Something-for-Nothing Thinkers – Know One ?

One of the most useful aspects of dealing with “human nature” is that you can learn best from it when it’s at its worst – when it lets its most victimitis-thinking, finger-pointing, cynical self rear its head.

And, as a teaching tool, it becomes even more powerful (and fun) as we get to highlight some of the contemptous comments we get from time to time to help OTHERS (like you) learn, grow, and develop.

One of the common myths – more like misguided beliefs – we hear is that the manifesting mentors and metaphysical teachers we connect our community with should be giving away THEIR products (CDs, book, courses, paid seminars, etc.)… for FREE !

Or, just to give you an idea of how DEEP this mindset can go, here’s an actual email we got (somewhat of a mind-twister, we know, but didn’t want to edit it for clarity so you can see human nature in rare form):

“Why is it that these people who can make so much money by just ‘thinking’ it into their lives are always charging so much money to help other people earn money, set goals or whatever, and at the same time tell us ‘there is plenty to go around, it’s just waiting for you to ask, think, imagine, believe’? If it is there for the taking, why do we need to pay someone who should by now be rolling in it?”

Or, if it’s not very closely related to a comment like that, it’s something to the effect of: “How dare you charge people for access to sacred universal laws” or “In the realm of spiritual wisdom, money should only be donated, not required for access to it.”

I yi yi… okay, since we’ve wrestled some of these people into the mud with our rebuttals to this kind of thinking before, and because the topic “Metaphyiscal Marketing” needs to be addressed in a seperate post (heck, who knows, we may even package it in a report and sell it – couldn’t resist), we’re going to hand off this thread to a friend and affiliate of ours.

We certainly could have you sit and read our commentary about how money is a medium of exhange – pure energy – nothing more and nothing less; we could expand on the truth about how the more you give out, the more you get back; and lo and behold, we might even have the time one day soon to elaborate on how the way to build wealth is to create, market and sell (exchange) a value-driven, useful product / service for it (MONEY, or rather, return energy).

… but, instead, today we’re going to hand off the dirty work to Mike Kemski, founder of BANABU Development Systems.

Read every word of his article on the next page – you’ll be glad you did !

WARNING: Some of the commentary below is irreverent, uncensored, candid, and decidedly unmindful of the status quo.

If you’re easily offended or conservative in your approach to life and business, we highly suggest you close this browser window.

If, on the other hand, you can appreciate a no-holds-barred, tell-it-like-it-is stance on wrestling greater returns out of everything you do, you’ll want to read EVERY word that Mike has written.

By Mike Kemski


I failed you!

I just had a talk with a very close friend of mine and he pointed something out to me…

You may not like this email but it’s something you need to hear from me but…

I’ve failed you!

Yes, you read that correctly. I’ve failed you.

Let me explain how I’ve failed you and what that means exactly.

I’ve taught you that it’s ok to just go through life being handed solutions.

And most importantly, I’ve trained you that it’s ok to not invest in yourself.

That may sound cooky at first but it will all be perfectly clear in a moment.

First, let me explain to you what a couple of things that used to be my hang up are;

1. Marketing

What’s your first thought on what marketing is? Is it sales and stuff like that?

I guess that’s a part of it on the surface but it goes much deeper than that.

Marketing, at it’s purest form, is exposing the truth about things and more importantly,
exposing area’s in your life that need some work or improvement.

It’s like a mirror for you to look at that let’s you see the truth about your life.

It could be about your body, your mind, your relationships, or even your stuff like your
cars and your house.

When you see an ad that shows some new bad ass 300 year paint that protects your home from weather, you usually only notice it if your house is in need of a pant job.

When you see an ad that talks about building communication skills with kids, it usually
means you could stand to improve that area of life with your kids.

When you see an ad running about a local gym selling discounted memberships, you
could probably stand to be a bit more fit.

Marketing just exposes the truth about what you need to take a look at in your own life.

Sure there are some losers out there who use marketing tactics to “trick” you into
thinking you’re a pile of doo doo just so you’ll buy their doo doo but that’s another
issue all together.

And that’s what I thought marketing was for the longest time, deception and lies,
and manipulation… until today!

I finally realize that marketing is one of the best ways to actually HELP people I’ve ever seen.


Because it gently meets us where we are at and offers a solution to improve our lives!

You NEVER have to accept that solution, but chances are even if you don’t accept
that particular solution, you’ve become more aware of an area of your life that has a negative charge and eats at you either in a huge way or even a subtle way.

Which brings me to the next thing I want to explain…

2. Sales

Eewwwwww sales! Yep sales…

Was that your initial reaction when you hear the word sales?

