Facing Our Own Mortality… Or Immortality

Yesterday Barry posted a video from a man who inspired many; and who passed away, losing his battle with cancer, shortly after it was shot.

And he invited you to visit our forum and answer a question that Jody posed to our members:

If Today was the last day on earth you would ever have, what would you be doing?”

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Jason OmanIronically (or “coincidentally”… even though there’s no such thing as a coincidence, and perhaps no such thing as irony) as he was posting that article, we heard the news that our friend and colleague, Jason Oman, had suffered a brain aneurysm and was lying unconscious in the hospital.

Jason’s a young guy, and the news was a shocker.

Even now, as he awaits surgery, it’s hard to get the thought out of my mind that we never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. We never know if today is our last day on earth, or if we’ll have thousands more. We don’t know if we’re going to be well or sick this time next week; whether we’ll face an accident, or sudden onset of a terminal disease.

= = = = =

But as I type the words “awaits surgery”, I wonder what that really means. Consciously, I don’t think Jason’s capable of “awaiting” anything right now; perhaps he doesn’t even know what happened. And when I say that, of course, I’m referring to the Jason that is on earth; the human Jason, the one most of us knew best if we met him once or twice.

So now I turn my focus to the spiritual Jason, his higher self, the true being that he is. Is that Jason awaiting surgery? Is he awaiting many more years of serving others, and brightening lives the way Jason has always done? Or is he awaiting the end?

I’m not expecting Jason to pass over now. He’s full of energy and vigor, and he has too much left to do on this planet.

But again… how do we ever know if it’s our time?

After interviewing hundreds of spiritual teachers, I have formed the belief that we come to this life with a set of challenges we want to overcome. For our higher selves, it’s like a game… and the more challenging the better.

For our human selves, we stress and get angry over the same challenges that make our higher selves smile.

So when we inevitably pass back over, and leave this life… what do our higher selves do? What do they think?

Are they happy to be back in a form where they have access to their full abundant power again? Or do they miss the challenges and intrigue of not knowing the power is there?

Do they say, “Good job, that was a great life”? Or do they look at the virtual “To Do” list we brought with us at birth, and say, “I didn’t accomplish this and this… well, I guess I’ll have to try again.”

I’m not sure if it’s possible to answer those questions until it’s our time to move on… and I’m not sure we want to.

What we can answer is, what can we accomplish while we’re here? What impact can we make in this world? What lives can we influence for the better? What value can we bring to the planet?

If you knew your time was about to end… and that you might be examining your own life-long “To Do” list next week… what would you do differently?

As for Jason, he taught people how to create Money on Demand. And he helped people with something to say reach a bigger audience, by turning their books into best-sellers.

He’s best known for co-authoring Conversations With Millionaires, along with Mike Litman.

I met Jason for the first time when we spoke together at an event a few months ago; but as is common in this industry, we “knew” each other before that — first we had heard about each other, and what the other was doing, and then we started talking by email.

Shortly after that, I interviewed him about creating Money on Demand, and that interview is part of the “Heather’s Conversations” section in the Manifest Life Multi-Media Portal.

In fact, one member told us it was the best interview he had ever heard.

As a special gift to you, in honor of Jason and his family, please listen to it as our guest:

If you would like to hear Jason’s wisdom and more… including over 60 hours of other interviews with top mentors, not to mention the video and print resources you’ll find there… the Manifest Life portal is waiting to open to you.

It’s a great way to celebrate your own mortality — or rather, your immortality — by pushing yourself as far as you can while you’re here.

And I know Jason would love to know that he touched one more life.

Please keep him in your hearts as he goes through this tough time.

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18 Responses to “Facing Our Own Mortality… Or Immortality”

  1. Heather,

    I remember Jason from Get Your Product Done.

    He Is an awesome person and I have been keeping him in my prayers since I heard the news last night from Ken McArthur.

    I was kind of feeling bad for myself yesterday trying to get my launch to really take off when I heard the news.

    Puts things into proper perspective very fast for me.

    What a trivial thing I was going through compared to Jason and his family.

