( Video ) — Validation

Awarded the Best Short Film ( Sedona Int’l Film Festival ).  An inspiring, heart-warming video worth hanging around until the end for:

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6 Responses to “( Video ) — Validation”

  1. We are heading rapidly towards a Golden Age, and a new Era for humanity, all life on Earth and Earth Herself.

    All we need to do is embrace the changes, live in the Now, and extend service to others before service to self in Unconditional Love.

    This movie shows us exactly how the results will be.

  2. She’s lucky to be working in the US… you’re not allowed to smile on Canadian Passport photos (although you can smile on a Canadian driver’s license!)

  3. What a hearrt-warming video!
    I’ve seen the actor on CSI Miami, but this was a complete, pleasant surprise.
    Certainly worth viewing again and again. Thanks.

  4. The Validation Video touches my heart. It is a genuine portrait of growing into awareness of what is real, true, heartful connections between persons on the soul level. Ending so full of joy , I feel the joy and feel grateful for the viewing. Thanks to all who created this gem! Everyone who views the video will be touched on some level consciously and/or unconsciously. Some people living in denial are hard to reach but this video will reach them on some level., I’ll bet.

  5. I thought it was very funny and well done *except* for how it ends- what actually comes across to me about one of the main characters. I won’t say much so people can judge for themselves, but as an overview, one character has realizations that help them to feel good even though they have experienced emotional pain, the other is simply ‘rescued’ from an extremely low state when someone else is finally happy (and therefore they are likely to plummet badly again if a loved one is hurting badly in some way) – not healthy at all when that’s the case. 🙁

  6. With thanks and gratitude for this wonderful message.

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