Basketball, Starbucks & 7 Figure Secrets

What do you get when you mix a basketball with a couple of business-minded internet entrepreneurs with 7 figure secrets in their heads? You get Barry and Heather on a late-night mastermind session, telling you about one of the most amazing opportunities to hit the web in a long time… maybe ever. This isn’t a […]

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( Video ) – A Speech That Will Inspire For Ages

With March Madness (aka “The Big Dance”) fast underway (I’m watching first round play as I type this), I couldn’t think of a better time to re-post this video. We briefly made mention of this last year, but I want to expand on it just a tad more today. This yearly 64-team college basketball tournament […]

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( Video ) – Fast, Radical Self-Improvement….

Here are two key (unused) habits that, once you start using them, will IMMEDIATELY cause you to expand your perspective of where you ARE in relation to where you want to BE. It’s about reaching your full potential, and I list the habits around the 5-minute mark of this video: Watch HERE now and then […]

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Real, Raw, and Rewarding Relationship

This morning I was lying in a hot bubble-bath that my sweetie, Barry, drew for me… and as I soaked and relaxed, I read People Magazine (yes, I like to read stuff that doesn’t take much thought, and that won’t matter if I get it wet when I’m in the bath… and sometimes — just […]

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How To Create Dazzling Video Montages

Whewwwww, what a bit of fun we’ve had over the past week or so. Opening up and sharing the non-business side of our life, via music-driven video montages, has prompted a lot of you to instantly hit the REPLY button on your email. We’ve received quick comments, at our support desk, like: “Holy smokes, you […]

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Love Without Limits (2-part Video Series)

If you were on our first Relationship Magic Unwrapped free pre-call, you heard Barry talking about how he went through relationship ups and downs before becoming “relationship-ready” enough to be able to attract his soul mate, Heather. And you heard Heather talking about how our relationship is the most crystal-clear soul mirror she’s ever experienced, […]

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Animal Energy And Letting “Stuff” Go !

 Turn Up Your Speakers and Click the Screen Above  After the video is done, it will re-direct you to info about the little-known PURPLE book. If it doesn’t auto-redirect you, click here = = =

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Attracting Abundance Video


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