The Month Of Love and Self-Esteem

Once upon a time, Valentine’s Day for me was about not being the one kid in class who got less cards than everybody else. It was a popularity contest… and it was always predictable who would walk away with bags full of Valentines, while the rest of us could just tuck the few we got into our pencil cases.

As time went on, I started getting more and more of them… and it became apparent that the more I liked myself, the more I came out of my shell of shyness, and the more self-esteem I had, the more people would like me back — and give me Valentines to show their gratitude for my friendship.

These days, I’m back to only getting (and only wanting) a few cards… and of course the most important one comes from my soul mate. If I could only be loved by one person for the rest of my life, he’d be the one.

I think life is much sweeter when you find your soul mate — someone to live with, laugh with, love with… even work with, if you’re like Barry and I.

Someone to walk through the journey of life with, side-by-side, hand-in-hand, enjoying the scenery, the challenges, and the successes together.

If you haven’t yet found your soul mate (and I say “yet” because I believe there’s at least one for each of us) then why not join Zen DeBrucke and I for a FREE preview simulcast that will let you walk away with new knowledge for building the perfect relationship, attracting your soul mate, and loving yourself?

For more information, read the personal letter from MY soul mate by clicking here.

This free call will bring you powerful insight on manifesting better relationships, and you’ll walk away with an exercise that will have others appreciating you more — and being attracted to you more — within minutes.

But what’s the first step before any of that can happen?

= = = = =

I mentioned it earlier on, and the biggest secret for manifesting beautiful and fulfilling relationships is to love yourself first... and to have high self-esteem.

Coincidentally (yeah, right, like there’s really such a thing as “coincidence”), February is not only the month of love and romance because of Valentine’s Day — but it’s also National Self-Esteem Month.

And to celebrate that, our friend Dr. Joe Rubino wants to raise the self-esteem level of 20 million people — and he’s giving you over $2,000 in gifts to help him manifest that vision.

Joe’s one of the world’s leading experts on self-esteem, and he just released the new and highly acclaimed Self-Esteem System.

To celebrate the launch, in conjunction with National Self-Esteem Month… if you purchase this life-changing book, he’ll change your life even more by giving you a whole smorgasbord of valuable personal development gifts.

And it gets even better… he’s also offering you a no-cost insightful audio called “7 Steps to Soaring Self-Esteem” and a complimentary 1 year membership in The Success Achievers’ Club (a $129 value) just for checking it out with no obligation.

So take a look at the Self-Esteem System to find out how to help raise the consciousness of the planet by raising your own self-esteem, or the self-esteem level of those you love.

And if all that value wasn’t enough, we’ve got another way for you to love yourself, attract your soul mate, and manifest the life of your dreams.

Yup, the Super Manifestor GOLD Pack is back, and at a special post-launch price before we put it up to full retail.

This incredible resource consists of The Manifesting Manual — considered to be THE encyclopedia on manifestation — as well as several other key resources and 11 guided audio meditations.

Included among those meditations (my favorite way to clear my mind, focus on results, get answers from the Universe and manifest more of what I want) are one on Manifesting Your Soul Mate, one on Self Love: Merging With Your Divine Essence, and several on manifesting wealth, health, happiness and spiritual experiences.

You’ll also get our talking e-book, The Secrets of Manifesting, for free just for signing up… but if you want to grab the whole GOLD Pack, do it on the way in or you’ll miss out on the special price.

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Your Partner in the Quest For
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Heather Vale

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  1. Haha, smorgasbord… That always cracks me up. : D

    It’s an englishified swedish word, which is where I’m from. So originally, it’s ‘smörgåsbord’.

    Thanks for that! 😛

    // Linus

  2. Love love ME do.

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