Inner and Outer World Success

Being a success — whatever that means to you — is more complicated than a lot of people think. And, well, perhaps that’s why they fail at it… they look at it in either one of two ways, and forget to implement the other pieces of the puzzle, the Yin to the Yang (or vice […]

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Breaking Free From the Cubicle Prison

Earlier this summer, Barry and I went to Colorado to be involved in the production of a revolutionary internet TV show — the world’s first competitive online reality show, The Next Internet Millionaire which I co-hosted. All the contestants were people who wanted to escape the daily grind, stop running the rat race, get away […]

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The Millionaire Boss… Truly a Leveraged Life?

Today Jeff Wellman launched the long-awaited follow-up to Lay Off Your Boss, called The Millionaire Boss. Seeing a bit of a theme there? But this time he’s not saying your boss is a millionaire… he’s saying that YOU can become your OWN BOSS, and be a millionaire at the same time. Millionaire — the elusive […]

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Something-for-Nothing Thinkers – Know One ?

One of the most useful aspects of dealing with “human nature” is that you can learn best from it when it’s at its worst – when it lets its most victimitis-thinking, finger-pointing, cynical self rear its head. And, as a teaching tool, it becomes even more powerful (and fun) as we get to highlight some […]

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The $1.4 Million Leveraged Life

Ever meet one of those people who made an unbelievable amount of money at a very young age? If you’re like most people, you probably react with one of two emotions: Jealousy Admiration (Or maybe a combination of both). Your first thought is probably, “That’s not fair! How the heck did they figure out the […]

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How To Break Away From a J-O-B Fast

In the book “The Myth of Passive Income – The Truth and the Solution,” on page 48, I talk about how there’s three ways to earn money. They are: #1) Trade Time For Money: Otherwise known as a J-O-B or a career. If a person accumulates any degree of wealth employing this strategy, it will […]

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