Well, let me tell you what sales is from an honest and genuine standpoint.

Sales is the action you take to bridge the gap from problem to solution.

Without having some action to take to get you into a forward momentum that begins to solve your problem, you just sit there and stew over how bad the paint is peeling off your house but…

You don’t have the tools, supplies, or resources to do anything about it!

The act of selling gives you the option to create energy directed at solving that problem which in turn, gives you the most powerful asset of all when it comes to creating solutions and change…

Forward momentum!

Sales would be what I mean when I say “Invest in Yourself”.

Because if you don’t invest in yourself, you will NEVER get what you want out of

That may mean spending money, time, energy, and resources or all of those things at the
same time.

Either way one thing is certain, you need to “make the purchase” to take the action!

So Marketing and Sales have become my new preferred method of personal development.

Which leads back to how I failed you…

I gave you so much without having you “make the purchase” that it trained you in a way that conditioned you to expect that.

I’m guilty of treating you like you were weak!

I wanted to help and make a difference so damn bad that I screwed up in the way I did it.

I let you believe that the world owes you something and that someone else will bring
it to you.

I’m like that nice old man who feeds the deer in his backyard every morning.

Conditioning them to expect getting the food from me and not allowing them to develop the natural survival skills they learn in the wild.

After a while they lose their ability to gather food for themselves and compete with the rest of the deer.

Not to mention they get fat and lazy because they don’t have to exert any energy to find the food so they are a much fatter target to become prey for some other animal.

You MUST invest in yourself daily in order to maximize your life.

That means improve yourself in some way each and every day by your own actions, not just by sitting around waiting for someone to figure it all out for you!

That could mean anything from physical exercise to feeding your mind, to developing new relationships etc.

Whether you do that through me or not is irrelevant to me, as long as you DO it and do it EVERY day!

You can’t go through life thinking that that nice old man will always be there for you.

Now let me get to the spark that lit this flame and made me realize that I failed you (and confused me).

I got a message from A.L. in Ohio saying this:

“If you truly cared about people you
wouldn’t be charging any money to the
people who can’t afford to pay. If you
don’t want to be a hypocrite you should
give it away”.

Well A.L. from Ohio…

Thank you for making it obvious to me that I failed my subscribers into thinking that life is a giant freaking handout!

If you think for one damn second that I’m going to just give my business away your crazy!

I’m charging for it because it has massive value (FAR more than the price tag) and it’s obvious you need to take a look at yourself.

Let’s take a guess at where your life is my friend shall we?

First, let me guess. You’re at a job you HATE because you are “forced” to be there

Next I bet those rotten SOB’s actually make you PAY for benefits and don’t pay you what you’re worth!

Then on your way home you can’t believe that all of these idiots are in your way blocking you from getting to your favorite chair in front of the T.V. where you park your fat ass from the second you get home until you go to bed.

God forbid someone ask you to do anything to help out cuz this is your “relaxing time”
and you’ve “earned it” from slaving away all day your miserable job you hate.

So instead of picking up a book or listening to an audio training to improve your life, you pick up a fork full of unhealthy food that sucks your energy right out of you and listen to how ****ty the world is.

Then you proceed to bitch about how people are “keeping you down” and that you never
can catch a break while you lick your Cheeto coated fingers of before takin a swig of your 7th brewski for the night.

(How much money and time do you waste on TV and beer btw? Just askin..)

So to drown those miserable sorrows you go surfing online looking for some magic pill
to fix all of your life’s problems without doing ANY of the work.

Then, when someone puts the best damn offer you’ve ever seen in front of you for an opportunity to actually climb from the cest pool of a life you exist in, you actually have the nerve to BITCH about it because it cost a little money!?!?

Forget about all of the years of experience and hard work this person has put into developing this product, building the brand, the incredible and inspirational experiences,
and even making it available to you at all.

Oh I forgot.., you expect them to do all that for you. Because you’re entitled right?

So you send an email calling people names giving you more ammunition to be the sorry
ass victim you are.

Your relationships are demeaning, your mind is full of negative energy, you repel any
normal person with your disgusting energy and you feel like everyone is here to serve
you yet you wonder why you can’t seem to have great life and you resent everyone who

So I’m writing this to apologize to you for all of this being my fault!

Seriously, I should have made you accountable for not taking any action to change but I’ve been feeding you like the nice old man feeds the deer.

Listen up and listen good. It’s time for a nice fat dose of reality! No more mister
nice guy…

People who succeed pay their dues!

