regular *news* through mainstream media and some of the stuff governments would like to have us believe.

    It seems in his own path he started his journey as an investigator into conspiracy theories and somewhere on that path the questions arising in him and following his own nose lead him to become aware that the whole nature of what we see as reality in not as it seems.

    He came from a different road than being an investigator into manifesting but he has become aware of the holographic nature of the universe we all share.

    The bottom line is we all need to think for our selves. Own our own thinking mind and not follow others with blind faith.
    At some point in eveyones path questions about our personal world intersecting with the larger collective world arise.
    It is then some discernment and critical thinking needs to be applied as to where our collective beliefs come from and why we have them and if they serve a collective purpose for our greater good….

    Keep up the great posts and as “The Fox Mulder of Manifestation” and “The Dana Scully of Success” I look forward to hearing you teaming up to interview David Icke. An interview with Konan would be fun too 🙂

    Take care and happy manifesting

  12. Your article is well written and could not have come at a better time. David’s expose’ on cognitive dissonance is outstanding as well.
    It would seem that the world we live in is changing rapidly and not for the betterment of the whole. We, as a collective have the perfect right to learn and employ the use of Universal Laws to bring about change to our collective paradigm that is for the highest good of the whole and ourselves. Your article is dead-on. It is high time to take a good look around and then decide to do something about it! I have been reading what George Green has to say at http://www.nohoax.com and there is much truth to what he is saying. His free books can be downloaded and I would suggest checking it out right away. You will learn what Universal Laws to employ and how to employ them. Time, it would seem is of the essence, for ALL of US!

  13. to you Barry and Heather:
    and TO GEORGE in response:

    I’ve been there and done that! :>) (No Hoax) It just seemed after I read the downloads that everything began to take shape just a little easier, and the understanding came as…Ahhh Haaa, I knew there were many things missing from the simplified version, “The Secret.” It seems that many from that movie are bringing in new ‘laws’ a little at a time…all new discoveries and so on. It’s like having an overload of right and wrong ways of doing things. Sorta reminds me of being a former Catholic and the different books of the Bible. It says a lot, but over 1/2 of the truth is missing. :>)

    In addition, from everything I heard Green say, and in what I’ve read (all three books) is that in a great sense, James Ray is WRONG, when he ends his e-mails with…

    “P.S. Conventional wisdom is wrong again… Balance is bogus! Only harmony yields happiness and real wealth… Join me for two full days of complete immersion into insights and technologies that are guaranteed to help you achieve true Harmonic Wealth® in all areas in your life: Financial, Relational, Intellectual, Physical and Spiritual.”

    I had subscribed to his Seven Steps, then quit. What he is saying in that first sentence does not make sense.

    According to Webster’s dictionary, BALANCE ‘IS’ a harmonious arrangement of parts…
    HARMONY ‘IS’ a pleasing arrangement or combination of parts.

    I understand what he is saying about the five pillars. I attended one of his free seminars where he explained it all, and that was fine. He does appear to truly love…his own ideas…very much. (Ppppppsssstt-Raspberries) :>*) At the end, it sounded more like a ‘slight begging’ for people to attend his big paying weekend, which my meager earnings could never buy. Several other folks and I just sorta gawked at each other, then walked out after I ‘tried’ to speak with him, and his assistant pulled me away by grabbing my sleeve and yanking on me after I spit out about 10 words. Oh well, after that I lost a bit of respect for the…person. (I was writing for the on line editions of the California and American Chronicle and announced to my readership where he would be and when). I never got the chance to ask him anything; just told him I ran the article, (he ended up with standing room only), and then I got yanked away before I could finish the next sentence. (Rather rude, I’d say, unless he doesn’t like the press or nation-wide exposure. I have quit the Chronicles since because they’re are NOT truthers).

    Mind you, I’m not putting down what he said; however, the two words, balance and harmony, mean the same thing. And after reading the three downloads from No Hoax, BALANCE plays a very essential part. Isn’t 5 pillars sort of like riding a horse with 5 legs? :?) Who said that anyone had to be an intellectual to ‘create their own world of success or reality?’ It makes me wonder if or not ‘some’ people see those of ‘lesser intelligence’ (or maybe in reality they confuse intelligence with ‘wealth), as being unable to attain their desires, which I don’t see as being the case. People who have had absolutely no education manifest great things into their lives. Sure, they’re probably not stupid, but neither are they the intellectual types, either.

    Barry and Heather, I would surely like your view on this, if you don’t mind? Do you understand the reasoning behind that quote? Maybe it’s just me and the bad taste that evening left in my mouth. It was ‘free’ to attend, but I lost a night’s pay taking off work. I guess I just wasn’t as impressed as I thought I’d be and that I’d lost money for…not much. He has some good points, but…I still have a tendency to believe that most of the people who were in “The Secret” sorta forgot the original intention after getting wrapped up in their own fame from it. Am I reading something in here that I shouldn’t?

    Thanks a lot…and please don’t yell at me…my boss does that enough. :>( :>) Lea

    [Heather’s REPLY]

    Hi Lea,

    Yes, balance is harmonious, but not all harmony is in balance.

