I Never Met a Pillow I’ve Ever Liked!!

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The relationship starts off beautifully — I’m fascinated by its potential and it’s just waiting to be cuddled (damn, I am actually okay with using that word now).

Then, the more time, attention, and relaxing commitment I try giving my new-found friend, the more it backs away.

“Come on already, I’m not 22 anymore… and… I’m not chasing your ass! If you can’t handle my deep meaningful love, I’ll buy one who can.”

Yeah, but that threat always turns out hollow, ’cause my white once-fluffy friend knows better.  Or at least she believes — in her own self-adoring mind — that nobody can support and caress me the way she does.

Well, being the stubborn, possibility-thinking guy I am, I go out and search for something better anyway.

But, regardless of how much more eye-candy friendly the next one may be, the cycle of fascination-to-repulsion just starts all over again.

And that is the raw truth laid out, in transparent fashion.

 Between a tweaked neck and tossing and turning, my blame is always on the pillow.

So, here’s my proposition:

If you’ll leave me a REPLY ( bottom of this post) and tell me  about your own love-hate scenarios with pillows of the past, and give  me some insight into the solution (if any) you came up with, you’ll be put in a prize pot.

I’ll pick up to 5 of the best comments and those folks (it could be you) will get a free annual membership to our ‘Wealth Vault’ — a private investments research club that currently retails at $147/year.

And, if you do have a link or resource to help me solve my desire to find a pillow I can finally have a long-term, mutually-valuable relationship with, here’s a few things to know first:

#1)  Don’t suggest buckwheat. Already tried it and rejected it within a week… which was fine with Heather, because she jacked it as a backup to her own, and says she gets deep, restful sleep with them. For me, it just felt like sleeping on a rock.

#2) Forget about memory foam (pun intended)! All it remembers to do is retain my body heat and keep me hotheaded all night (and according to Heather, I’m hotheaded enough as it is) 🙂

So go ahead and hit me with your best shot… the pillow fight has now begun.

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27 Responses to “I Never Met a Pillow I’ve Ever Liked!!”

  1. Feather pillows are the only ones worth having.

  2. Latex pillow. Soft, flexible, bouncy & supportive; doesn’t lose its shape. I’ve had 2 neck surgeries & have gone through many pillows. I find latex to be most comfortable. Try low profile if standard ones are too thick. They are plenty on eBay & Amazon.

  3. The key is not a pillow that is firm and holds its’ shape well. You need a pillow that is soft, not too thick and can be easily folded and shaped to fit your needs on any given night. A little fold up under the neck works great for me when sleeping on my back. Folded in half is good for sleeping on your side. A feather pillow works great this way but there are also many good synthetic options.

  4. Every night I go to sleep hoping that my pillow will do what it is supposed to, i.e., provide comfort and some stability for my neck and head. Every morning, I am disappointed once again. I have tried many different types of pillows and have yet to find the perfect one. I do a fair amount of traveling on business and stay in 4-5 star hotels across Canada. Once would think that these quality hotels would have excellent pillows, but no, that is not the case. I am beginning to feel like I am on some epic quest. I have heard that the ‘water” base pillows may be the answer. I will speak with my chiropractor and physical therapist. One day, I know that I will find the perfect one. It is kind of like looking for the perfect lover – the glow wears off after several nights.

  5. Love fluffy duck down pillow but sadely, feathers make me sneeze- I know what you are going through!

    Do not try and find the perfect pillow. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth. There is no perfect pillow 🙂

  6. I never had a special relationship with a pillow. In fact I never had a special relationship. Point. It comes that at a certain moment in my life I just bumped into THAT SPECIAL ONE that turned my life into a song. Night and day song.Day lyrics and night whispering. I sleep on his arm and hug my pillow. We have a special relationship, I never changed one pillow ever since. So, everything I could suggest is to make sure or to acknowledge your body as wel as your mind, not to speak about your soul is on the right support. You will never have a headache, a twisted neck nor you’ll turn on your sides all night long You will love your pillow.

  7. Create your own. I had to. I collected all my old unwanted socks and stuffed them into an old pillow, creating the one with the exact firmness and size I like. The only other pillow that came close to the one I like was at the Grand Hyatt in Singapore.