I have a phenomenal marriage, as close to perfect kids as they come, stellar health, incredible friends, a successful business, more opportunity than you can shake a stick at, and I even have a bad ass little dog who can do more tricks than a circus performer!

It’s the picture perfect life but it’s also exactly what I expect and work my ever loving ass off to create and maintain.

Other people (outside lookin in) look at my life and think, “WOW! I would love to have that. A carefree life with no worries and everything just works brilliantly!”.

Uh… did you miss the part where I said I work my ever lovin ass off to create and keep it this way?

It doesn’t just happen!

Rewards in life are only present when you create them for yourself and you can only create them for yourself if the people around you love you enough to make you gather your own food…

I have failed at being that person for you And I take full responsibility for that.

So I woke up today one person but had my world shaken up by a friend who did just that for me, had the balls and courage to tell it to me straight and make me aware of this truth and I’m going to bed tonight a different person.

One who steps up and plays the bigger game he was meant to play!

Marketing and sales are the most serving process I can ever engage in to serve the people in my life (as long as it’s done with ethics and integrity which I have no worries about in my life).

I’ll only do my job and expose to you the truths as you see them and give you the option to take action and “make the purchase” to change your life. I won’t be at that fence anymore with a handful of food because I really do care about you and your life.

My apologies for failing you and my most sincere thanks to A.L. from Ohio making me wonder where I was going wrong and to my friend who dared to be real with me and
expose the truth to me!

Mike Kemski

Mike is the founder of BANABU Develolpment Systems. BANABU stand for:

Building a New and Better Universe.

Learn more about his 11 simple, easy to understand and use, yet very profound principles for growth.

Your Partner in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry Goss


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27 Responses to “Something-for-Nothing Thinkers – Know One ?”

  1. BRAVO for you Mike. I bet AL from Ohio won’t be sending any more of those kinds of e-mails. 🙂

    But if he does…PLEASE don’t direct him to my subscription form…unless of course you’ve rattled the “scattered consciousness” out of him and he’s ready to do a little investing in himself. 🙂

    Great post…thanks


  2. I am a web retailer and content producer myself and i am in total agreement with the exchange of energy for energy, for paying for the time, wisdom and expense of bringing gifts of wisdom, healing or whatever it may be to the consumer… It is required to give value, sustain the producer and perpetuate our ability to produce and receive these and other gifts.

    We are all aware that things cost money to develop and produce and the scale of economic activity will generally dictate price but i read your article and found it to be a poor reflection on someone suggesting they are building a “better Universe”!

    Firstly, your reply is so aggressive that i cannot believe someone purporting to change the Universe for the better, can set an example by trying to solve an issue using what is the “old-way” energy, that has got the world into the problems it now faces; that horrible energy being “Aggression”.

    Being in the business myself and monitoring how other people market their products, i have seen the puerile attempts of “aggressive marketing” which seems to be the fad marketing of today and i think it is pathetic and certainly does the problems of the world, let alone the Universe, no service whatsoever!

    Do you really think a barrage of insults will change opinion and get people to understand? Do you think other reasonable minds are going to laugh along with you for your school boy tactics and now rush out to buy your product?

    I am sorry, but i think you have totally created the opposite effect by such an immature reply. Why would i buy something from someone who has endorsed, by self use, the crass tactics of “bully or blackmail marketing” which is what “aggression marketing” is.

    Yuck.. the entrenched ethos of “you are a looser” if you don’t go along with the view of the loudest shouting idiot, is something we need to change for a better Universe and certainly not support it as you have done here.

    Secondly, your answer to A.L. from Ohio totally misses the main value of his point, and that is “charging money for people who can’t afford to pay”. That is the value point to be extracted from the reply and you should have sought to debate what is affordable and what is not.

    A.L. from Ohio is right, in that there are many people who need help and cannot afford some of the ridiculous price tags that are applied to “miracle cures” endemic on the web.

    The unfortunate aspect to the ease of delivery on the Internet is that it allows the charlatans of this world to exploit fair minded people. There is a HUGE amount of rubbish on the web, and the producers of most of it should actually pay the consumer to take it off their hands not seek payment for it.

    There are so many affiliate marketing machines who don’t care a damn for the consumer and they all hype and regurgitate the rubbish over and over in different guises… No wonder the consumer has a big case of indigestion!

    In your instance, you may have a good product at a good price (i don’t know, i haven’t tried it) but the consumer has been ripped off so many times that even a good product at a good price is expensive when one has spent a little fortune on all the duds out there. Pay back guarantees don’t crack it anymore, when you have the hind sight of experience trying to get refunds from some of the rip off artists out there.

