The Thought Police Adore WikiLeaks

Barry’s preface: I can already see the writing on the wall — ah, I mean in our support desk. Whenever we choose to highlight a subject that is… oh… not so fun, not so feel-good, not so ______ (fill in the blank with anything a person who wears rose-colored-glasses would presume our Life Without Limits blog should be about), we get a rash of whining and complaining.

“Why talk about this?” or “This isn’t what I joined your newsletter to receive!” or “Take me off your list. I don’t let negative things seep into my consciousness!”(Oh, daaaaddy… that last one gives us a hearty gut-busting conversation to talk about for a few hours).

So, before I unleash David on you — a friend and fellow publisher (of — to talk about the BIGGER picture around WikiLeaks, allow me to be as real, honest, and no-nonsense as I can (have I ever been anything other?):

Make no mistake about it, the USA Thought Police are in full force, ensuring that every Boobus Americanus who still clamors to the belief of “us versus them” gets all hot and bothered by what they say Julian Assange is doing to Uncle Sam’s empire.

Like Pavlov’s dog, these people instantly react by standing up for FREEDOM, whenever words like “patriot,” “terrorist,” “national security,” or “our troops” are sparked up through the robotic talking heads in the mainstream media.

Yet, what these statist-thinking “good for the country” types don’t quite understand is that purported (but really, harmless) “security breaches” like WikiLeaks are actually being used to justify the atrocious “patriot act” and continued control and regulation of US (not the illusory “them”).

Ron Paul sums it up like this: “In a free society we’re supposed to know the truth.”  “In a society where truth becomes treason, then we’re in big trouble.”

I encourage you to dig deep enough, in regards to the WikiLeaks scenario, before you make an opinion about whether what they started, and what their intention was, is actually a BAD thing for you and the country you live in.

Now, on to David’s article…

Guest Post: by David MacGregor

Watching events unfold this week, regarding Julian Assange and Wikileaks, is like watching some sort of conspiracy movie.

It would appear that while he and his organization survived releasing video footage of cowboy helicopter pilots shooting unarmed people from the sky in Iraq, the US government cannot stand losing its “reputation” by having its dirty diplomatic laundry aired in public on the internet.

Absurd calls for his arrest, imprisonment, and even assassination have been heard on the US airwaves… and other countries and entities are falling into line in calling what WikiLeaks does “illegal” — and therefore for it to be stamped out.

Trawling through many commentaries on this bizarre situation, one can see an amazing polarity of opinion. And it even came “home” to me in the form of a conversation I had over lunch yesterday with a good friend.

While we share a common viewpoint on many things, I know he is of a more “conservative” viewpoint than me. However, I didn’t expect him to take the ‘government’ side of this issue — but he did.

There are a number of key points worth remembering about this whole affair.

WikiLeaks is simply the “messenger”. If the US really wants to go after someone, then it’s the actual “leaker” they need to find. And assuming such a person signed confidentiality agreements regarding the information he or she had access to, then perhaps there would be some sort of case against such a person. Not a moral case, but a legal one.

Secondly, the information being released is being reprinted by mainstream media newspapers. If Assange is being pilloried for releasing this information in the first place, why are MSM newspapers getting off the hook?

WikiLeaks only received this information — it did not “steal” it. And what does “steal” mean in this context? Here we have diplomats, paid for by taxpayers’ money, saying things about world affairs and leaders. Surely, any information gathered by a government that is supposed to be the “servant” of the people, and funded by the people, cannot claim ownership of such information. Surely the information is “owned” by the people who paid for its collection and dissemination — the hapless taxpayer.

And why is it okay for the state to know everything about us — to pry into our lives in every way possible, and to insist we are “transparent” — while we are expected to know nothing about it?

People’s polar reactions to WikiLeaks depend on their view of the legitimacy of government. If they really do believe the government works for their best interest, and that they need it to protect them — then I guess they would want Assange arrested.

But for people who see government for what it really is — a collection of busy-body sociopaths bent on accumulating as much power as possible and demanding our obedience at every turn — then the WikiLeaks phenomenon is like a breath of fresh air.

What we have here, finally, is the means for ordinary people to be empowered by knowing what their governments are REALLY up to — and that information delegitimizes such governments. And it is this delegitimization that they fear more than anything else.

It’s the “Emperor’s New Clothes” all over again, where the global population is being treated to the spectacle that government — far from being honorable and trustworthy — is in fact a rabble of criminals.

