Magical Rose-Colored Glasses — Video Proof

First off, I gotta tell ya… it’s unusual — very unusual — that we go over 2 weeks without a new post.

Yet, we figured that what we’re doing at the moment in private (picture us behind the black curtain putting the final touches on a very useful and usable new product), will make up for our lack of writing lately.

I’m going to apologize though, on behalf of Heather too, as we didn’t take the time to say “THANK YOU” to everyone who commented on our last post (“Puking Your Power Away“).

As you should know by now, we ALWAYS encourage comments that provide a level of “thought” and “passion” behind them.

While many of our readers said a lot of interesting things about the level of “manufactured naivety” that permeates the “spiritual growth” arena  — the distorted view that it’s practical and serving to IGNORE anything life brings that is less than “feel good” or “uplifting” — our favorite was from Irene:

“If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Ignoring injustice, corruption, bloodshed and the suffering of others makes you a part of the problem… you are allowing it to continue… you are allowing it to be the default position.

“Positivity is a good thing, but not to the point of stupidity. It needs to be grounded in reality. Unfortunately, there are a lot of negative and “bad” things in the world. That is our reality whether we like it or not. Ignoring those things will not make them go away.

“We can do something about it, or stick our heads in the sand so we can appear  “nice” and “feel good” about ourselves. It is our choice, and that choice determines what kind of human being we really are.”

Right on, Irene… well said!

We applaud your bravey in communicating one very overlooked common-sense law:

A seeker of Self can’t really go inward with honesty and clear reflection UNTIL they first own up to (view with clear lenses or “admit”) the “stuff” that’s going on in their outer world.

To put it another way, neither you, nor I or anybody else, should be diving into the swimming pool of ‘core level transformation’ until you/I/we FIRST take a shower and see the ‘dirt’ falling from our body.

It’s a subtle distinction, but well worth thinking about.

Wanting to change your perception to alter your reality is one thing, but trying to do it while ‘faking out’ your view of real-world experiences and truth is another.

But, anyway… here’s the deal: A few weeks ago we made it our quest to figure out how to experience precisely what somebody who denies life in “full color view” experiences.

So, we hit up a few of our high-level, secret government contacts and ended up getting a pair of technologically-advanced glasses.

But, not just any glasses, mind you. I’m taking about the kind that would make even make James Bond’s “Q” jealous with envy. The sorta technological wizardry that Inspector Gadget would be leery of trying out.

We were a little skittish at first, too. After all, we’ve never worn rose-colored glasses before. But, now that we tried ’em out, we DO recommend them.

The world really does look brighter and cheerier through them. Now, come on… who doesn’t want that kind of temporary illusory power?

Well, enough talk… decide for yourself:


♦  ♦  ♦

Anti-resentment warning: We promise that no animals, trees, gurus, hermits or yoga instructors were harmed, or any babies or toddlers silenced, during the making of this video. In addition, no psychedelic drugs or alcoholic beverages were consumed. Any resemblance to people you may know, whether in the real world or with their heads stuck in the clouds, is completely coincidental.

Highly Recommended: Now, about the cool (and free) video resources Heather mentioned at the end of our own video above. This resouce will help you profit from your passion in entertaining and easy ways… check out Andy Jenkins, The Video Boss, here:

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  1. Aww, I love your baby adding her two cents to the video.

    Thanks for the vid, it was fun to watch you guys in action not just read 🙂

  2. I just want to tell you guys how much I appreciate you.

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