How To Profit Through Conversation

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Harold.

Harold* was working in network marketing, and trying to build up a solid downline, but found himself struggling to make ends meet. He and a friend, Marvin*, teamed up to try to make things happen… but just found themselves becoming more and more disenchanted with it all.

They tried and failed to marry their network marketing operation with new-found opportunities in the world of internet marketing… an elusive hands-off “internetwork marketing” model that just wasn’t coming together for them.

Finally they had a life-changing idea…

= = = = = = = =

… since they were just starting out learning the ropes in internet marketing, why not get some experts in the field to teach them directly? They could set up an interview series, and not only get one-on-one live coaching from the best in the industry, but leverage those experts’ lists by having them all send traffic to the interview series landing page.

Then all those people would have a chance to listen in as Harold and Marvin asked their questions — the same types of questions the audience had — and even buy continuing education products after the call.

Brilliant! It was win-win-win!

>> The audience won by having the chance to learn what they wanted to learn from top experts in a variety of internet marketing topics.

>> The experts won by getting exposure to a fresh, new, eager audience who was ready to not only learn from them, and become dedicated fans through the process, but to also buy what they were selling.

>> Harold and Marvin won by learning from top experts, building a subscriber list that was a compilation of all the experts’ lists, and getting a share of all the sales.

Yes, one of the first online teleseminar series, 12-Week Classroom, was born. And it was a huge success!

Harold and Marvin, who were each broke and living on borrowed funds before the series — bunking in the same house and sharing a pack of Ramen noodles for dinner each night — found themselves suddenly raking in an easy $10,000-$20,000 a month, nearly passively (yes, there was some work involved, but not even close to the work they were futilely putting in before).

Bye-bye Ramen noodles, hello steak and lobster! 😛

Not only did they end up with a raving audience and a super-responsive subscriber list, but Harold and Marvin found themselves with a ready-made product they could sell again and again after the fact.

They also created a second product telling how they did it… and that launched Harold into superstar Internet Marketing Guru status himself, while Marvin decided to use what he had learned through the series to create his own hands-off, thriving pay-per-click empire.

See, they had discovered a few of the most powerful reasons for conducting interviews:

$ Interviewers hold a Golden Key that unlocks doors (to experts, to celebrities, to audiences, to opportunities…)

$ Interviews are the fastest way to create information products.

$ Interviews are key in leveraging information, traffic, and more.

$ Interviewers become “Experts by Association”, and yet don’t have to deal with the pitfalls of wearing the “Guru Label”.

$ Then they become “Experts by Application”.

$ Interviews offer a powerful, interactive format.

$ Interviews work — and work well — in ANY niche.

Fortunately, it’s easy to get started in interviewing.

Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to do it right, without the right mentor.

One woman, Jenny*, was inspired by Harold and Marvin’s story. She decided to become a student of Harold’s, since he was now an expert in his own right.

Jenny was a wife and a mother of two who had been working for others, setting her own schedule by freelancing as a web designer.

Okay, all very well and good… except that she was trading her time for money.

She had no way of making more money, without either:

a) Charging more for what she was doing (and she had to keep her prices competitive to get the work), or

b) Bringing in more clients and working even harder.

But using Harold’s model, she was able to make leveraged money by launching her own interview series, focusing on successful online women, and building her own niche audience.

The first few weeks alone, she made more than she had made the whole previous YEAR!

Needless to say, Jenny was hooked, and she has continued interviewing top female online marketers, week after week, for the past several years as a result. A few hours of work a week, and she makes more than your average employee does in a whole month.

She can now basically choose how much she wants to make, based on not only how many interviews she does, but how many people she promotes it to, who the guest is, and what kind of offer the guest brings to the table.

That’s leverage!

Marcus* knows a thing or two about leveraging his time and effort through interviewing as well.

He hasn’t worked a 40-hour week in years, and doesn’t ever plan to again!

