Overcoming Fear (or Whatever Else Holds You Back)

We all have fears. It’s just a natural part of life, and they’re meant to keep us safe. But we don’t need to have irrational fears, or fears that hold us back, or fears that stop us from living normal, everyday lives. Those types of excessive, paralyzing fears are not keeping us safe — they’re […]

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Any Experience Going “Gluten-Free?”

That gluten is ugly, icky stuff! At least, that’s what we’re finding out personally… the hard way. (And keep in mind, you can make glue out of flour and water… so it makes sense why they call it gluten, and why it coats our insides in disgusting ways). We won’t go into the details (yet, anyway). But, […]

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I Never Met a Pillow I’ve Ever Liked!!

Winners To Be Announced On: Wednesday, Oct 27th If you participated in the Pillow Talk, via the comments section of this post, you may be chosen as a winner. We’ll make the announcement via email via the date shown above. [ Start of Post ] The relationship starts off beautifully — I’m fascinated by its […]

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Effortless Weight Loss? REALLY?!

“Wow, this is really cool,” I said to Barry. “Dr. Robert Anthony has a new program for helping people lose weight — sorry, I mean release weight — effortlessly!” Barry snorted slightly and rolled his eyes upwards. “Wait, let me guess,” he said, grinning like a mischievous schoolboy. “Think Yourself Thin?” Barry and I have […]

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Wilbur’s Revenge… Or, Something More Creepy?

*  *  * Finally the little guy gets the last laugh. Yeah, as he prepares for his final onslaught of the human race in his super secret underground cave, we can just hear the rambunctious runt talking to himself: “Mwooooo haaaa haaaaa…. what brilliance, what brilliance, I say. Everybody, all my life, has underestimated me. […]

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Holy @#$%… we saw a GHOST!

Something a tad eerie and unexpectedly shocking happened to us last night. The Ghost of Self-Denial and Delusion — past, present, and future — visited us at midnight, just as we finished our last swig of Svedka — one of Heather’s go-to celebratory Vodka brands (yup, we had an occasion to down a shot, each, […]

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The Pursuit Of Pleasure

A few days ago, my Dad (a retired history professor and current archivist and heritage expert) emailed me an article called “A Footprint of Delight“. At first I was confused as to why; his explanation was: “I thought this might be of interest. It came to me in connection with a conference… We are trying […]

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LWL Tools — Post #2

If you haven’t yet read our reasoning / push / commitment for posting more brief, frequent posts that cut directly to a resource, contact, interview, or recommended vendor, read the introduction here. [ TOOL 2A ] – $1000s Of Free Self-Improvement Gifts! It’s time to get your hands on the largest selection of Self Improvement […]

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