    So when someone like A.L. of Ohio gives you some valuable customer feedback, don’t go off into a diatribe of aggressive response; find the value in their contribution and always look at the other side of the equation and you may then find a better way to market your product in the process.

    I do hope you are brave enough to post this reply because it needs to be read and digested and debated, especially if all us producers want to culture a better understanding as to why the consumer should part with their lean resources.

    Everything for free is NOT the answer but everything “paid upfront for” at excessive prices is not the answer either.

  3. dude face it. you won’t ever be the “no more mr. nice guy” guy. I’ve tried it myself. I’ve tried it millions (okay maybe 20 times) to be fair to myself and others, to respect their decisions and lessons they chose to learn here on earth and bla bla bla…. I go right back to being the same push around girl, the sweet person who always gives a damn about every suffering maggot in this world. Sir, if you succeed in your being a bad ass, please do write an article or something about it, I would surely take the advice. P.S. I would pay for it, if it had a price.

  4. GOOD MORNING! Loved your letter. I have been working at Handwriting Analysis for 6 years and have found the same thing. Everyone wants to know more about it, thinks it is facinating, even wants a demonstration………but “why charge for it?” I paid thousands of dollars and hours of my life to learn it, why would I want to give it away. I even had a “charity minded” woman suggest “I could come to her charity fund raiser, pay for a table and then give away my analysis’ for half price!” Needless to say, I ask if she had ask her Surgeon boss if he would come give away his services during the fund raiser????? Haven’t heard from her since….real broken heart over that.

    Enjoyed your article very much.

    Janet Lefler, Handwriting advisor.

  5. Wow, I am reading anger. I am reading ego. Sometimes the student becomes the teacher, so what did Mike learn??? Mike needs to go back to school. The ego can not be in charge and run the class if you are teaching the “universal laws”. The ego is that which blocks you from having the answers.

  6. I fully agree with Mike Kemski. Even if one is spoonfed with free self-improvement materials but he does not DO something about them, i.e. ACT on those materials then nothing will happen. So the complaint is really nothing but sadly mis-directed.

    Anyway, more power to you, Mike Kemski.

  7. WOW! That is a brilliant article on sales. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and giving the rest of us the opportunity to learn new language around this concept.

    Have yourself a most joyous and prosperous day, Lynette

  8. I enjoyed the article other then I thought he was pretty hard and judgemental and/or assuming about the person from Ohio’s lifestyle. I agree that people need to take action, exchange energy in the form of money, time and effort, rather then trying to exchange their “lack” for someone else’s “abundance”. The gifts we need are out there but we have to step up to the plate and go get them. Thanks for the observation. I have plenty of tapes, books, etc. building in my home for my use and the use of anyone who I know who can make good use of them when they feel the need. Other then that I could not say I’m running a business for free. These tools I purchase are to put me where I want to be and help me understand new principles. Thanks for all you forward thinkers out there that are helping those of us who want it! God bless!!

  9. Unfortunately, whoever wrote that reply is clearly not understanding the basics of manifestation. The BELIEF that he too, can manifest is not expressed in his response. There are multiple sources of information that are available at little or no cost right at our fingertips. The poiint is, to believe that you can find, or “stumble” accross what you are looking for.
    Another piece of advice for whoever wrote that response would be to align themselves with high frequency thinkers. We’re all over the world! Ask for us to appear, believe we will connect, then wait for the circumstances and events to bring us together.
    Thats about it for now…I hope whoever responded with such ignorance will see this thread and open thier eyes, not just their mind.

  10. Hi Mike,
    I woke up this morning feeling pretty grumpy. I have my reasons of course and I am a hard working woman who has been self employed all my adult life. My thoughts had run amuk in that I was loosing my drive about a change I have been in the process of making for five years. Then I was drawn toward your blog… Bless you for writing this it changed my entire focus… I said to myself. So you see I’m just not there yet. Now I feel the detirmination and optimism all over again. XOXOXOXO

  11. Thank you!!! thank you!!!! thank you!!!!

    Barry, Heather and MIKE

    As I started reading this, I thought of the many times my husband joined AB inOhio when I desired when I valued my growth over money. Then I understood the freeride I have given many. And ended with the awakening to the reflection of my own values of myself and the lack of appreciation I have given the free ‘stuff’ I have received. Wow! This is a very strong and valuable lesson (actually 2 biggies for me) for my lght now. In exchange I give it my time and appreciation. I would like to give it more time by publishing it in my newsletter (in its entirety with full credit of course) if I have your permission to do so.
    Again, my gratitude to Mike for having the balls to tell it like is, to Barry and Heather for sharing it with the world, and to me for attracting it into my life!

