LWL Tools — Post #6

You’ve probably heard that real estate investing is an excellent way to build wealth, if you do it the right way.

TheΒ  best time to BUY real estate — the traditional “brick and mortar” kind — is NOW.


The best time to BUY and HOLD… or BUY and SELL virtual real estate is ALWAYS!

We know a few expert investors in websites and internet businesses. In LWL Tool #6, you’ll get the website of one of them.

This is going to be a very PROFITABLE tool for several of our community members.

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6 Responses to “LWL Tools — Post #6”

  1. LOL… you can always tell when Barry does his videos at 3 a.m. after dealing with two hours of Konan crying and other light mayhem around the Goss household! πŸ˜‰

    He usually DOES know how to read the website URLs that he’s investigating, and he honestly does also know that elephants signify GOOD memory, not BAD! (An elephant never forgets… and for the most part, Barry doesn’t either! Not that I’m calling him an elephant, of course!)

    Regardless of all that, there really is a ton of great info in this video, especially if you’re one of those people like the several hundred we talked to during our summer consultations who want an online business but don’t know how to get it all started.

    Heather Vale Goss

  2. Hey guys, I have a website that I will sell that might work well for you. I replied to your email. Thought I’d let you know here too. πŸ™‚

  3. The problem that I have with accumulating wealth in this way is a moral one. Generating wealth in this way is taking advantage of someone else’s hard times. Someone is losing so that you can win. That is contrary to the Law of Attraction teachings. There is universal abundance, and no one should lose so that another might win.

    That’s just my two cents.

    [Heather’s REPLY]:

    Trina, that’s a common LACK-based view that you have… it will bring you poverty, not prosperity.

    The reason the Law of Attraction teaches abundance is because one person does NOT have to lose so another might win. Nobody’s bank account is directly tied to another’s, where money can only flow between the two and never in or out any other way.

    You can’t have both ways… you’re quoting abundance and speaking from lack, and only ONE of those can possibly exist.

    According to universal laws, it’s the abundance that exists, so again… nobody’s going to lose just because you make money, and you’re not going to lose just because somebody else does.


  4. What I am saying is that someone is losing their home, and someone else is profiting from that loss. Abundance is not the only thing that exists, otherwise we would not have needy people. Abundance is there; no question, but it is not the only factor in the universe. No one should win as the result of another’s loss. Just look at how many people lost so that bankers could profit. Now those executives are losing because they gained through the loss of others. They are getting arrested and thrown into jail, still, those they’ve hurt have won nothing. The Law of Attraction works both ways 100% of the time. If you gain through negative means, you will attract negativity to yourself, not abundance. You will lose in the end.

    [Heather’s REPLY]:


    You obviously don’t understand the meaning of abundance. What it means is that money is NOT “taken” from someone to “give” to somebody else. The Universe is not Robin Hood!

    Abundance MEANS there’s plenty to go around, if you know how to tap into it. It’s about an exchange of energy… one person gives money, another gives value. One person trades time, one trades money. One spends (money), another spends (value, time, energy, creativity), and at the same time, both receive.

    If people are “losing” money then they’re spending more than the value they’re getting in return. If they do this repeatedly, they need to work on their beliefs (inner world) and habits (outer world) that keep them in that cycle. It does not mean that abundance has suddenly evaporated, any more than the Law of Gravity stops working when it’s time for an airplane to take off.

    All of this could come from your life-long beliefs about being a “victim” and then a “survivor”. Once you shed those labels you’ll begin to see that abundance does not exist in a Universe alongside lack, and the only reason you think you experience lack is because you focus on it.

    Again… you can’t say that the Law of Attraction teaches us that the Universe is abundant, and that you believe that, and then in the same breath point out that it’s NOT abundant because one person loses when another gains. You just can’t have it both ways.


  5. Just a quick tip for you Barry… I saw you right click to open a page in a new tab, if you have a scroll wheeled mouse, just press the scroll wheel button on the link and it should open in a new tab.

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