Marcus has interviewed hundreds of business experts for his website, and gives the interviews away for free to anyone who wants to hear them.

So how does he make money?

Well, one way is through promoting the experts’ products, just like Harold, Marvin and Jenny do.

But he also creates various products out of his interviews that he sells. And he hooks up with other people that he interviews and creates joint venture products with. And he sells products where others have interviewed him about his secrets. And he… well, you get the idea.

Marcus has a lot of ways that he makes money with his interviews… and not just okay money, he makes a better-than-full-time income at a less-than-full-time effort, too!

Barry and I know these four people personally, and we can vouch for everything that I’ve written here.

Okay, yeah, the names have been changed, but the relevant facts are correct.

They all do what we domake a living by extracting information from others.

You see, we live in a high-tech age. But when you strip away all the fluff, hyperbole, and timid behind-the-computer communication, you’re only left with fresh, candid, uncensored conversation.

A mentor we know likes to say that “life is designed in conversation,” and it’s so true.

That basis is the root for nearly everything we do — and that’s because secrets are discovered, ideas are created, thoughts are provoked, and answers are revealed during the course of asking the right questions of the right people…

But again, sometimes you need to learn how to do it right from someone who’s been there, done that, or you’ll end up spinning your wheels and wasting time (and energy and money) rather than leveraging time and energy, and making money.

That’s why I’ve created the Profit With Interviews resource called Interviewing Unwrapped. It details step-by-step not only how to find people to do interviews with, and how to tailor interviews to your chosen monetization model, but how to actually DO the interviews right.

Because what’s the point of getting an expert on the phone (or face to face) and not making the most use of the opportunity? Not getting the answers, and the information, that nobody else can?

What’s the point of trying to sell — or even give away — interviews if the content is the same ol’, same ol’ crap that people have heard hundreds of times before?

Hey, there are a lot of experts out there (like Harold, and Marcus, and Jenny too) who will teach you how to make money with interviews.

But nobody else is teaching how to actually get the most valuable content from those interviews by asking the right questions, and pulling the best answers possible… each and every time, like a skilled marksman hits the bullseye.

Interviewing Unwrapped, the ultimate Profit With Interviews physical home-study resource, does both!

We’re going to be launching this in a big way to the public-at-large in a few months.

But now, for a limited time, and at a special price, you have a small window of opportunity to get your hands on it… because you’re a special LWL community member!

Yup, you get FIRST crack at it BEFORE the general public… but only if you’re one of the first 30 people.

We can only take 30 people, because it comes with a personal one-on-one private consultation with yours truly, and I just don’t have time for any more than 30 new customers.

On top of all that, we’re using another interactive (yet much more limited) medium, the Web 2.0 social networking site Twitter, to give you an even better deal on this than anyone else can get.

So basically:

>> Right now, the general public can’t buy this package at any price.

>> When they do, in a few months, it will be a substantially higher price than what we’re currently showing you.

>> We’re not satisfied with just giving you that special pre-launch price… we’re going one better and giving you an extra discount, only this Saturday.

>> Only 30 people can get this physical, delivered-to-your-door package due to the personal consultation involved.

You need to sign up to the special Twitter account here to get your coupon code on Saturday.

Are you ready?

Let’s get unwrapping…

Your Partner in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits

“The Unwrapper”™

* Names have been changed to protect the innocent… and the guilty as charged! 😉

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  1. Expert by association! That is one awesome thing to do!
    thanks for the great post I appreciate it!

    Expert by association
    Expert by application

    I’m taking those 2 golden nuggets from your blog whether you like it or not! lol

  2. Am so great with you guys and one thing is for sure,none can join you and continue to fail

  3. Well, well,
    now i have something that caught a lot of my attention…
    i love to talk to people…especially, intelligent life giving type of people, such will be my world..
    gratitude is offered, thank you

  4. This sounds great. I am a good communicator and I can see this working for me.

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