A Video To Help You Accept and BE Yourself!

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It can be a crazy world out there at times — a world driven by crowd-thinking, political correctness,  and philosophical nonsense that is bombarding you to “fit in.”

If it’s not conservative religious groups trying to regulate and control morality, it’s human rights activists going overboard to the point of trumping common sense.

Because of time-worn social norms, meddling governmental regulations, protectionist mindsets and victim-driven thinking, it’s NOT easy to fight the peer pressure to fit into a mold that isn’t YOU.

Is the world missing the real you because you’ve been conditioned to play it safe?

That’s not something we need to expand on any more than just asking that question.

Because, here’s something you can do to find out:

LISTEN to the song, from 3 Doors Down, via the video below. Close your eyes (you really don’t need to watch the Shrek clips, as it’s not the images that really matter). Feel the energy of the words. And, when listening to the song, in a quiet place, just ask yourself:

“Is it okay that I fight to ‘be myself’, even if others don’t approve?”

Only you can really know for sure.

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For another version — the official Let Me Be Myself Music video — watch at YouTube

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you’ve personally conquered being yourself…. by commenting below:

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10 Responses to “A Video To Help You Accept and BE Yourself!”

  1. Wonderful reminder. This is such an important key to living an all-out life. Most of us have been so bombarded with guilt and pressure to be what others want us to be that it can be really scary to just be “me.”
    Thanks for the great song!

  2. Thank you for the uplifting message. It was something that has been crossing my consciousness recently.


  3. Just what I needed to hear. Thanks for the upbeat message


  4. Thanks for the message. For too long I had been living my life to other people’s view of who I should be. Nothing good for me ever came of it. About 5 yrs ago, I made the decision of being me, doing what I wanted to do and being who I wanted to be. Ever since then, my whole life has changed for the better. My biggest problem was with MOTOS(members of the opposite sex), behaving how society and other people in my life said I should. Again, ever since the change, I have notice a tremendous change in how MOTOS now treat me (for the better). My relationships now have more meaning, more passion, more reciprication and are just more fulfilling. Word of advice to those that have not yet taken this advice to heart, do it! You will thank yourself for it, and within a very short time. You will almost immediately see the difference in how others act around you. Good luck!

  5. Thanks Barry, The song actually moved me to tears. In the past I have allowed others to influence my decisions and actions to the point I often look back at my life in assessment and think, “god how I would have done things differently.” I still battle these demons at times, but at almost forty, I am older and wiser. I have become clear about what I want for my life, and no one is going to stand in my way! Some time ago I started receiving your LWL emails (I’m not sure how), and after reading the first few, I wanted to stand up and give you a virtual “high five.” I am a huge advocate of metaphysical thinking, and have read every so called guru’s book going along the way. Some are very legit, others just re-package the same stuff we’ve heard a million times before. My point is, while I find the “Law of Attraction” to be very real, I also believe we have to take responsibility and action to put it into play. On that note, I am going to plug your Wealth Vault because I think it is a great way to take control of your money and income. I don’t know squat about investing, but I decided to take a chance and join, and I’m glad I did. There is a great deal of opportunities for anyone looking to multiply their money even if you do not have much to initially invest. Thanks for all your hard work in making this possible!

  6. J am myself. J love myself just as J am and J am so happy about it.
    J wish to say to everybody love yourself than you will know to love other.
    In love and light

  7. Let me be myself…..I was forced into it about 15 years ago. My darling husband, who I had lived for 40 years, decided he didn’t need me any more. I had become a nurse and did not devote my entire life to his whims (he had just retired and thought I should now spend my time waiting on him.) Well I went into “being myself…. kicking and screaming” No, No, No. I have been a nurse since a year before we divorced and now as I get older I am beginning another career….Forensic Document Examination (just completed 2 years private school this summer.)
    Now I can be myself….and anything else I want to be.
    Thank You for the reminder to be my self!

  8. As someone who lived with the pain of losing myself, I can affirm that nothing is more important. As I become aware of and embrace my true self, I experience a sense of coming home, of peace and comfort.

    However, I could not wait for anyone else to give me permission. Nor can I assume that others will applaud my efforts.

    Being myself, having the integrity and courage to express, choose and live in congruence with who I truly am, has often resulted in reactions, rejection and judgments from others that are unpleasant.

    But the pain and consequences from those situations pass. They are passing storms, waves on the ocean. The deep sense of wholeness, purpose and self worth can not be destroyed when I remain true to my self, when I am expressing, experiencing and Being myself.

    It is an ongoing process, that requires awareness, self honesty, courage and change. But the reward is true personal freedom. Definitely worth the cost.

  9. wow! heard the song before, but this is different. Coupled with some scenes and pictures from Shrek The Movie, it touches me deeply to the core! hahaha… I really like this, big time! Thanks for sharing this.

  10. This came at such an important time in my life, as I take personal responsibility for where my life is now, and where it is headed. I just want to be myself. I love this song. It has such a strong message. Am making positive changes and headed in a new direction, out of my comfort zone. Thanks for sharing.

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