56 Invaluable Budget Business-Growing Tools (Part 4)

Here’s the fourth and final guest article of our series from marketer, business teacher and copywriter Troy White… if you missed the previous parts, be sure to read Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here.

You’ll also find commentary from us interspersed throughout.

Okay, Troy, we’re ready for those final 14 techniques on how to earn more money, build a sustainable business that will last, and manage our time better!

43 – Small incremental improvements leveraged by technology leads to incredible breakthroughs.

44 – Forget about inside the box or outside the box thinking.

Get rid of the box!

When you six-can the box — throw it in the dumpster for good — you instantly eliminate all the “shoulds” you’ve attached to your identity. How you should be (according to who?), how you should say things (according to what?), and how you should see life (according to what guru?).

With no box at all, it’s LESS about incrimination and overly-analytical self-concern (i.e., societal norms and time-worn “but we’ve always done it or thought that way” crap isn’t even in your awareness) and MORE  about exploration. Life becomes naturally unrestricted, unfiltered, and untamed. Who the hell needs an imaginary leash — like the adult elephant who doesn’t think he can break away from the tiny peg because he was conditioned that way as a baby — if you’re never gonna use it anyway?

45 – Find a script that works for selling your clients.

Then document the script. Improve it and test variations of it. Do this consistently every day. Remember that whoever has the best words in the best order — wins.

====== Continued =======

46 – Write down every objection you hear.

Put one objection at the top of the page then write down your responses to that objection.

47 – Bring up the objections before your clients do.

If you don’t they will be thinking it, so address it before you lose the deal.

48 – Always remember to find ways to up-sell, cross-sell and down-sell while you are making your offer.

Better yet, do it on auto-pilot through technology. We’ve seen some pretty snazzy online software and scripts in our time online yet, with web 2.0 technology, it’s so much easier to automate the selling of information and products (whether digital or physical) online. Our new club, The Green Goose Profit Club, will take you by the hand and show you the way.

49 – Create momentum in your business.

Find a new trial — implement it — test it — introduce it — implement it — test it — modify it — implement it — test it…

50 – Would you sell your product or service to your mother or father?

If you wouldn’t, then reconsider what you are offering.

Before you take the “Mom Test” though, it all has to start with YOU — as in, the basic question of: would I use this product, even if I couldn’t make money selling it?  If you don’t have  an emotional tie and unwavering dedication to the product that you are promoting,  then you will have a very hard time convincing others to buy it.  And, if it’s good enough for you, try Mom. But still, even it passed her test, it doesn’t mean your product, service, idea, or crusade it going to be desired or wanted by the masses. You may be playing in a small market — the market could be wealthy or it could be broke. Only proper market due-diligence will give you that answer.

51 – If you send out catalogs to your clients — do you send a sales letter with it?

If not, you are missing out on a 30 – 300% increase in sales.

52 – Barter knowledge-based products or services.

Knowledge is power and if you have specialized knowledge it is worth a significant amount to people.

53 – Build yourself multiple mastermind groups.

Form some inside your industry, some outside your industry, client mastermind groups etc. Make it worth their while to do.

54 – Continually test old techniques that used to work and have not been tested in a while.

55 – Do not interact with anyone unless you can make them better and improve their life.

Become obsessed with other people and how you can help them, learn from them and help them be better people.

Truly being CURIOUS and genuinely INTERESTED in others — evolving your study of human nature — starts by FIRST being inquisitively interested in yourself, but NOT in a bubble. Get it ?

It’s about interaction, NOT about isolation, while you’re exploring your inner-world.

Ignoring others, new information, criticism, recurring experiences, and relationship cues (the APPARENT “outside world”) while focusing on yourself is no more effective than ignoring yourself (“Martyr Mentality”) while attempting to SERVE others or be a catalyst for providing value to the world.

Want more info about this thought? Listen to Mentor #3 — The Charles Bronson of Holistic Health — inside our Renegade Growth Pak.

56 – Ask what you don’t want in life and in business.

Then decide what you do want.

>>> Most importantly — TAKE ACTION TODAY.


Troy White has been involved in selling and direct marketing for almost 20 years.  His works span involvement with some of the biggest names in marketing around the world, as well as effectively helping hundreds of small businesses through his advice and products.

Success for clients is driven by Troy’s ability to clearly articulate complex messages and capabilities into business tactics that work — measured by the actual results they produce.

Despite Troy’s amazing success in the marketing field he remains very accessible and approachable.  His monthly articles are a source of inspiration to over 7,000 people, and tens of thousands read his blogs and postings weekly.

Troy lives in Calgary with his wife and twin daughters. During his off time, you will find Troy relaxing with a good book (a marketing one) in hand.


[ Editor’s  Note ] — We hope you’ve enjoyed this recession-friendly series of creative and powerful tips to build your business without breaking the bank!

Your Partners in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather

(( Life Design Consultants,
Agents of Higher Learning &
Catalysts For Change  ))

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  1. #44 is personally synchronous since that’s the entire basis of my spirituality book I just finished the manuscript for.

    All in all, great tips – thanks!


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