How To Ditch Your 9-to-5 Job Once and For All

Guest Post: By Michael Manville: Here are five pointers to get you off the treadmill and ditch your 9-5 job once and for all: Learn to be a professional communicator. Some things can be done from anywhere, some things can’t.  Communication can be done from anywhere, home building can’t.  If you are a home builder, […]

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“If We Open It, They Will Come” (Business Narcissism)

We live in one of the nation’s most idyllic towns — a small Southern Oregon jewel that is surrounded by some of nature’s greatest wonders. It’s protected by 360 degrees of small mountain peaks, and one of the most majestic rivers flows through the heart of it. We say it’s small because, while we’re in one of the west […]

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From Victim to Persuader

Last week, Barry wrote a post talking about victimitis-thinking and how some people expect a handout when things are bad for them. It reminded me of our new weekly date-night viewing experience — the equivalent of taking in a movie, but without having to find a babysitter or parking, and without having to spend close […]

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Maverick Lifestyle Brings Time-Freedom

If you’ve been hanging around our LWL (Life Without Limits) community for some time, one of the obvious value-adds to you should be that: We don’t endorse stuff (or people) just because it’s the cool or popular (in-crowd) thing to do. We actually speak out against marketers who have no clue HOW a product, service, […]

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