LWL T.V. — Episode #1, Part 1

A little experimentation, folks !

If this VIDEO format, where we cover a smorgasbord of topics in DJ radio-show style, works for you, post your comment on the blog.

(NOTE:  this is different from our LWLTools.com series in the sense that LWL T.V. is more specific to news & commentary, and less about tools and resources.)

In Part 1, You’ll Learn About:

>> The Amazing Adjustment

>> The 5-Minute Twitter Workout

>> A unique site, selling a $40 e-book, that generated $3 million in revenue last year

>> Super Bowl advertising gone bad, and a few other marketing missteps

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9 Responses to “LWL T.V. — Episode #1, Part 1”

  1. nice little video.. sort of a smorgasboard of info.
    You were talking about PayPal near the end and how they don’t allow two tier systems.
    I also want to warn your list members that they can be very bad to use as a fund raising payment processor if you are running a political campaign and use them as the payment procesor for your contributors on your political website. They froze my account for no valid reason for 7 weeks.. when they finally unfroze it there was no way to make up for the lost time in an election cycle this past fall.
    I know this is not what your video is about but all of your list members could help each other out if you allow tangent discussions on subjects you cover.

  2. Great information. Thank you for revealing Web Prosperity for what I thought it was though I did sign up. I just cancelled my membership. Thank you!


  3. This is a great info video. a combination of visiual and audio can catch anyone attention.

  4. Thanks Guys… I enjoyed and was educated at the same time. What you are doing is kind of being pioneers in what I believe will be the standard future communications system for online marketing. Pros will use web video as a platform for selling their products in an easy to watch and entertaining system that allows for all types of calls to action, information sharing, and instant feedback as I am typing this just a minute after watching it so my emotional connection to your presentation is still vivid. Think about how awesome the possibilities are. Will you teach me how you did this because I believe a million artists would love this application. Thanks.
    Stephen Voight

  5. Hi BArry and Heather,

    Good presentation, great presentation tool.
    You had some good stuff on this show, and some that I was not interested in, but, that’s true for nearly everything. But, I watched it all and am looking forward to seeing Part 2.
    I agree with Stephen Voight, this is going to be a great presentation tool for a lot of people for a lot of various things. The only thing I would like to see is a button to make it go full screen, and the ability for the presenter to toggle between screen shot and web cam, so viewers can see the presenters would be cool.
    Love to see your pioneering spirit, keep up the great contact!
    Don Pinge

  6. As usual, valuable content Barry and Heather. I’m looking forward to the next exciting edition.


  7. Hi Barry and Heather.
    I hope all is well with the family life. Sorry I haven’t been checking things out lately, my illness has been kicking my but along with the winter weather cooping me in. What made it worse was that I pinched nerves in both arms and I haven’t been able to use my hands. Using visualization, plus video games and the computer, it seems i’m cutting the healing time (they said 2 years) by about a third.
    Anyway, I like the new format alot! Seeing and hearing what you have to talk about each week is a great way to go! Much of the spiritual systems you use are falling in line with what I have been doing…I love synchronicity! especially after coming off of a thirty day meditation following the teachings of the late Martial Artist Glenn Morris. So I am slowly getting my hands working again and hope to be visiting your sites more…and working again on a website/weblog about healing chronic illnesses naturally.
    I hope to see more of your videos!
    Stay well!
    PS…Should I go to GoDaddy and get the domain hotChicksandBigBoobs.com…..lol
    Also I was thinking…Right after I sent an email about the Zrii last summer, and was very interested in getting into it, was when I pinched the nerves and the Hepatitis C got worse. Hmmmm….Synchronicity!?!

  8. Loved the live addition to the blog.

    Looking forward to Part 2…and hopefully more.

    Keep them coming!

  9. Have enjoyed this, some good stuff to listen to. Thankyou

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