    In joy, Dianne

  12. Why is it that you know absolutely nothing about this person, yet your ego is getting in the way and you are judging him, instead of listening to his very valid point of view? In judging him, your ego tells you, falsely, that you are superior to him. You do not know this person, or his life. Let go of this judgement, forgive yourself for judging him, and see this as an opportunity for growth and learning.

    The person is asking “What about the people who are too poor to afford to buy this information?” Use your imagination, and visualize people in third world countries like Africa, who are starving to death, who live in shacks, who don’t have enough to live. I think these people need to be taught abundance consciousness and taught how to release poverty consciousness and limiting beliefs that create poverty and scarcity, without a price tag attached.

    “Uh… did you miss the part where I said I work my ever lovin ass off to create and keep it this way?” is just a limiting belief that your ego tells you that says you have to do this, strive, struggle, effort, work hard, to get this, it’s all false. Stop striving, and arrive, here, now, in the present moment. Read Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life: Living The Wisdom Of The Tao by Wayne Dyer. Be soft and supple, not hard and stiff.

    “People who succeed pay their dues!” Here is another false limiting belief, straight from the ego. Abundance is EVERYONE’S BIRTHRIGHT!

    Your entire post consists of your ego getting offended by what the man says, instead of trying to see the man’s point of view, and what he is teaching you, and about how your ego reacted in offense when there was none. Try seeing the man’s point of view, and how he, and everyone else you meet, is a teacher to you.

    Have you ever considered this idea:

    Humanity believes that money is necessary for a society to run, which is false. The universe is abundant. This is one of the biggest limiting beliefs in the collective consciousness of humanity, and it needs to be released.

  13. Kudos Mike , and thanks for a laugh so hearty that I almost fell out of my chair this morning. Alas, it is sad, that;s worth repeating, “Alas, it is downright SAD” that people these days think they DESERVE a free ride from those that actually expend energy and intellegent thought to get what they have. I think it’s called Socialism (or is that Communism?) in it’s purist form.

    I happen to be RE-reading Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and did a training piece on it. This should be mandatory reading Mike, for EVERY ONE of your readers 🙂 and EVEYONE who professes to be on a journey of personal growth. By definition, GROWTH means “experience” and paying your dues. Oh my gosh, I am still chortling over the audacity of people who not only WANT but decry that “it is theirs by right of the Universe”!!!! My suggestion is for each and every one of them to make a Christmas Wish List (and include Atlas Shrugged), but nah, they don’t want to PAY FOR IT, so alternatively they can go to the Library!

    Practicing Abundance, Prosperity & Kindness EVERY DAY,

    RandiSusan Mallory
    512.472.2604 Country Code 001
    SKYPE: rsmallory

    BE a Mentor with A Servant’s Heart

  14. Thank you, Mike!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Sometimes LOVE requires you to be tough and I am grateful for all the TOUGH LOVE the Universe (God, or whatever you choose to call the Supreme Being) has dispensed me over the years. Sometimes we need a slap in the face to wake up.

    I find it interesting to read the variety of responses. Actually there are only two varieties, agreeing and supporting, and disagreeing and condemning you. Well, there was a third kind, the one that said that there are resources for those “who can’t afford them” as well. Yes, but I think people value those resources as much as they pay for them in most cases, little or nothing at all.

    I wanted to remark on something Lawrence (second reply from top) said; “So when someone like A.L. of Ohio gives you some valuable customer feedback”.

    Lawrence, I teach customer service and I believe that when a customer gives you feedback, not only should you listen to it, you should also reward that customer for providing that valuable feedback. However, someone like A.L. of Ohio CANNOT give you CUSTOMER FEEDBACK, because he is not a customer.

    A customer, by definition, is someone who purchases your product or service for the price you’re charging and expecting to receive what you are promising. Anyone who tells a business what they should charge for their products or services is not THEIR customer, and therefore, by definition, cannot provide customer feedback. If someone feels that the product is not worth the price being charged, they are not required to purchase it, and they go elsewhere to purchase what they want at the price they are willing to pay for it. Demanding that a business should charge what they feel is the right price, does not make one a customer, and ONLY the CUSTOMER is ALWAYS right.

    Rasheed Hooda aka Mister Weirdo

  15. Hi, Mike,

    You didn’t lead me to believe that the world owes me something, and that someone else will bring it to me…I’ve never beleived that. You led me to believe that YOU believe that the world owes me something, and that someone else will bring it to me. I just wanted to check out your ideas, and it just turns out that you weren’t communicating well.