    Like all poodles are dogs, but not all dogs are poodles.

    James is referring to the way people are constantly searching for a balance in life; a “work-life balance”, or balancing the various areas of life: occupational, relationships, family, recreation, physical, wealth, etc.

    But technically, “balance” refers to an equal disbursement; if you think of a set of scales, the only way to get balance is to have each side weighing exactly the same — a 50/50 split.

    Many people knock themselves out trying to achieve that “balance”, which of course doesn’t bring them balance at all.

    Harmony, on the other hand, does not rely on that even split. You can have 1% of one thing and 99% of another thing, and they can be in total harmony that way.

    So while many of us who talk about balance are actually meaning something like a 30-20-10-25-15 split, it’s not technically “balance”… and that fact works well for James, who can therefore highlight the harmonious aspects of his Harmonious Wealth program. 😉

    Barry interviewed James for almost 2 hours, so he might have something to add to this.

    Also, when you’re talking about intelligent or non-intelligent people “manifesting”… keep in mind that we’re all manifesting, all the time — some of us manifest what we want, others manifest what we don’t want. But as far as conscious creation, that’s another story. So while it may not take a lot of brains to be able to manifest what we DO WANT, those people you’re referring to aren’t necessarily manifesting those things on a conscious level of creation. You’d have to ask them if they actually set out to manifest those “great things” you talk about or not.

    As for teachers forgetting the original intention of “The Secret”… no, I don’t believe that’s the case at all. It’s about the Law of Attraction, nothing more, nothing less, and I think they all know that, and in fact feel an obligation to teach their own students that the Law of Attraction is not the be-all and end-all of all things metaphysical, nor even the only universal law we need to pay attention to when it does come to manifesting what we want.


  14. Great, Heather and thank you…that shed a bit more light on it.

    Since I’ve been surrounded with more negativity lately, than near anyone being really positive, it’s sometimes very difficult for me to just accept everything I hear from every person attempting to teach…and I only say it that way because each teacher has a different idea, and what has worked best for them, and then some, not all, of the people they attract.

    I’ve also heard so many different stories, and I guess I’m thinking that whatever works for each person is what they should use. I’ve also received e-mails from many that have tried it all and spent the money, then spent more money… read the books and are still struggling. That’s where the clearing out of old trash comes in. I’ve been working on that very hard as well.

    It’s difficult when you’ve been brought up as a staunch Roman Catholic, with very ‘traditional’ (or as some say) ‘old fashioned’ Italian/German parents. (hmmm, yes, quite the ‘hot head’ combination, which explains to me why my temper flares when it shouldn’t; so did mom and dad).

    Today I was watching Louise Hay’s video, “You Can Heal Your Life” and following along with the exercises she asked people to do. I could hardly believe the old ‘trash’ that was still there, and I’ve been working on myself for over a year. It seems like it’s taking me forever, but there are times when I need a break from it all. I inundate myself, then I go on ‘overload’ and end up just sitting here saying to myself…’soooo, now what?’

    This kind of clearing out is so vital, and I tried it before with Joe Vitale’s suggestions, but the effect was not the same. Louise had a very special way of speaking to people like me, who’s trash is so built up after a lifetime of restrictions, rules, misinformation or only partial information, and that person inside be damned feeling. I must admit I was certainly impressed with it, and the exercises helped a great deal. There were just questions I’d never thought about asking…and then asking ‘why’ or ‘why’ not…separating ‘I should’ from ‘I could’ and so forth. Maybe others who are struggling as I am truly don’t realize the ‘I could’ can be taken more seriously. It just may be as simple as that, for some. We are usually brought up with an understanding that what we ‘should’ do is more important and requires priority attention. I never realized that is not always the answer.

    Yes, you are right…it’s all about the law of attraction, but it’s also about the law of allowance, the law of pure potentiality, deliberate creation, intention and polarity, and, and, and…. :>)

    Until I found you and Barry, however, I was really sort of lost in the midst of everything…then it all began to take shape and little by little things began to drop into place. Thank you so much for that, and I so value everything you and Barry say. You two are the original “American Treasure.” :>)

    [Heather’s REPLY]

    Hi Lea,

    If it took you a lifetime to build the garbage up, it certainly may take longer than a year or two to throw it away! 😉

    And when I said it was about the Law of Attraction, I was referring to the movie, “The Secret”, which you had mentioned. It’s not about all those other laws… it’s really JUST about the Law of Attraction (and only a partial examination of it at that).


  15. Religion, all religion, is meant to trap people and keep them from realizing the fullness of themselves. This not only includes the systems that are commonly thought of as religion but also new age thinking and mainstream science (the religion for people that reject religion). As the late, great author Robert Anton Wilson once wrote, “Never fully believe any one else’s Belief Systems (BS), likewise, never fully believe your own BS.” While I don’t necessarily agree with the vitriol of your presentation, your message is right on. While you’re on this track how about talking about the proliferation of Law of Attraction “systems” which are more about marketing than they are about truth.

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