    Jeff Wellman

  2. I am really stunned to hear about Jason. He is truly one of the nicest people that I have ever met! He is filled with more positive energy then almost anyone I know. I really wish Jason and his family the best in this difficult moment. My thoughts are with you!

    Kindest Regards,

    Joe Marchessault


  3. Heather,

    that was a very warm and heartfelt post. Thank for letting people know.

    I’ve never met Jason, but he is on a similar path, so I feel like we’d have a great conversation if we were in the same room. My heart hope is for him to pull through with flying colours. (Lots of people are pulling for you Jason!)

    Sending Healing Light,

  4. Hello Heather,
    Although I don’t know Jason or anything of him except that he’s currently facing this challenge, I felt compelled to write something as I have had similar experience in my own life having undergone neuro surgery in 1999 to remove a tumor which thankfully turned out to be benign. However in as much as facing death is a shocking thing, it also brings us closer to re-evaluating our lives and the purpose of them and the real opportunities that lie beyond the challenge of death whether we come through it or not. I will pray for Jason that his surgeon’s hands will be guided by God and that he will prevail. Actually, I have an uncle in Canada who is a retired neuro surgeon,- and he once told us in a conversation that he realized that although the surgeon was instrumental in the operation, that it was ALWAYS God that performed the healing miracle. I truly wish and pray that this young man will receive his healing miracle and go on to enjoy a productive and fulfilled life.
    God bless you and your family Jason

  5. Having had the opportunity to view the other side of the “Veil” for a very short time, I have given much thought to your question. In 1996 I underwent by-pass surgery. After I left the hospital and was recovering at home, one day I became extremely fatigued and decided to lay down and rest. Suddenly my heart stopped and I passed (fell actually) through the veil. My father and mother and other people were there. I couldn’t communicate with them, simpy view them in their activities. I hadn’t completed the transition apparently and I shortly realized that it wasn’t my time and I must go back, which I did, as though the thought carried me back.

    As I contemplated this event I realized there was much I had left to do. I know from my studies that this earth was created by a kind, wise Father, the Father of our spirits, specifically for our progression. One of the steps in that progression is for us to aquire a physical body and learn to have dominion over it, to not let the mortal appetites rule our spirits. Another is to form relationships, specifically families which will last throughout the eternities.

    If I knew that today, or any given day was to be my last here on this earth, my focus would be to strengthen those relationships, and to strengthen my family members for the time I would not be here. I have no fear of the transition we call death, for I know that waiting on the other side to greet us are all those we loved while we are here who have gone on before us. In short, we should live as though this is our last day, every day. That helps us keep our priorities in line.

    Even though I do not know Jason, I will remember him in my prayers. And I send to all his friends words and thoughts of comfort. Know this, even if he should pass, it will only be to lay by for a short time the mortal body. All who knew him here will once again know him just as his is in this life. We each carry with us into the next stage of our life the character, thoughts, feelings and loves we build in this stage.

    God Bless and may the surgeons hands be guided.

  6. Ken that was an inspiring post. If you have time, please go to my website and contact me. I have something to ask you. It’s personal. I have tried to search for your sites to find a way to email you, but I have found none.

    I totally agree with you Ken. Each and everyone of us will have to face death to gain a new life. I don’t know Jason personally. I am not even in his list. But with all the marketers that have expressed their appreciation and concern for Jason, I’ve realized that this person must be a good man.

    I don’t want to be sad because he and his family are in their trying times. I want to have hope that they will have the strength to overcome this.

    Our life is in God’s hands. He knows what’s best for us. Let’s just have faith that whatever happens to Jason it is because God wills it. Besides death will not separate us from our families. Their will come a time that we will be reunited with them.

    I pray that Jason and his family will have happiness, hope and strength. I wish them all the good things in life. May God bless you Jason….

  7. I hope everyone will pray for Jason.

    All our prayers will be answered and really wish all the best for Jason and his family.

    God Bless


  8. I met Jason at my very first Internet Marketing seminar, and he was one of the most influential experts in attendance in motivating me to leave Google and played a huge role in helping me jumpstart my business.

    We exchanged emails as recently as last week, where we discussed book marketing, cross promotions and potentially doing a workshop together, something we’ve been talking about for almost a year and a half now.