    Martin Schneider

  16. Please help me grow expand Diverse Design.

    Meta-physics kick-ass!

    My venture is becoming one hell of an adventure!!

  17. Ego shouts loud, whilst truth quietly unfolds!

    I agree with Mr Wairdo onnoticing variety of responses and clear camps of support or condemnation. It is also true that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. Nothing really is free if it has been created by man, the only free things or I should say blessings have been given to us by God. And all He expects of us is that we take full advantege of it all, including knowledge.

    The internet is full of sites teaching others the Secret of manuifestation by people who consider themselves spiritual. All the things we read are nothing more then philosophising on the subject. These are man made ideas of interpreting Divine Laws which are far more stricter then the so called spiritual people led us to believe. And it is apparent that some pople are doing it for money whilst others for their passion.

    Yes, we live in the Universe where money makes the world go round, but purely from materialistic point of view. Wheather some make a bundle whilst others starve to death, guess what…? The world will still go round. And it will always be full of people who will make money and full of those who will always feel out of pocket.

    So how come there is such a disparity? Is it only because one is greedy and the other is not? Is it because some have better education or is it because they don’t sit and wait for manifestation to take place but take action? So how should we reward the one who by his actions makes the world a better place in comparison to the one who sits and waits for it to drop in his lap? How come that some falks work hard all their lives and get very little reward and recognition, and someone else strikes it lucky and collects manna from heaven doing very little indeed? The clue may be hidden in the Principle of Balance.

    This is where trully spiritual wisdom can help us understand the designs behind. However, from what I have seen so far, few people know the true meaning behind the secret arrangements of God. This is why the field is full of arrogant and ignorant people. Some will exploit the ignorant ones, whilst others will always feel they should get treasures for free.

    How can we put value on true spiritual wisdom? In hundreds or thousands of $? How can a person who is conveying messages with deep meaning continue to live and pay his way through material world and not attract negative spiritual debt for charging his students? How can the student show appreciation for his new attained knowledge?

    Well, if one takes something from another person he is incurring that debt and sooner or later he will be called upon to repay it in some form of compensation, be it his or his family health, wealth or happiness. If, on the other hand one is parting with spiritual knowledge for his own gain, he too is incurring debt if he is naming the price for it. He too will have to recompense for it sooner or later.

    So how can the two of them feel that they have given or taken something of value and not feel taken advantage of? Perhaps the answer lies in the meaning of gratitude, which can be expressed also financially. If the teacher offers his guidance and the student offers gratitude, in accordance with the feeling of value it has given him, and in accordance with his means, both shall prosper. For the teacher will attain more happiness and joy in knowing that the student and his family did not starve and the student will prosper in balance of his heart felt gratitude. On the other hand if the student takes advantage of the good heart of the teacher, his family will have to compensate for it in front of his eyes. However, the teacher would not get into debt. And thus he will be allowed to prosper. Such is the Principle of Balance in the Universe.

    Love and Light to you all


  18. Although the various responses appear to be either pro or con, my impression is they were all heart felt.

    However IMHO, the response by Mariola seemed to capture the real essence of the subject and addressed it in a very eloquent manner.

    Of course someone once said, “There are no wrong solutions, some only work better than others.”

    Warm regards


  19. Aaahhh Mike, you just crossed paths with an unrecognized teacher. We all brush right past them sometimes in our single minded pursuit of what we think is more important.

    The lessons to be learned not only from the email and person behind it, but also the reactions to them both, are huge. I hope that everyone takes full advantage of this opportunity to better themselves by grasping what truly matters here. The best to you all.

  20. The web, like the world, has endless resources for free.
    Case closed.
    Why even begin to react to mere negative words? Let alone making life decisions (no more mr nice guy) apparently ’caused’ by them. You manifested mr ohio yourself. What for?

  21. Hi
    I loved Mike’s insight on marketing and sales. There’s no reason why we shouldn’t charge for our services, for an earned wisdom that we share with the world. However I felt real bad reading the aggresive, insulting, demeaning words of Mike towards the guy from Ohio. It feels like a knee jerk reaction on Mike’s part, something to look into and learn. It’s like the guy from Ohio managed to pull Mike into his low-energy field and for what purpose I wonder…. there’s a purpose for every experience we create in our life!
    Peace and happiness to ALL.

