Winners… and… 7 Steps To Freedom

We’d venture to guess that a small portion of our readers glanced at this blog’s title and thought we said “Whiners” — we wouldn’t blame them, either, if that’s the word they saw.

After all, we could pass along at least five head-shaking stories a week of people in the news, our local town, and even business folks we communicate with, that are whining about their lives.

If it ain’t about how somebody else was the cause of their own incompetency; if it ain’t about how they’re entitled to this, that or the other; it’s something about us… like we should quit using vernacular and slang in our blogs and sales copy.

Yup, life is full of people who can’t get through the day without majoring in minor stuff.

But, more on that in a second. For now, we want to take the time to announce the winners of our recent contest (see our prior post on this blog). A hearty congratulations goes out to:

> Anne
> Marc
> Chris

You know who you are, as you’ve been emailed directions on how to get no-charge annual access to The Wealth Vault. Congratulations!

Okay, now back to the rant….

 The Crowd adores blaming their mediocre existence — their inability to get out of a rut and get ahead — on somebody else, or something that isn’t relevant to getting RESULTS in their own life.

And it dawned on us the other morning (pun intended) that we don’t have to deal with most poverty-conscious, irresponsible, lack-minded people… if we don’t want to.

Even though, trust us, it is fun (and immensely rewarding) from time to time to poke into the darkest parts of their thinking and quirky mind habits… as really, it brings out the very clear picture of how all us humans are ruled by what we’re willing to accept.

You see, it’s not just about beliefs — i.e., what we think is true or not true — it’s about what we KNOW, regardless of the lack of evidence or social consensus in front of us, that we can experience.

Possibility thinking is a very obscure art. It requires a level of oddball, going-against-the-crowd, internal energy that most won’t allow themselves to engage in.

While The Crowd believes that what they see is how things are, the possibility thinker can taste positive change and sense accomplishment BEFORE it enters their external awareness.

While we promised today’s post would reveal a way that you can express your most promising (but unrealized) ideas to us, and be considered to collaborate on a project, we’ve decided to talk about FREEDOM instead.

Not just about freedom from your own mind, and its own self-allowed short-circuits; but freedom from isolationist, one-government rules, political plundering, and restrictions based upon citizenship and geographical residency.

Let’s start with the mind thing.

It’s just too easy to let our minds take control and threaten to derail our results. How often have you heard someone say they didn’t want to try something because they were afraid they wouldn’t be any good at it?

This fear of failure is one of the mind’s most limiting vicious cycles. The irony is that if you refuse to do something because you’re afraid you’ll fail, you’ve already failed. You’ve failed to get started, you’ve failed to try, and you’ve failed to give yourself even a chance for success.

If that makes no sense to you — if you find yourself thinking that you can’t fail by playing it safe — then you’ve already let your brain short-circuit true logic.

Similarly, people who are looking for sovereignty often fail to take any steps to become personally free from bureaucracy because they figure it’s no use, or that they can’t reach their goals.

Why not?

What’s to stop you from being as free as the blue jay who thinks he’s a rooster, squawking at the top of his little lungs outside our bedroom window every morning at daybreak?

Our freedom jay doesn’t care what anybody thinks. He just is. He just does. And he’s free to be and do whatever he likes.

He lives in the so-called “land of the free,” like we do… but he knows how to actually live the promise, while most of us humans don’t.

However, he has inspired at least the Goss family (that’s us) to take time out every now and then, relaxing our bodies and clearing our minds.

See, human minds are kind of like mailboxes… there’s good, interesting stuff that shows up every day; but if you don’t empty them on a regular basis, they just get packed full of junk.

Life is a balancing act, and that’s why we need to complement being tied down to work with being playful and free.

Story Waters says mind freedom is about tapping into the energy of awakening, and taking a journey through five healing stages: Release, Trust, Open, Receive and Awaken.

You should pick up a set of Story’s Freedom Exercises. They’re the best. We listen to them, together, through a dual iPod jack.

It’s a 6-part ‘audio workshop’ which you can do in your own time at your own pace. Then you can revisit the exercises and channels individually, using them as powerful mind-clearing tools, when needed.

But, what about the idea of anonymous living, economic freedom, and personal liberty?

Even if you’re not an American citizen, these words (in the Preamble to the US Declaration of Independence in 1776) should mean something to you:

“… Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness“.

The total retransformation of what you think you can and can’t do, based upon what you’ve been told or adopted from elders before you, is a topic we’re passionate about here at LWL.

And, as the person we’re about to introduce you to would say:

“It should already be obvious to you that freedom is under threat. No matter where you look you see evidence of more controls, more regulations, more surveillance, more corruption, more police powers — and more desperate actions by politicians.”

So, we ask: What steps are you taking to ensure you and your family’s personal and financial freedom is secure from those that try their best to take it?

Regardless of what you THINK you can do, you can take ACTION and do a lot.

And, you might as well learn from someone who is living the true James Bond, off-the-grid lifestyle.

David MacGregor — a man who walks his talk — discloses the steps you need to take to experience international living, free from the restraint of any one country, dogma, or political system.

Barry spoke to David for two hours a few weeks ago and, without question, he is in the freedom, privacy, and lifestyle design publishing arena for all the right reasons.

He is super-committed to ensuring that anybody who has the desire to experience personal independence — which the super-wealthy have enjoyed for years — can do it too.

We’re inviting you to take part in David’s absolutely free, no-strings-attached e-course titled:

The 7 Steps To Freedom

Now is the time to take the plunge into the world of individual sovereignty and lifestyle design.

And, as David would say (which syncs up with what we’ve already said above):

“The very first step on the freedom road is getting your head in the right place, and having the right mindset. And this mindset is best described as the determination to declare your personal independence.”

So, this is must-have intelligence for peace of mind, and to ensure you know what roads to take when exploring the territory.

Get it now here…

Your Partners in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather

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