Some people clearly see this and shout “The Emperor has no clothes!” However, others, fearing their cherished dreams are about to be trashed can only call for the elimination of the person responsible for this “unrobing”.

To learn more about David and Sovereign Life, click here…

For more, click on WikiLeaks and The Boogeyman Syndrome

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18 Responses to “The Thought Police Adore WikiLeaks”

  1. He is the modern day Gandi. The establishment doesn’t know how to handle the embarrassment. All strength to his arm, or rather mouse!

  2. To me, it seems as though Mr Assange holds no allegiance to anyone, to any government and that his interest would be to use chaos to whatever end he envisions.

    Personally, I am not particularly fond of those that Mr Assange associates with and appears at conferences with, seems to consider his sympatico spirits.

    My biggest gripe is that Mr Assange seems to be facilitating the creation of a tipping point which is sounding the clarion call to “regulate the internet”…calling on the FCC to silence some, to limit voices and opinions to be more in lockstep with the views of some ideological POV…this is the worst possible outcome of WIKIleaks…who in the supposed call for complete transparency, will in the end possibly assist in censorship.

    The best possible thing one can do is to ignore this blowhard as the worst case scenario is the muzzling of free speech, whomever it may insult or embarrass or offend.

    A free society is not free with a muzzled media.

  3. I am all for Wikileaks and Julian Assange. He is exposing the web of lies the Government
    and its Media whores have been brainwashing Americans for too long.
    People, time to turn off american idol and open your eyes to all the evil in the world
    being done to other countries in the name of “Democracy.

  4. Man-made governments today are almost ALL venal, corrupt, greedy, self-serving and self-perpetuating… no matter WHAT the system looks like on the outside!

    This is why The Meek are turning to the honesty, principled decency, rational, responsible justice and courtesy brought by Baha’u’llah, the Promised One of ALL Ages and Religions.

    In His Baha’i administratioon and the Baha’i International Community, The Meek of the human world find recourse to institutions capable of hearing their plight accurately (at local and regional levels) and transforming anguish into action in a trustworthy, transparent manner.

    No payment required, no public trough… just forthright, diligent effort in line with Baha’u’llah’s explicit teachings.

  5. I aggree with Artist on the point of his actions just just added fuel to the fire for the FCC to regulate the internet -or try to anyway.
    I do hold Assange (I don’t give him the respect of adding the Mr.) as guilty as the person who released the classified material just as the law would arrest a person for knowingly receiving / paying for stolen property and using it for personal gain. Trust me Assange has received a lot more than the 15 minutes of fame that he thinks he deserves.
    I am a 70 yr old vet that clearly understands the back door dealings and bad things some people do in the name of government and war. But, I also clearly understand that just because you can, you should not air your dirty laundry in front of your enemy.
    You may say ” Yeah – Right on Man! Stick it to the Government!” but you have to realize that means you are sticking it to yourself in the long run by destroying the country. Oh, yeah, that’s right he doesn’t give a damn about the USA.

  6. Hear Hear, I agree with the article sentiments totally.

    Its about time people wake up to what goes on in the corridors of power and after all our taxes are paying for these meglomaniacs to run rampant.

    Remember what they did to John Lennon!

  7. Thank you…! Caught with a hand in the cooke jar or in their own games, truth in 2010 or cold war tactcs. For me may the light shine and truth a divine right just as we are each sovreign souls!

  8. In free societies we are allowed to know the truth, in Anarchies we’re told what to believe.

  9. In the administration of the affairs of a population, governments gather information that enable them to safeguard the interests of its population. With passports, bank accounts etc going online, there has to be strict enforcement of laws that prevent people from breaching confidentiality. If anyone is interested in any information that the government is withholding, he/she can always apply to the courts for the release of such material instead of stealing and accepting stolen material.

  10. This is not anti American, but there seem to be many more people in the USA who are unable to look beyond what is fed to them by their government, I assume they just do not want to face up to any other scenario.

    The Wikileaks stuff is just the tip of the iceberg, and this is important in perhaps making people wake up a little to what is going on. This will hopefully encourage people to look into things a little more deeply and get nearer the truth of what is really happening in the world.

    I apologize if anything I have said offends, but what is happening at the moment this is really important for the future of the world as we know it.