  22. I was shocked by Mike’s response- mostly because he DID not offer the guy a platform to agree or disagree with his assumptions about his life. The responses Do mostly fall into two categories but they are; supporting or Disaggreeing rather than “supporting” or condemning. It’s funny but every post that supports Mike’s response or calls the disagreeing posts “condemning” is someone with a business- many marketing. Most of the disagreeing posts offer solutions & suggest that Mike practice self-reflection. The “support” post are from people who are more interested in running a business- which is my guess why Barry posted this in the first place. It’s true that if you REALLY can manifest money/abundance, you wouldn’t see your business as the ONLY way & as someone posted above, you only imagine that you have to struggle AND you Mike, attracted A.L. of Ohio and MUST accept responsibility for that now or with the next “A.L. of Ohio” you attractinto your life.

    I too run a small business and recently my partner had to accept that the clients who abused our services (promotional) were the ones he brought on and he’s had a problem atracting these kinds of people since he was a kid and had toys & things others wanted to “borrow”.

    Mike’s reply was that of a retailer- not of someone practicing Higher Laws.

  23. Irish Blackhorn’s commentary above is almost the “poster child response” from somebody who still, for whatever reason, believes you have to be “enlightened” to be GREAT ! Or, that a personal growth teacher, metaphysical marketer, or anybody on a quest for higher awareness must fit under some “label” (think Pedigree) or some time-honored passage of spiritual knighthood to be an amazing manifestor.

    It’s really a very pretentious way of thinking. It’s a mindset that basically says, “Hey look, you can’t talk, preach, research, promote, or comment on spiritual stuff UNLESS you DO it in a certain way.” Sadly, much of the literature in the marketplace correlating spirituality and success is misguided. There’s often an attitude of “it’s true for me, it must be true for you.” The energy behind it is: “If this is how I and my colleaques succeed, then you must succeed, talk, be, do, and have in the same fashion.”

    Look, Mike Kemski was being who he is and in his message to his community he CHOSE, without reservation, to intentionally ruffle some feathers – to get across a down-and-dirty, you-get-what-you-see, I-have-no-desire-
    whatsoever-to-meet-A.L.’s-comment-with-rose-colored-glasses message.

    So many people have been hampered from living a fresh, personally purposeful, properous life by feeling they NEED to look the other way when something controversial, or potentially emotionally explosive, come into their experience. It’s the standard, reheashed, reguritated spiritual Rated-G rhetoric that, if latched onto too much, can (and will) keep you from expanding beyond your self-imposed limits.

    Real growth comes from teaching life’s lessons in a very raw and real way. Not, gravitating to vendors, organizations, and mentors who say stuff that caters to your comfort zone and sense of eloquency.

    You know, one of our favorite teachers, Randy Gage, better than anybody else we’ve interviewed, talks about the subjects of self-responsibility, accountability and dealing with the complexiities, challenges, and realities of today’s world. His book, “Why Your Dumb, Sick & Broke” is, in my humble opinion, the bible for breaking thru self-sabotage and restricted thinking.

    However, long before Randy’s book came out, I wrote a letter to our portal members at about KEEPING THINGS REAL.

    It bears worthre-republishing it here:

    I’ve been saying for years that one of the most insidious, deep, dark (unseen) hurdles to finding inner-enlightenment (consistent moments, however brief, of feeling GOOD about what you say, do, or act on) is not “KEEPING THINGS REAL.”

    If that means yelling off the top of your lungs, cause you need to ‘let loose’ of some aggravation, do it.

    If that means you need to come out behind your viel of perfection and show the world the ‘good, bad, and ugly’ side of your experiences, relationships, and entangled web you weave, go for it.

    If that means you just want to talk about what’s on your mind, even if there’s no rhime or reason for the message, pick up the Mic, my friend, and show your true colors.

    Sometimes we FEEL that only the most articulate, most polished, most celebrated, most esteemed, and most PERFECT people in the world can inspire, enliven, or awaken our heart, our soul, our character.

    Wrong !

    You can learn from the average Joe or Jane on the street. Their message doesn’t have to be hypnotically mesmerzing or amazingly articulate.

    The people you want to put on your “Hero List” are the people in this world who live a with a view of “what you see is what you get” – they actually strive to BE (yes, even if they know they can’t be completely congruent) the same in public (in your face) as they are in private (behind your back).

    There’s no need for following the ‘fake it till you make it’ crowd folks.

    But, there is a need to learn more from the people in this world who strive for REALNESS.

    Rose-colored glasses look nice on the face, but will they help you SEE your REAL reality ?

    Be an equal opportunity enlightener and an equal opportunity offender. Speak your truth. Give (and certainly take) constructive criticism if needed to a loved one, friend or partner.

