Do-Gooder Environmentalists

Being that there was a delusional idiot in Maryland, who until moments ago was holding several Discovery Channel workers hostage because he felt the T.V. network wasn’t interested in his view on how to “save the planet,” I think this is a good time to revive a rant.

As I briefly mentioned in my prior post, our perception of reality rules our lives no matter what we think. 

The Masses — those that allow their own intuition and grounded common sense to become distorted through government-sanctioned mainstream news outlets — believe that what they see is how things really are

Almost no one, in other words, is willing to look past the veil and speak out against things that are popular crowd-driven ideals and beliefs. Instead, The Crowd wants to be led by being told what to do, and what to believe.

For instance, there’s this ever-populated belief that meddling with natural processes (the environment) is what’s required to, er, “save” something — whether the oceans, the atmosphere, or the entire earth itself.

A growing number of people are willing to spend more time on untouchable things, so they have an unpoken excuse to NOT focus on themselves (something they feel, in their limited minds, is the hardest thing to conquer anyway), or others around them.

Yup, it’s this “I can’t affect ‘human’ change… so, I’m gonna attempt to do it with the environment” nonsense.

If you ever get to the point of nausea when listening to all the worry-wort, misguided fear-mongering weirdos on TV — whining, complaining, and just plain trying to outcast companies like BP for an oil spill that was the result of the same people’s desire to fuel the things they need, but won’t admit to the logic of it all — just watch this video:


♦  ♦  ♦

Never was there a man that could make you both laugh, think, and even question the way we look at the world, the words we use, and the little things we know about but still don’t notice… er, at least in the way that good ol’ Carlin made us notice.

There’s much more that can be written about Carlin.

This was a man who was cool, smart, dirty, and relentlessly funny.

Most articles, blog posts, and tributes to George Carlin have him labeled in some way or fashion as this irreverent, anti-establishment, foul-mouthed, social renegade.

Sure, those are all very fine and accurate titles and descriptions of him; however, I’d like to give him a little more credit than that and honor him for the impact he really made:

Showing that it’s absolutely okay and effective to be a humanitarian through raw comedy that makes you “think”!

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4 Responses to “Do-Gooder Environmentalists”

  1. He was also quite ‘spiritual’ as well, despite his dislike of religion, as his concept of Divinity was well n line with what many now hold to b a higher concept of Oneness, n all-pervading consciousness that, automatically, is self-regulating n all-pervasive.

    RIP Big George.

  2. Excellent, inline with my thinking. The arrogance of people will result in the destruction of mankind, embracing nature and our place in the order of things will give a future.

    The native Americans, Australian Aboriginals and others have more wisdom than all the governments(and others) have combined. An aboriginal elder was asked about coming of age, the answer was something to this effect “an adult looks at life from a perspective of helping others not just himself and being part of all that is. A child looks at things from an I based (egocentric) viewpoint and everything evolves around them, our society is one full of and run by children who have not evolved into adults.”


  3. Spirituality is about how we define ourself and living our life accordingly. We answer one ‘why’ and then move on to the next one.

    [ Barry’s reply: ] – Er, A-hem… yeaaaaaaah… maybe! But, come on Francis, what’s your feel-good, ever-glorious, sorta cryptic statement have to do with the message / topic of the post? Hint: try providing grounded, real-world thoughts about things, and you’ll come up with solutions, ideas, and brain collateral that affects real-world problems and limiting beliefs.

  4. Thanks for this post! He is definitely missed. Whether you agree or don’t agree with his statements, you can’t help but love George’s ‘seeing the forest’ perspective on everything, as well as his complete confidence in his belief. I think if more people approached looking at things from this perspective we would all grow in a more positive direction. I’m a big believer in responsibility and accountability (which seems to be new vocabulary words for a lot of people right now) and I completely agree that “listening to all the worry-wort, misguided fear-mongering weirdos on TV – whining, complaining…” is definitely not an answer to anything.

    Maybe we should make a reality tv show based totally on making people accountable. What do you think George would say??? 🙂

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