Maverick Lifestyle Brings Time-Freedom

If you’ve been hanging around our LWL (Life Without Limits) community for some time, one of the obvious value-adds to you should be that:

We don’t endorse stuff (or people) just because it’s the cool or popular (in-crowd) thing to do.

We actually speak out against marketers who have no clue HOW a product, service, or person can help their readers.

We see too many people — way too many peopleONLY (emphasis on ONLY ) promoting pedigreed teachers (probably for some repressed desire to be accepted or seen), incessantly recommending books they haven’t read (for no other reasons than to get subscribers from their bonus offer), and just mindlessly passing along the ‘usual suspect’ information about life, business, entrepreneurship, self-growth, etc.

We do what we do here — interview, research, write, create — because we like provoking thought, questioning the way things are, and, yes, recommending people/products that are, from our view, different, unique, and created with the right intentions.

Now, we’re NOT saying that in order for somebody to ADD value and richness to your life that they have to be an unknown / independent contrarian, rebel, or maverick.

‘Cause there are, indeed, a handful of people we know who march to a different drummer while being well-liked and popular.

The person we’re asking you to pay attention to on this post was one of the first guests, in 2006, to be profiled on Heather’s Internet Marketing Unwrapped (IMU) tele-show (teleseminar-talk show).

He’s one of the most respected, legit, and results-producing online marketers around, and became a millionaire at a very young age.

Basically, he’s a trailblazer in the industry.

Or, well… you might call him a “maverick”.

* * * * *

The person we’re taking about here is none other than Yanik Silver.

And, like a lot of authentic marketers who stay awake at night wondering how they can SERVE their readership and infuse “extraordinary” value into everything they do, he came up with a brilliant idea:

To invite his “Maverick Insider” members to talk about the one thing that everybody secretly thinks about more than anything:

Financial Independence and Time-FREEDOM!

We both know that, when you boil it all down, the single biggest reason for entrepreneurs to start anything is that word ‘Freedom’.

When you go to this link:

… you’ll see 10 videos, all under 3 minute each, of different ambitious-minded, action-oriented DOERS talking about what FREEDOM means to them.

Please go here, watch them, and pick which one you feel inspired you the most.

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Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather

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