    Be bold. Be meek.

    Be confident. Be unsure.

    Be strong. Be weak.

    Be a hard-ass. Be forgiving.

    Strive for results. But, be willing to admit a setback.

    Share your struggles, if needed, but don’t let the despair run your life.

    Be pissed off. Be happy.

    Show diplomacy. Show controversy.

    Dream a lot. But, truly LIVE this life even more.

    Laugh. Cry. Sing.

    The point ?

    Just Keep Things Real (think I’ll trademark that phrase).

    We all see right through people who aren’t genuine.

    The way to let people SEE your genuieness is to let people hear, see, and feel a ‘range of emotions’ – the experiences of your life that show you’re just like everybody else on the same path to personal freedom and happiness.

    Conquests come with challenges. Achivements come with sacrifice. Growth, personal or business, comes with fear, doubt, and anxiety …

    Want to be REAL?

    Don’t pretend the latter doesn’t happen to you while doing the former. Simple really.

  24. Hi Barry, Heather , Vale,
    You have really given us lots and we are truly inspired to follow what you say. Your writings carry the strong guiding and inspiring stuff – like you ARE chosen for higher work of upliftment. Some may not have the capacity to buy but certainly choose to spread your work in a more psychological plane.

    Just a few comments, should not stop you from what you are wonderfully and succeccfully doing. Closing your site is NOT the solution. What about the others who have really paid and got a lot more benefit of your work. Patience and fortitude – as you always put it – is what is required now.

    Look! I am in an economically backward country who earns just enough to keep my famiily going comfortably. I have idolised each word of your mails and have applied it genuinely in my life and have improved in all ways. May be if I earned in $1000 or more – I could have bought your works- but my earnings are meagre – less than even $200 per month! This has not stopped me from from becoming happy or incereasing my confidence and positivity and also enhancing other peoples’ lives around me!

    Dear Barry, Heather & Hale! Do not make this your last or lost blog! This has to be another new beginning for your blog. Include new topics. Allow us to talk and interact with you and share our reservoir of ideas / views and even write an article – for which you can give a prize or award. This shall increase your visitors and get you more revenues.

    Please keep carrying your BRIGHT, SHINING & LIFE-INSPIRING work and spread the light of spiritual awakening that has been a beacon for all of us – who are your ardent (may be silent! But not dumb!) followers.

    Your most devoted reader and fan,

  25. Hmm, after reading this article and the many varied responses to it, I have come away with an interesting insight. If one, upon learning about the Law of Attraction, decides to sell that knowledge and thus becomes wealthy by doing so, did the LOA work for them? In a humorous way, I would say it did but not because that person was practicing the LOA. The selling of information about how the LOA works is not the same as practicing the LOA.

    This is why I have always resisted selling such information, either online or off. As much as I think that the Law of Attraction might be the real deal, I don’t really see many people actually telling or showing their success stories about how it worked for them other than those that sell information about it, from Jerry and Esther Hicks to Mike Kemski.

    Now, I have no problem with anyone writing a book, be it about the LOA or about how to pickle yams, and selling it for whatever amount they deem worthy. But it does seem a bit ridiculous to claim you are using the LOA to create the life of your dreams when what you are really doing is creating the life of your dreams by selling information about the LOA.

    I would love to see and hear some actual success stories from Barry, Heather and this Mike fellow about how the LOA worked in their life to get what they want beyond the selling of info about it. And the same goes for anyone else who are selling the Law of Attraction. 😉

  26. What a wonderful discourse!

    After reading the posts, both pro and con, I have come away with what I believe to be the real issue here. We are all flawed in some fashion. As a fellow human being, I am learning to become – not perfect, but more perfect.

    Perhaps A.L. in Ohio will seek other sources (free?) for the next phase of his or her learning, and perhaps Mike and Barry will become more spiritual (whatever that means). I am not a judge in this life, except to myself.

    I will go to sleep pondering the pros and cons of this issue and others, and plan to take some value from the very emotional responses posted here.

    I am still waiting for the LOA to visit me with financial independance also, but then – who would be my next teacher in this life? I clearly (to me) have not learned what I need to learn about manifestation and allowing.

    In the same context, I did not to mention resistance and its’ close cousin, self-sabotage, which I am more expert in. We are so quick to put a label on things and people that we seem to be missing the point.

    Isn’t the point of this discussion – the discussion itself?
    Many of us need Mike and Barry to light a fire under our butts to take action. Many others need a softer approach. Whatever our needs are, we are given.

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