Overcoming Fear (or Whatever Else Holds You Back)

We all have fears. It’s just a natural part of life, and they’re meant to keep us safe. But we don’t need to have irrational fears, or fears that hold us back, or fears that stop us from living normal, everyday lives. Those types of excessive, paralyzing fears are not keeping us safe — they’re […]

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Lazy Wealth on Labor Day?

Labor Day honors labor and does so by allowing those who labor to take a day off. But, wouldn’t if be nice if you didn’t need a sanctioned U.S. government holiday to find a reason — an excuse — to relax and enjoy life how and when you want? If you’re still in a job that saps […]

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((( A Must Read ))) — Isn’t It About Time?

So, now what do you do? Not only are your neighbor, Aunt, and close co-worker of many years struggling to figure out finances, so is practically every frickin’ country on the planet. Based off a lot of conversation, email replies, and support tickets, we know that a grand majority of our LWL readers are in […]

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Earn More, Work Less, Enjoy Life!

This QUICK blog post is about YOU… … at least the part of YOU who dares to go beyond your own comfort zone and continually strive for new expansive experiences in life. But, before we give you the details on what all this means, a big strong shout and cheer goes out to everyone in […]

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In Search of “Financial” Common Sense!

Heather and I try to avoid getting too “political” on this Life Without Limits blog, aside from our rants about incompetency / insanity (doing the same things over and over and expecting different results), entitlement-thinking, and thin-skinned political-correctness gone overboard. So today I’m just going to start out by quoting  Nobel Prize winner Milton Friedman, […]

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