    So I honestly know and believe deep inside that this is not the end, because there is so much more for Jason to give.

    Jason has become one of my closest friends since I met him, and I will fly out to Atlanta to see him next week.

    Thanks, Heather, for sharing your thoughts. We will all share the stage together again 🙂

  9. Thanks Heather for sharing your beautiful thoughts.

    I met Jason for the first time in Atlanta too, and I was taken by his sincerity and his very generous nature which came through in just one conversation with him.

    My prayers are with him.

    As we rush through our lives, trying to get a million things done, we often forget that our time is limited and we have things on this earth that we are supposed to be doing.

    Your interviews from with experts from Masters of the Secret have been inspirational to me and have truly brought me to a different level. Thank you for all you’ve done.

    Dorothea Carney

  10. God, I had no idea that this had happened to Jason, Heather.
    He was a guest with our newly formed mastermind group call, being interviewed by Glen Hopkins, just last Thursday and there was no mention of this, or perhaps it hadn’t happened at that point.

    It was an incredible call, and Jason is an inspiration to people everywhere. My thoughts are with him, and thanx for posting this Heather.


  11. Dear Heather,

    I am so grateful to have found this blog. It is positive reinforcement for all of us “spirits having a human experience”.

    Jason is a very lucky young man for several reasons:

    1) The aneurysm was discovered before it ruptured, which would have meant instant death.

    2) He has touched so many lives for good that he will have many, many people praying for him and sending him positive energy.

    3) Having experienced it myself, I know that if his higher self decides there is more for him to do, he will return to full health, and very probably remember the occurrences while he was unconscious/out of body.

    As a previous commenter shared, the veil between this life and the next is very thin, and it is always a privilege to be allowed to see through to the other side.

    I will be praying for Jason and sending him positive healing energy, so that he can use it as his heart desires.

    Have a wonderful day!

  12. Heather,

    Hi I do not know Jason but it sounds like he touch and inspired many while living his purpose.

    This type of tradegy makes us stop and think about what is important in life. It really is not all about the material things and status that we try to create in our lives. I beleive that it is more about relationships.

    God has put us on this earth for 2 main reasons, to serve him and our fellow neighbors ( whoever that may be).

    He has created us each as individuals because each of us has a purpose to fullfill. So he gives us a dream and passsion but sometimes things get in the way and our vision is cloudy. But when we are working in his perfect will and plan for our life, we will achieve true success. At the end of life we will have no regrets because we have truly lived our life to the fullest.

    GOD bless


  13. As I already mentioned, I’m going to visit Jason next week, and will bring him a card with well wishes.

    Please take a moment to leave Jason a message and feel free to tell your friends to do the same – He will be so stoked to hear from you!


  14. My good good vibes to you Jason ,Heather , Barry and Jody for sharing all that you do . peace , good health and joy

  15. I never met Jason personally, but had been referred to his website, from which I signed up for his newsletter and bought several items. They were instrumental in helping me get my book marketed, and staying focused about where my Institute was going.

    I send prayers and hold him in my medicine bundle so the universe may heal him in whatever way is fit for him right now.

    Blessings and prayers for his family as well, and thank you for alerting us about this.

    Trusting in Spirit,

  16. May the light Jason has spread in the world heal him and return him to those on the path who have been benefited by his good actions. Be well and happy all who travel this path Love Rod XXXXX

  17. For Jason,

    I have never ever seen such an impactful smile….its very powerful which doesn’t come so easily to someone, am sure this tough guy who is playing this tough game will surely succeed and overcome this phase…………my regards for you Jason, I hope when you are alright in your health you read this message and realize that you are doing an excellentttttttt JOb 🙂

  18. Hi there,
    ref to your question, i would try to get higher than usual i am and admonish my family memberes ,friends and my colleagues to take life( and work -in case of my colleagues, as i have done it so many times and the reason i am so labeled now) seriously and enjoy every bit of it successfully to be happy, learn, function , care and thanks the Almighty GOD for all the mercies provided us with…LOVE TO LOVE FOR EVER

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