Playing for Change in Japan

“Playing for change” has one connotation to street musicians, who make a living by placing a hat or guitar case on the sidewalk to collect spare change from passersby.

“Playing For Change” has a completely different meaning to musicians around the world who are working hard to inspire us all to come together as a human race.

We introduced you to Playing For Change founder Mark Johnson in our Hidden Heroes series. If you haven’t read his story, you’ll be impressed by the effect brought about by a seemingly innocent moment in the New York subway.

Now Mark’s movement has inspired a collection of musicians and singers from Japan to come together and highlight their recently-ravaged country.

This is beautiful on so many different levels:

1. Physical: Wow, what incredible scenery — a stark contrast to images we’ve been seeing of late from Japan.

2. Emotional: While I don’t understand the words, the singing is full of heart… and it touched my heart, too.

3. Mental: These performances bring out respect, admiration and thoughts of solidarity.

4. Spiritual: I felt almost transported to Japan as I watched this, and it spoke directly to my soul.

Even our two-year-old, Konan, was mesmerized for the first half, and dancing for the second.

Enjoy whatever levels the song inspires you on, and share your thoughts and feelings below.


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7 Responses to “Playing for Change in Japan”

  1. I see what you mean. I found myself clapping and humming along. You can tell this is very inspiring & with a great harmony of singers as well. Awesome!

  2. You and Barry are great. You always come up with the best videos. Thanks for being you-both of you.

  3. Wow! Barry and Heather, this is absolutely lovely.

    I REALLY love the Playing for Change videos; they always bring joy and hope to my heart, and I have them posted at my website and blog for others to enjoy as well, so it’s with gratitude that I see this new one. Thanks for bringing it to my attention (via email).

    Doesn’t sound like an official one but as you say ‘inspired’ by PFC in so many senses…and inspiring! Have a wonderful week, and thanks again.

    ~ Shauna

  4. Barry and Heather,

    Thank you for posting this.

    I am living in Japan now and was here during the quake and tsunami, and now the Nuke disaster.

    I can tell you as someone on the ground that it the Japanese people amaze me with their incredible fortitude, resilience and heart. I have seen nothing but discipline, order and compassion for one another. These people have reignited faith in humanity again for me to be honest.

    I have to admit it is a little hard to imagine the same in my home country.


  5. Positive on all levels! The joining of ones soul, heart and mind is an immensely powerful thing. Hidden Heroes on there side and Finding Heroes on ours. The Joining!

  6. hi my prayer go to all the family who lost there loved one and all the people who lost there homes may the lord bless the rest of the people of japan i am praying every day to god asking him to help our people of this world.may there be blessed.lots of love maliga reddy south africa.

  7. Thanks for this beautiful Video! Did the same song! Now setting up concert / shows to raise funds. Guam, Philippines, Hawaii, Las Vegas. for Japan and Hope for Children, for the unfortunate kids especially! Thank you Heather Vale

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