The Dark Night of The Soul

When I was a teenager, the one thing I dreaded (or feared) the most was leaving behind childhood friends in Southern California and starting a new life in, holy @#$%, the real South. Georgia, the Peachtree State, to be specific. My step-mother offered me a way out — a way to say “Sayonara” to some […]

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One Key RULE for Expressive, Unrestricted Living

♦   ♦  ♦ The other night — last Thursday, actually — I was in the gym working up a sweat and burning off some ideas. Yeah, strange to say… I know.  “Isn’t it calories,” you ask, “you’re supposed to be burning along with the sweat?” Guess so… but, I don’t hit the hardwood with a […]

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Robbins Raw!

If you have the very crippling belief that certain people — namely teachers, gurus, or mentors — should fit into some consenus mold when it comes to how they should talk (i.e., like the outdated notion that, for instance, a self-labeled LOA or spiritual coach should gently coddle her/his pupils), you’re in for an awakening. […]

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A Video To Help You Accept and BE Yourself!

♦  ♦  ♦ It can be a crazy world out there at times — a world driven by crowd-thinking, political correctness,  and philosophical nonsense that is bombarding you to “fit in.” If it’s not conservative religious groups trying to regulate and control morality, it’s human rights activists going overboard to the point of trumping common […]

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Finally, a “Self-Growth” Movie That GETS IT!!

Via our inaugural 2009 opening post, “What Are You Going To Do Differently In 2009?,” we made a pretty assertive and opinionated statement (rightly so — yup, some opinions we adore): “Self-awareness comes about by understanding and embracing the things you fear most. We have community members who tell us they strive to FEEL a […]

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LWL Tools — Post #7

As you know by now (well, you should… and if you hang around here much, you know our stance on it too), life is NOT just about mindset… about inner-world thought, contemplation, and introspection of metaphysical mysteries. Yes, that is a part of it, and a VERY important part; however, again, NOT the only part. […]

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Stop Improving Your Life — And Start Living!

Yesterday Barry showed you a video on how to embrace two powerful habits, and gave you some new perspectives on how to look at what is often called “self-improvement”. He told you that you don’t need to look at yourself as broken or flawed, or be on a self-declared path of enlightenment in order to […]

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How To Attain Mind Mastery

Mind Mastery can only be achieved if you know the Truth, and live your life every day with that truth in the forefront of your awareness. You can not master your mind if you’re a victim, if you hate, if you judge, if you “should on” others (or yourself, or the Universe) or if you […]

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Real, Raw, and Rewarding Relationship

This morning I was lying in a hot bubble-bath that my sweetie, Barry, drew for me… and as I soaked and relaxed, I read People Magazine (yes, I like to read stuff that doesn’t take much thought, and that won’t matter if I get it wet when I’m in the bath… and sometimes — just […]

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Love Without Limits (2-part Video Series)

If you were on our first Relationship Magic Unwrapped free pre-call, you heard Barry talking about how he went through relationship ups and downs before becoming “relationship-ready” enough to be able to attract his soul mate, Heather. And you heard Heather talking about how our relationship is the most crystal-clear soul mirror she’s ever experienced, […]

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