  8. Simply serendipitous!
    This is like a perfectly timed investment.
    Just purchased a waterbase pillow yesterday.
    You can control the firmness with the amount of water you put in it. Ultra comfortable. ZZZZZZZZZZ

  9. I’ve been to a natural health trade fair here in Germany where I saw a bed which had a special kind of slatted frame (the thing under the matress, don’t know the correct term).
    The slats are not wooden, they are made of fabric stripes which are tensioned individually, tailored to your height and weight, etc. No matress, only a cushy (pun intended) matress support on that.

    There are 3 or 4 stripes in the area of your shoulders that are elastic so that your shoulders sink in while your head lies on the ‘ridgid’ stripes. No pillow needed anymore.

    We tried it and it’s really awesome. I would have ordered it right away but for the moment the price is rather high.

    If you are interested, I can find out if there is a possibility to get this in/to the United States.

  10. It will set you back about $20, the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow. Yes, as seen on TV. It supports, doesn’t get hot, and I finally get a good nights sleep.

  11. The only pillow that’s ever worked for me is a good goose down pillow. The feather ones have little hard bits that sometimes sneak through the threads on the covering and stick me in the face! But the down pillow will fluff up with air like a good down duvet will when you shake it. So make sure it’s not a super stuffed one…make sure there’s enough room inside to create loft with the air, and that will allow you to sink slowly into it like laying your head on a cloud, and will mold to your head and neck when you’re lying on it.

  12. I love my pillow. Not as much as my wife of course but she is not willing to hold my neck all night like the pillow does. I have a firm pillow with lady like curves made with 100% polyurethane foam by Sinomax USA INC., 2901 Wilcrest Dr. STE 210, Houston, TX 77042. (I still have the tag on for fear of going to jail). I think I may have bought it at Target.
    To also help with the heat I wrap the pillow with an allergenic pillow case, (washable), then insert into pillow case. Hope this helps.

  13. Perhaps the best pillow is no pillow. I’ve found in the past it took about 6 weeks of relative discomfort to get used to this, and it might be worth looking into posture as to why they’re so uncomfortable in the first place.

    There is freedom without.

  14. Well, how do you sleep? Side? Back? Stomach? Sometimes, that’s the key to finding the proper pillow! I am a side sleeper and I happen to get the firm feather pillows with a satin pillowcase. I feel like they work better for me! Good luck and peaceful dreams!

  15. No, unfortunately there are no such thing as a good pillow.
    I have tried every one on the market…all the different shapes and different promises. None worked for me.

    The memory foam has a very slow memory. It takes ages to get back (if any) to the original position.

    Currently the closest thing is my Dunlop pillow (but still not the ideal one).

    Personally I think it all has to do with your sleep style.

  16. FORGET those high prices “foo foo” pillows!!! Go to the Dollar Store, buy a $6 pillow. When it smashes down, add another one to it and stuff both into your pillow case. When the casing starts to tear, throw them away and buy 2 more!!! How’s that for advise? If I don’t do that, I use my boston terrier dog for a pillow. Her snoring creates “white noise” which just lures me to sleep like a baby! LOLOLOL.

  17. There is no better pillow than a temperpedic! I don’t leave home without it

  18. My pillow is made from wool yarn. The yarn itself has been cut into 1/2 inch length’s so this pillow is soft or hard depending what spot you move the yarn to. I dig out a hollow for my head when I lie on my back and it then supports my neck and keeps my head upright. When I move to my side, I simply bunch it up higher to support my head at the right angle.
    I believe that the name brand is Comforell, but I cut off all the labels

  19. Please listen to your body. You are lacking melatonin. No pollow will be pleasurable if your are lacking this. Tart Montmorency cherries are the best source they have a very high level of phytonutrients, and are high in antioxidants and the best source of natural melatonin. By taking a small amount of this concentrated cherry juice you will have built up your glutathione levels in your body, which will build up your immune system and therefore you will be able to sleep on any type of pillow in any setting and get a great rest . Not expensive $25.00 approx. 1600 approx cherries/jar.

  20. I would give a Nikken Corp magnetic pillow a try. There’s a ton of research out there on the health benefits of magnetic energy health devices. This is not the magnetic energy your refrigerator magnets use. Polarity is different.