  11. Thank you David, I agree with you – this situation is indeed absurd.

    Isn’t it amazing to watch how the thugs will do anything to divert attention from the actual POINT of the leaks – which is their CONTENT?
    While everybody is busy arguing about whether what Assange has done is legal or not, the public tends to loose sight of the real issue here, which is the actual material of the cables and videos.
    Hence this big debate is being manufactured like a magician’s trick about issues of legality.

    Come on, people, focus on the CONTENT of the leaks and forget about chasing the red herrings.

    The thugs threw in a real juicy red herring with the issue of the alleged sex offences. So article after article in the media are airing the details of these charges, but to what affect?
    Again, the magician’s trick – watch the hands, watch the hands, and while the public is being hypnotized watching the hands, they forget about the real issue.

    The latest one is the disgruntled ex-employee the thugs are encouraging to create his little sour grapes diversion to side-track the public with.

    Age old trick, but sadly it seems to be working with too many people.

    So lets stop watching the magician’s hands and focus on what Assange and the staff of Wikileaks are literally risking their lives trying to show us – the ugly stuff that is the content of these leaks!


  12. Thanks for giving a deeper, more sane explanation of the WHOLE picture around this issue…..helps me to see more clearly.

    I reinstate into my mindset:“In a free society we’re supposed to know the truth.” “In a society where truth becomes treason, then we’re in big trouble.”

    If we are in fear of something, we tend do to kill the messenger. Ask yourself: Am I willing to take personal responsibility for the search for truth, or am I going to let the Governments take responsibility for me?

  13. BINGO!! THANK YOU FOR SAYING THAT!!! It’s important to keep a positive mind set all that….for sure….BUT without knowing what we’re truly up against, you cannot focus your intention where it’s needed.

    Ignoring the real threats won’t make the puppet masters just go away. One important step to living a “life without limits” is rising up higher than those who wish to keep us suppressed!

    Truth becomes positive power, and the truth will shine through…perhaps sooner than we think thanks to people like you and ones beyond!

    After all, “Truth is the enemy of the state.” And…Ron Paul 2012!

    Thanks again,

    “Truth is the enemy of the state.”

    “Seeing is believing? No…believing is seeing. Only when we know who we truly are, can we know freedom.” – David Icke

  14. I just had to comment one more time…….

    Silly rabbit…..Julian Assange didn’t steal anything, he is simply a receptacle, publishing files….being the straw that broke the camel’s back.

    Why during the first dump about information about Iraq did Holder. the State Dept, “the Government” etc do nothing?

    Why are their knickers in a twist THIS time when silly embarrassing gossip is leaked?


    “The Government”? Which Government?

    As opposed to which stellar example of governance? The Brits? The Chinese? The dingdong Swedes who are levying the trumped up charges of two disgruntled sex partners to hold him without bail?

    And finally, “the Truth.” What Truth, whose Truth?

    Is Assange only leaking some Truth and not other Truth?

    Why? That’s what I wonder

  15. I find it interesting that in order to think out side the box, you have to believe the government is “bad”.

    While I don’t agree with what wikileaks and those associated with it did I do appreciate the dialog generated from the act. Let’s remember though that releasing this information in a blind dump does no one any good. None of it has any context and as a result officials are busy mending fences and not working.

    As for the belief that the assault charges are made up to get back at him does a disservice to all involved. If he is inocent then why run and hide? Freedom of press and speach also require the wisdom to understand all the ramifications. I find it hard to support a declared anarchist in any “free” act.

    If you are going to dig into this that also means looking at the act and the releasers as well and their justification for what they did.

    Just saying.

  16. I’ve been appalled by the arrogance of our government over the last couple of years. We are heading into dangerous times. The question is, will people roll over like they did with Hitler, or will their be a revolution? Either way, God help us all.

  17. It’s really unfortunate that so many have closed their minds to the possibility that governments don’t realy protect us, but rather use us.

    We are worker bees. The harder we work, the more the government takes, and if you happen to become too successful, they have “legal” ways to take back what they think they should have.

    I never used to be a conspiracy theorist, but the more I learn about government (in pretty much any country) and the more I witness myself, the more my eyes are opened to how the governments control us.

    Some day, hopefully soon, there will be a mass awakening. All the politics and police in the world will not be able to overcome the will of the public.

    To think we are not controlled is like putting your head in the sand. Open your eyes (and your mind) and you too will see.

  18. In a free society everyone discerns the truth
    in any other one there are no concerns for it.
    — Arthur Tugman

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