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[ TOOL 1A ] Want to Manifest Wealth Beyond Reason?

Usually when we talk about “manifestation” or the “law of attraction” (among the many other important Universal laws that influence the reality you create), we leave it pretty open-ended… in other words, whatever you want to manifest — be it health, wealth, relationships, that “perfect” job or house — the same tools and techniques work.

But time and time again, we hear from people who specifically want to manifest more wealth.  It seems to be one of those things that makes us all think, “Well, if I had enough wealth, I could buy whatever else I wanted, so money is really all I need.

(In the big-picture view of things that’s a slightly flawed approach, but when you’re starting out, or if you have troubles manifesting wealth, it certainly does make sense… AND the same techniques still do work for other areas of your life, so it’s a valid desire.)

And no, there’s nothing wrong with wanting “things” or prosperity to be part of your reality — you deserve it!

You’ve probably seen Bob Doyle in The Secret or The Opus, and you’ll be interested to find out that he was one of the original eight people targeted to be a Secret teacher.  He’s been training people how to manifest wealth for several years now, and he really knows his stuff… as well as being a down-to-earth real person that makes it easy to learn from.

Heather recently pinned him down for a 40-minute interview to talk about how his life has changed since appearing in The Secret, and what new offerings he has for his students.

What else can you learn by listening in?

Is it really possible to do what you love and have the money follow?  And what’s the secret to making that happen that most people miss out on?

How might you be stopping yourself from manifesting wealth, and how can you change that around?  What does it really mean to “attract” wealth?  What principle will allow you to manifest it faster and easier?

What are some tools you can use to “boost” your results?

Can you make money using the law of attraction without selling info on how to do so?  And what’s the deal with charging people for information about “spiritual” or Universal laws, which are available to all of us at all times?

To find out the answers to these questions and more, just click the Play button (arrow) below:


You can also download the .MP3 to your computer by right-clicking this link.

When you’re done listening, be sure to check out Bob’s Wealth Beyond Reason program.

[ TOOL 1B ]Still Struggling With Your PC?

As close to 1,000 new SuperManifestor.com Gold Pack students came aboard over the last 10 days, it has become pretty apparent that quite a few people out there still suffer from PC Rage.

Whether it’s learning how to update the Windows operating system, installing/operating Adobe Flash so videos can play properly, enabling Javascript in a browser, or running diagnostics, we’ve learned to be okay with the fact that not everybody has our same skill-level, or time, to be on the PC and Internet.

While we often tell a customer/client who is struggling with their computer to find a good reliable local PC tech (to us, they’re as essential as knowing an honest, knowledgeable car mechanic), we know not everybody can.

If you’re the learn it yourself type, here’s a fantastic resource:

The PC & Internet Companion — it’s a unique and lavishly illustrated library of 6 Volumes, 43 Chapters, 32 Topics, 123 charts images & screen captures, and a MASSIVE 849 Tips, Tutorials and additional resources.

The creators of these PC/Internet tips and tutorials have studied every PC and Internet learning publication they could get our hands on, so that they could be guaranteed to produce the most effective publication of its kind. And it’s written in the easy, laid back language which has made them World Famous.

Check it out here if you want to start handling your PC and the Internet with the supreme confidence of a polished veteran.

[ TOOL 1C ]Want to move past one-time sales into LVC Sales ?

For the last 4 years, we’ve stayed away from the idea of charging monthly fees for products or new websites that we build, manage, and market. Mainly it’s been due to the flawed reasoning that we’d be under pressure to create content that meets the billing cycle of the user.

But, after looking at what it truly means to serve the same person, in a dedicated way, on an ongoing basis (the Lifetime Value of a Customer premise), we’ve decided to take the plunge into starting a few membership sites that resolve around a monthly, quarterly or annual fee for the end-user to maintain their access to the content.

It wasn’t, however, until we ran across one of Jimmy Brown’s latest offerings that we even knew just how flawed our original thinking was.

Feel free to join in yourself as we go through Jimmy’s training.  You have no excuse to not figure out a viable way to turn your interests, hobbies, passions, or specialized knowledge into a six or seven figure income!

Even if you don’t partake in his reasonably-priced course, you’ll learn a lot about the new model of starting and maintaining a membership site just by reading his sale page.

Your Partners in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather

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  1. Fantastic site you have

    There is a lot to share

    I have done over 5,000 covers and ad layouts a s a photographer if you need imagery it is free of charge to you


  2. OMG – that’s all I can say besides thanks for such a great post. I’m a newbie in internet marketing but lately have been manifesting excactly what I need to succeed and improve – thanks to a few friends at abundanceandlove.ning.com and this is just one of the little miracles that keeps happening to me. What a treasure trove of information inside tool pack number 2.

    It’s taken me a couple of years to amass the courage to follow through with my business venture as I work full time and commute as well – but with the help of sites like LWL (which I have followed from inception along with you and Barry ) and are very much in my gratitude journal for all your free help during that 2 years) it’s so much easier to determine the right way to approach everything when Good Stuff happens. There is a lot of “stuff” out there depending on everyone’s frame of thought – I like this particular thread.

    Thanks so much!

  3. oops – sorry – wrong website listed – should have been:


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