How To Kick 2010 Into Overdrive

Ready to add more profits, passion and purpose to what you’re doing in 2010?

If you’re a member of our community, we’d bet $100 in Vegas that you said “yes” to that question…

And if we won the bet, then we recommend you block out 9pm EST (6pm PST) Tuesday, January 5 for a free, LIVE *webinar* that top online marketer Yanik Silver is hosting called: “Secrets of Maverick Entrepreneurs“.

If you haven’t heard of Yanik (but we’re sure you probably have), he’s what you might call a trailblazer in the internet marketing industry… a renegade businessman, or a maverick entrepreneur.

And as you know, we like teachers who march to the beat of their own drums.

He’s extremely well-respected in his field, and someone that Heather has had the pleasure of interviewing.

In Tuesday’s webinar, he’ll be introducing everyone to his own personal network of insider connections…

These individuals are a small, distinct group of self-made millionaires who make up Maverick Business Adventures. Members of the group include people you’ve heard of, and those you probably haven’t: ‘celebrity’ internet pioneers and experts, INC 500 companies, multi-national manufacturers, heads of financial institutions, renowned experts, international real estate developers and restaurateurs.

And he’s got a handful of new Mavericks scheduled to come together Tuesday to share with you their thinking on the 3 ‘Maverick Success Pillars’:

* How to make more…
* How to have more fun…
* How to give more back…

Plus he’ll interview them about how they are adapting their businesses to maximize success in 2010 (make sure you’ve got your pen and paper ready for the gems they’ll share)!

And Yanik will also be telling you his own insights on how to increase your profits, your passion and purpose. The very same rules that have made him financially independent before the age of 31, starting with a silly idea get got at 3 o’clock in the morning (funny how some of the best a-ha moments come in the dead of the night!).

The best part is, you don’t pay a dime to get on there (except for any long-distance charges, if you don’t have an unlimited calling plan).

Once you register here, you’ll get sent the private login access and telephone pin number. Don’t worry whether you have a Mac or PC, or what connection speed… it’s all good, and everyone can connect.

Since there’s zero cost for this one-time-only event, and only 300 lines available, chances are it’s going to be completely booked… that’s what happened the last time Yanik hosted a content-packed free webinar like this.

But more importantly, the attendees absolutely loved all the great strategies and ideas revealed… and you will, too.  Don’t delay in grabbing your spot today.

Until we write again…

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Living a Life Without Limits,


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