    Your neck muscles and circulation may become much more relaxed with this option. The company should be able to refer you to someone you can speak with about the pillow in your area. http://www.nikken.com

    Hope this option helps. They are extremely popular in Japan where the company originated.
    Good luck in your pillowquest!

  21. sounds like something that would enhance a full night’s rest and rejuvenation.

  22. Oh Barry, I feel your pain! The ‘perfect pillow’ is so difficult to find.

    It must be like Goldilock’s porridge, neither too soft nor too hard, but just right! Many a sleepless night have I spent on pillows without any substance (pointless really) or pillows as hard as a brick–horrible!

    My husband and I, while giving my American boss a guided tour of the beauties of our Antipodean State came across a shop in a country town now more or less devoted to artistic types who sell things to tourists. This shop had a range of pillows stuffed with organic wool. This is hilarious really as all wool is organic, sheep not being very amenable to feedlots, and cleaning it of burrs and other undesirable matter requires rather robust scouring. Nonetheless the pillows were impressive.

    My boss bought two, although she was bound for Amsterdam and lugging pillows in your luggage is tricky, so we offered to transport them when next visiting Washington D.C. We also bought two for ourselves. So far they have not betrayed us. They are still wonderfully comfortable and have not yet betrayed us by becoming too hard or too soft. For us they are perfect and we have not been seduced into buying other sorts. We remain faithful to our beloved pillows and miss them when we leave home. We love them so much so that we are contemplating a return to Montville for the purchase of two more to send to our Canadian residence. If they didn’t take up so much room we would probably carry them with us everywhere.

    They might not suit everyone: some odd people like pillows from which all the spring in the stuffing has departed, some like them really hard. Not us. We may be amused at the ‘organic’ claim, but for us our lovely wool stuffed pillows are prized beyond diamonds.

    I wish you the same good fortune and if you find your Perfect Pillow remain faithful. No pillow likes to be betrayed and the pillow is not always better on the other side of the fence (or the bed!)

  23. Sometimes the best pillow is NO pillow. It takes a bit of getting used to but it is better to just have a little support under your neck and then the blood supply stays in your head all night and you don’t have any problem sleeping somewhere else because you aren’t pillow-dependant.

  24. This sounds like me — I, too, have tried to find the perfect pillow without much success.

    The nearest I have come across is called SNOOZTIME. Their pillows come in different shapes designed specifically to support the neck and they are filled with polystyrene beads which makes them feel lovely and squishy.

    Good Luck and hope you find soul pillow soon for those lovely pillow talks

  25. it’s a big relief to find out that so many people share what i thought were just my ‘pillow issues.’ i have struggled for years to find a pillow that will BE comfortable and STAY comfortable. as an aside, this is critical for me because i have Parkinsonism, and so adjusting my pillow during the night is pretty much undoable. from the time my caregivers tuck me in, until they get me up in the a.m., I’m pretty much flat on my back in the same position. i had a decent down pillow for awhile, but the company stopped making it.

    my latest adventure is with a wool wrapped shredded latex pillow. this has the advantage over a solid latex, of being able to adapt to the contours of my neck and shoulders with deflating as much as down does.

    I’m still in the testing phase for this pillow, but i will say that the company, Lifekind, http://www.lifekind.com, 1800-, has shown real caring, good advice, and excellent customer service. with this pillow, you can actually add and remove filling to suit your needs. well, i was feeling that there wasn’t enough filling, so i called them up this a.m., and, voila, they’re sending me extra filling, free of charge.

    Barry and all the rest of you out there, good luck with your own pillow sagas, and may you all have comfortable necks, heads and shoulders and many good nights of sleep.

  26. BTW, lifekind’s 800 number is 1-800 284-4983

  27. My neck used to go out so easy and often till I found the answer…………………….
    I keep my neck straight by sleeping on my back.
    I use a feather pillow about 2inches thick….. the positioning is vrey important…. I do not let it get under my shoulders, just up to it…. I pull it up under my neck and let the 2 sides puff up naturally by itself on either side of my head supporting it……..
    Result……….. a good night’s sleep and no neck pain.
    Melatonin also helps…… makes my sleep even better when I take it.

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