LWL Tools — Post #3

If you haven’t yet read our reasoning / push / commitment for posting more brief, frequent posts that cut directly to a resource, contact, interview, or recommended vendor, read the introduction here. [ TOOL 3A ] – The Power Video Series Iain Legg — he’s a cool guy… somebody we’ve seen grow considerably as a […]

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( VIDEO ) — See The Field

Here’s a quick pop-quiz for you: What character, in what movie, eloquently uttered these lines ? “… there’s a perfect shot out there trying to find each and every one of us. What we have to do is get ourselves out of its way. Let it choose us.” Okay, no problem if it doesn’t immediately […]

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How To Attain Mind Mastery

Mind Mastery can only be achieved if you know the Truth, and live your life every day with that truth in the forefront of your awareness. You can not master your mind if you’re a victim, if you hate, if you judge, if you “should on” others (or yourself, or the Universe) or if you […]

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Poker player uses “Eureka” meditation to win BIG !

As you get to know us better you’ll come to understand that helping people, and doing our best to change the world one person at a time, is our overriding mission at this site. It’s all about SERVING … We SERVE by researching. We SERVE by interviewing. We SERVE by writing. We SERVE by teaching. […]

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