Finally, a “Self-Growth” Movie That GETS IT!!

Via our inaugural 2009 opening post, “What Are You Going To Do Differently In 2009?,” we made a pretty assertive and opinionated statement (rightly so — yup, some opinions we adore):

“Self-awareness comes about by understanding and embracing the things you fear most. We have community members who tell us they strive to FEEL a sense of constant happiness and positivity. In their mind, ‘feeling’ okay all the time means ‘BEING’ okay.”

Then we simply asked:

“What’s the bright side of… trying to repress or ignore anything ‘outside of you’ (Forest reality — if you click, the video explains it) that is controversial, negative, or emotionally/mentally shocking? (“ignore it,” conventional spirituality says, “and you’ll grow stronger.” PUKE!)

We hope it’s really obvious by now: we (and the mentors you’re about to be introduced to via the video trailer below) DISAGREE with those who believe they should withdraw from the “world” for years, even a lifetime, to reach a point of spiritual transformation and inner awareness.

We came into this world to experience a full range of emotions… feelings and mental imagery oscillating between bad/dark and good/light, derived from our constant experiences.

As The Shawdow Effect points out, INTENTIONALLY trying to masquerade the parts of you that you either THINK people don’t want to see or hear about, or constantly trying to APPEAR different than what you are, is a recipe for an inauthentic life, based off conditional control.

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Read “The Dark Night of The Soul” Here

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6 Responses to “Finally, a “Self-Growth” Movie That GETS IT!!”

  1. Many ways of experiencing the Dak Night of the Soul.
    What one does at that point is what counts.

    Talker’s last blog post..# 140 Talker on America and The Power of Broken Promises

  2. Hi,

    Excellent video. The Pollyanna spirituality that has gained a following is an attempt to get around Universal Principles, not a method to apply them.

    A person who applies Universal Principles, is one that can maintain their integrity, positive attitude and courage, no matter what circumstances he may encounter and experience.

    We are impotent to change what we refuse to acknowledge.
    We lack the ability to make intelligent choices, if we refuse to objectively seek out information.
    We will ultimately fail to Be positive, to make positive choices and to experience our potential and fulfillment, if we deny, avoid or bury our unpleasant emotions, our unwanted tendencies, our shadow self.

    The more we resist it, the stronger it gets. Then it undermines our determination, sabotages our choices, and attracts more negative energy.

    However, objectively observing an undesirable situation, action or feeling, is not the same as giving it our energy or focus. It is not the same as resisting it.

    That is where the confusion has originated. Knowing the difference requires our awareness, our self honesty, and our willingness to discover the message in the emotion.

    If we can greet our shadow self with understanding and courage, perhaps we will also understand and cease to judge others. And that would create an abundance of positive energy on this planet.

    Lauren Kennedy’s last blog post..Guidelines for a Successful Life

  3. Thanks, Barry and Heather! Loved the article and decided to purchase the movie. I’ve been realizing that after 49 years, I’m still trying to be “the good girl.” Time to ditch an idea that no longer serves.

  4. I don’t understand the point of the movie. Seems to be a liberal undertaking to undermine different political views.
    Debbie Fords holds no interest for me. And nothing she does has any interest to me either.
    The shadow is our own judgments on ourselves projected on to someone else. That maybe my own shadow there, personally I don’t care, read into it what you will.
    Look at all the people and instutions portrayed in the trailer and they are all either conservative or Rebublican.
    Like both political sides are not corrupt in some way.
    This much I will agree on there are sides of us that we all need to examine.
    This isn’t the person though to do that, she is someone that I wouldn’t walk across the street to hear and has absolutley no crediability…to me.
    I really wish you had not brought this up. Not the shadow but Debbie Ford.
    I’ll be real honest with you I have quit listening to news especially political news because I get upset so badly from it. And if the movie is anything like the trailer this is a thinly disguised piece of propangada.
    I refuse to get myself dirty in that mess anymore.
    I was born in the night but not last night and I will do my own thinking and not by being brainwashed by something as blantant as this is.
    I’m sorry I just wished you had left this be. I read about this several weeks ago had no desire then and now you seem to see things I apparently don’t in the movie.
    But hey that’s America, Land of the Free…at least it was.

  5. This is still the Land of the Free. We are free to turn off the tv, turn off the radio, turn off the computer. Or switch to another channel, station, website.

    I have to go to the public library 18 miles one way to get a fast connection for my laptop. It is also free wireless.

    I’m sure glad I live -started to say “here” but I’m just glad to be alive!

    Sharon Deloy

  6. I love Debbie Ford, I read her book, “The Dark Side of the Light Chaser” several years ago.

    And I see Deepak Chopra as an enlightened person with great integrity.

    This is my first trip to your site. I am amazed at the things you say, not that I don’t agree, I do. But, just that you are saying them.

    I know your honesty will help people move from “a form of” to “the power of”.

    As I’ve moved along my own personal path I have noticed things, but chose to allow others their own ideas. You not only add credibility to my view but give me courage as I stand on my own personal legs that I’ve found for myself, no matter what anybody else thinks, of course!

    Thank you for you!

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