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Have you ever wanted to change the world for the better, one person at a time, while leveraging yourself and your resources (time, energy and/or money)?

Or do you understand that when the student is ready, the teacher MUST appear – that you are, in fact, required in this lifetime to add value to others’ lives by passing on what you know and excel at?

Often what happens when people want to move beyond their current situation and start to do better is they go into learning mode – or at least consuming mode – EXCESSIVELY buying the latest book, CD, home-study package, and the newest online course in a frantic effort to find the secret to make it all work flawlessly.

And we’re not calling the kettle black – we admit that we’ve done this at times too.

But then we realize what we’re doing, shake ourselves out of it, and go back to the basics that we know. And, this basic business tenet, this foundation of growth, is what every LEGIT wealth mentor will admit if you ask them.

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What is really required in these situations is going into teaching mode – NOT learning mode – to serve others, give value to the Universe, and reap the rewards that come from that simple formula.

Money cannot be made any other way. It’s a simple equation – a value-for-value exchange, every time, without exception.

You intellectually KNOW that “money” is a medium of exchange, nothing more and nothing less. There’s no magic way to acquire it without value (i.e., wealth can’t come, and never will come, BEFORE “value” – never has, never will).

You become wealthy (generate value) by starting with this question:

“What am I most talented at and passionate about? And, once I know this answer, how can I use this to solve a problem or give value to a group of people?”

Again, every one — yes, EVERY one — of the millionaires we’ve met and know have had to ask themselves this question and find an answer within.

Other than investing money to earn money, the most powerful and sustained way we know to BUILD (and enjoy pretty quickly) LEVERAGED-wealth is to teach what you know (your life skills, business knowledge, personal experiences, etc.) while guiding, mentoring, and coaching people. Everyone wants to know HOW to do “things”.  Whether it’s health / fitness, finances, business, personal growth, travel, hobbies or lifestyle, there’s ALWAYS an audience who NEEDS (and, yes, WANTS) what you know.

We’re looking for creative people who are tired of consuming, and ready to start giving, while understanding that the act of giving will result in resistance-free receiving (we don’t want people who just want to give without receiving, or people who just want to receive without giving – it just doesn’t work that way, and we can only work with people who understand that Universal give-and-take balance!)

See, we all have something to share. We all have talents and gifts that make us the best in the world at something.

If you’ve created a product, or started a product, or have a great idea for a product that will allow you to teach what you’re good at and help others live a Life Without Limits – then we may want to partner with you as a content producer.

It may be a book you’ve written, or a series of audios you’ve recorded, or even a documentary or movie – if it teaches people how to live a Life Without Limits, and capitalizes on what you know and do well, then you might be a fit for us.

We might need you to expand your product, create something else, or take a slightly different angle. But if you love to create – and not do all the other time-consuming stuff that goes along with getting your creation out to an audience ( like payment processing, fulfillment, affiliate tracking, etc.) – then we may be a perfect match.

Yes, we know there are internet marketing gurus who teach that you need to learn how to create your product, AND build a website, AND write sales copy, AND drive traffic to it, AND take payments, AND set up product launches, AND find affiliates to promote it, AND pay the affiliates, AND do customer service, AND… whew!

Yeah, we understand, the process of selling online can get daunting – especially when you’re attempting to do it by yourself.

We realize most writers, most teachers, and most creators just want to write, teach, and create.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone would do all that other stuff FOR you so you could focus on what you do best?

logo_greengoos200Well, we knew you would think so… so that’s the deal we have in mind.

This opportunity is only open to members of the Green Goose Profit Club, but if you do join – and if you have a great product, or a great idea for one – then we might just be sending you some big checks very soon!

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Who Is This For? Only people who either have an existing online business – whether one sales page / product / service offering or multiple products and services – or are in the process of getting an online business up and running.  Some of you will just want to tap into the e-commerce training, marketing consultations, and resource guides to grow your OWN business. However, some of you, we realize (as stated above), may want to INTEGRATE under the LWL (Life Without Limits) brand umbrella so somebody else (us) can handle the backend of your business (i.e., processing, product fulfillment, affiliate management, etc).

When Can I Tell You About My Existing Idea / Product / Service? Once our club opens (soon, very soon), you’ll have the opportunity to tell us all about it inside the member’s area.

Does Any Product or Service Qualify? Well, in short, NO!  If you’ve been following us at all, for any length of time, you should already understand that we’re about substance AND uniqueness — whether in our view of how conversation and issues should be engaged in, or what products need to have BEFORE they hit the market.  We’re looking for meaning, congruency, and authentic intention from our content partners and, from a product / service standpoint, a value-proposition that goes way BEYOND  “me too” features. We’re looking for trailblazers, NOT Johnny/Susie-come-latelies pushing out surface level stuff just because they THINK there’s a market for it.

So if any of this resonates with you, we look forward to discussing it more with you soon via the GGPC member’s area.

Your Partners in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather

(( Life Design Consultants,
Agents of Higher Learning &
Catalysts For Change  ))

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