Love Without Limits (2-part Video Series)

If you were on our first Relationship Magic Unwrapped free pre-call, you heard Barry talking about how he went through relationship ups and downs before becoming “relationship-ready” enough to be able to attract his soul mate, Heather.

And you heard Heather talking about how our relationship is the most crystal-clear soul mirror she’s ever experienced, and how she’s looking forward to module six of the course in order to better interpret what the reflections in that mirror mean.

The truth is, all relationships are mirrors — yours, ours, everybody’s — but some relationships seem to reflect that mirror more clearly than others.

The upcoming Relationship Magic Unwrapped course — taught by our friend, metaphysical mentor and relationship expert Zen DeBrucke, and hosted by Heather — will dive deeply into that phenomenon… as well as how to attract your own soul mate or relate better with the one you have, how to listen to your mind, body and soul to know what relationship you should be in, how to communicate better with others, how to deal with emotions and triggers, and generally how to “do relationship right”.

We have another free pre-call coming up on February 19, or you can listen to the audio from the first call and find out more at

But first, watch this quick NEW video of us being goofy in love and cherishing our own relationship. It’s part two of a two-part video series we call Love Without Limits. The soundtrack is a silly little tune that describes us exactly, and took days to uncover, by a band called Plain White T’s.

Attracting each other and discovering we were soul mates was a long journey, clouded by other relationships and our business partnership long before we were able to clear the mud off the mirror and see the true, soulful reflection underneath. But we did just that…

… and you can do the same thing, with the help of Relationship Magic Unwrapped.For another powerful resource to help you attract your soul mate, and to watch PART 1 of our two-part Love Without Limits video series, just click the link below…

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Here’s PART 1 of our Love Without Limits video series… thanks to Lifehouse for the soundtrack on this one:

When you’re finished, take a look at the Soul Mate Kit at

Your Partners in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather

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3 Responses to “Love Without Limits (2-part Video Series)”

  1. Being ready to attract a relationship (the healthy, loving, nurturing, soul fulfiling) is the most important element I found.
    You guys are amazing… and thanks for sharing your story and love with us!
    True love… is so possible!


  2. You two are what life is like if you just learn to live it

  3. Barry and Heather,

    Is that what you call “Love Without Limits”?

    That’s it?



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