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As you know by now (well, you should… and if you hang around here much, you know our stance on it too), life is NOT just about mindset… about inner-world thought, contemplation, and introspection of metaphysical mysteries.

Yes, that is a part of it, and a VERY important part; however, again, NOT the only part.

“Sometimes,” as our friend Clarence told Barry by phone from chilly Chicago, “people just need to loosen-up their involvement in self-growth and just dive into some DOING and earning.”

Yes, it’s true…

Living a Life WITHOUT LIMITS — and what we keep preaching around here — is about:

Living in a way where you’re having fun while actually getting RESULTS at something — anything, really — but, preferably at something that adds VALUE to somebody… or even better, hundreds and thousands of people.

Because, while we may only truly KNOW (have conviction about) a handful of things around here, one thing we DO KNOW, hands down, is that wealth can’t come, and never will come, BEFORE “value”.

And the “value” is sparked into play when you start sharing, promoting, and being of service to people who need help with things… anything.

In the world of business, and earning a living online, it’s about knowing you can make a difference and earn an above-average full-time income doing it.

And how is that possible?…

= = = = =

We do it through writing, researching, interviewing, compiling information, and passing it on.

Yet, we sure the @#$% don’t (wouldn’t dare think of it) do it by ourselves.

Personal growth and solidified positive change takes time… but accomplishment, fueled by the power of a group of ambitious, idea-driven, entrepreneurial-minded people, doesn’t!

One colleague of ours has made a name for himself teaching internet beginners how to build their own profitable businesses online. Although a few years ago he knew practically nothing, he has proven himself by making millions of dollars a year, and has become known as one of the top list-building experts on the internet.

His membership sites that teach people how to build lists, how to get quality traffic, how to write compelling copy, and how to master email marketing have earned well-deserved kudos from some of the best-known internet experts around.

Chances are you’ve heard of him too… his name is Tellman Knudson.

Of course you can apply his techniques to any niche… so whether you want to leverage your time and efforts by running an internet business about personal development, B-to-B tools, organic vegetable gardening, cat grooming, car racing, lacrosse playing, or anything else you can think of — he can teach you how.

Normally people pay hundreds of dollars to access the information Tellman teaches. But hey, it’s Christmas time… and this is a gift for you, or a stocking stuffer for your business-minded friends and colleagues.

[ TOOL 7A ] — Secret Stocking

For just a few days, you can get a bundle of his best products for less than 1% of the normal price.

That’s not a typo… Tellman’s Secret Stocking sale has a goldmine of solid how-to info for just a few bucks (going up a few cents with every sale, so the sooner you buy, the better the deal).

Seriously… you won’t believe the price until you check it out.

But wait… before you go, we want to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed by so much quality info and just not dive into it as a result. Believe it or not, that’s what a lot of people do when they’re presented with a good opportunity.

So buy the whole bundle, but concentrate only on the areas you really want to know about. Then give the others away this season by sending your friends or family members a “virtual stocking” email with a product attached. Or make them a CD with the chosen products burned onto it, and wrap it up or stick it in their real stocking.

They’ll think you spent a bundle, when you really saved a bundle on this product bundle! 😉

But hurry to get the best deal… and before it disappears altogether (don’t think that’s just a marketing ploy, because it will be gone soon!)

Be a Secret Santa with the “Secret Stocking” deal here... and beat the recession by learning how to run a successful venture online today!

OUR GIFT — AFTER you order, via the link above, forward your receipt to [email protected], along with your mailing address, and we’ll put our own SECRET Holiday GIFT in the mail for you.

Your Partners in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather

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