Robbins Raw!

If you have the very crippling belief that certain people — namely teachers, gurus, or mentors — should fit into some consenus mold when it comes to how they should talk (i.e., like the outdated notion that, for instance, a self-labeled LOA or spiritual coach should gently coddle her/his pupils), you’re in for an awakening.

Tony doesn’t pretend to be anybody other than who he is — brash, intensely passionate, and irreverently real — in this video:

(If you’re the kind of person who feels cuss words are the equivalent of black mold or two-day-old baby diapers — things to be avoided at all costs — don’t watch this video)


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After watching the video,  look into this:

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4 Responses to “Robbins Raw!”

  1. Excellent video. Thank you for the opportunity to veiw/hear it. I do wish that you would not use red ink on a blue background for the other information as it is very hard to read. Keep up the very useful, intellegent and inspiring messages. Thanks again. Ann

    [ Barry’s Reply ] — A big “Thank You” for the compliments Ann. Yet, we promise, if you’re using FireFox, or Internet Explorer, as your browser you shouldn’t be seeing a BLUE background. The background of our blog posts is WHITE. If the WHITE background isn’t loading for you, it’s probably because you’re on dial-up, using a Mac, or an odd type of browser.

  2. Perhaps it’s too much time on Facebook, but I kept looking for the “Like” link to click 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this, Barry – I’ve passed it along to a few people. This reminds me I need to load some of his CDs that I have onto my ipod.


  3. Much gratitude to you for posting this…

  4. I just opened the page in IE and the background was blue. Then opened it in FireFox and the background is white. Came back to IE and refreshed the page and the background turned white. Go figure!!

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