The ‘Love Now’ Music Video

Quite a departure from our standard long-mouth probing commentary — yes, we know we’re due for another Bill Maher-like post to provoke some thought… or, at least make your head shake. For today, however, we’re just trying to open your heart. So, let us know how you FEEL, by commenting below, about this video: ♦ […]

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Meet A Boy Named Milo

Hey, cool… technology at its most interactive and personal. A shout out to Harris Fellman (aka Santa Sal’s Cousin) for passing this video on. By the way, if you’re the least bit curious about HOW to create profit-pulling QUALITY content through the power of conversation, don’t miss the Interviewing Unwrapped “Live” Simulcast with Harris and […]

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How To Offend Yourself 100% Of The Time!

Does comedy make you angry? Does personal development cause you to stunt your own growth? Does looking at the big picture cause you to shut your eyes? Yes, these questions might sound somewhat facetious. But hey, we all need to look at the world with a bit of humor sometimes to figure out the sense […]

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(( Video )) — Another “Screencast” Chat

We’ve got a view things to update you on… Some of it you may have heard us mention before, but we’re giving you more details today. Other parts are entirely new… And we hope you find it all compelling! We’ll tell you about a few websites and resources you’ll want to check out, and let […]

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LWL T.V. — Episode #1, Part 1

A little experimentation, folks ! If this VIDEO format, where we cover a smorgasbord of topics in DJ radio-show style, works for you, post your comment on the blog. (NOTE:  this is different from our series in the sense that LWL T.V. is more specific to news & commentary, and less about tools and […]

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LWL Tools — Post #9

Today’s tool set is all about e-commerce. Not only am I going to show you the HOSTED one-stop-managed e-commerce platform we now use to run all our web properties, I’m going to unveil this: We’re looking for an Content Czar / Site-Launch Project Manager For the right individual, this will be a highly lucrative opportunity. […]

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( Video ) — Validation

Awarded the Best Short Film ( Sedona Int’l Film Festival ).  An inspiring, heart-warming video worth hanging around until the end for: ((  If you’re on our Feedburner list, click here )) Looking for the same kind of appreciation, caring, and authentic collaboration with others?  If so, give us a virtual hand raise by RSVP’ing […]

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( Video ) — The Extra “h” in Wishing ( The Answer )

Somewhere in this 8-minute video we’ll give you the answer to how the EXTRA “h” got into “wishing”: ((  If you’re reading this message via Feedburner, click here )) Click Green Button To PLAY VIDEO

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LWL Tools — Post #5 ( Preface )

UPDATE ( Friday Night, 11-21, 5:10 pm PST ) – I’m a little delayed on releasing the second video – the one I mentioned in the video below as being ready a day later…. ohhhhh daaaady, priorities and estimated completion times sure do change when there’s a 1-month old baby in da house : An […]

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( VIDEO ) — See The Field

Here’s a quick pop-quiz for you: What character, in what movie, eloquently uttered these lines ? “… there’s a perfect shot out there trying to find each and every one of us. What we have to do is get ourselves out of its way. Let it choose us.” Okay, no problem if it doesn’t immediately […]

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