Dissecting Avatar’s Message… and Renegade Wealth

Two quick updates today:

The Gospel According To James:

If, for some unforeseen reason, you haven’t seen the movie Avatar yet — and don’t want to know any aspects of the outcome — don’t read this latest article by Heather, because it contains some “extreme nutshell” spoilers.

But if you have, or if you like diving into the grey matter of how the masses see things… you’re in for a treat…

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The Wealth Vault Re-Opens:

If, for some reason, you never got a chance to secure one of the most valuable memberships available today — an easy-on-the-pocketbook membership that gives you access to unconventional cash-flow streams… passive-income opportunities and wealth-generation programs that Wall Street shuns… take notice.

We’re only going to accept another 100 Charter members, and once these last 100 Charter Memberships are gone, that’s it. Come join the club, and let’s help you begin to prosper NOW like never before…

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