56 Invaluable Budget Business-Growing Tools (Part 3)

Here’s the third in a series of four special guest articles from marketer, business teacher and copywriter Troy White… if you missed the previous parts, you can find Part 1 here and Part 2 here.

You’ll also find commentary from us interspersed throughout.

Alright, Troy, we’re ready… give us the next 14 tips on how to build a sustainable long-term business, earn more money, and make better use of our time!

29 – Ask yourself — “Is my business a refreshing alternative to all others?”

If it is not — make it so. You do not want to be mainstream — or you will be out of business.

That’s what we aim to do at LWL Worldwide.  We can’t think of anyone in the personal or business development field who approaches things like we do.

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30 – When you fall in love with your clients more than you love your business — you have it figured out.

31 – Are you living your life like your business preaches?

If not, start now. You will be out of business in no time if you don’t.

This is what we call “congruency” — whether someone walks their talk, or practices what they preach — and it’s what makes us decide to work with or not work with, promote or not promote, interview or not interview someone.

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32 – One hour every week – work on your business as opposed to in your business.

Most people get so caught up in the day-to-day grind of making everything work properly, generating leads, closing sales, dealing with questions etc. The sad thing is that working in your business you forget about working on your business and where you want it to go. So once a week, every week — block off an hour and work on your strategy for the year and where you want to be a year from now.

====== Continued =======

33 – Anything you do and you’re not #1 or #2 in your business or industry — get rid of it.

Focus on the areas you do exceptionally well and forget about the rest.

Ross Goldberg regularly puts on Internet Marketing Masters Seminars that feature only the masters — considered the best at what they do — as teachers on each topic.

This time, Heather has been chosen to speak on interviewing, and will share the virtual stage with such top experts as Jeff Walker, Tellman Knudson, Willie Crawford, Stephanie Frank, Anik Singal, and more.

It costs less than $20 to attend, and you can do so from the comfort of your own home, which saves you time and money!

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34 – Ask yourself and your clients what else they are buying that is related to what you offer.

How can you add it to your product mix? How can you joint venture with people that offer it?

This is something we do when it makes sense, when we know you can benefit from it, when the product is excellent, and again, when the teacher or product owner is congruent.

One such offer that complements what we do without being the same ol’, same ol’, is Bob Doyle‘s Law of Attraction DVD which, bundled with a trial of his newsletter, costs only $17

(that’s $10 less than the DVD alone — a pretty sweet deal you can get here!)

35 – Call back all those that said no to your offer.

Offer them a special discount, incentive or offer — and tell them why you are doing this.

36 – Learn how to barter.

Look around at people you work with, want to work with or you are fascinated with their business or products. What types of products or services do they need to make their lives easier? Where can you find those products or services?

Can you find ways to trade products for products or services for services or variations of these? Apply this to people you want to work with — help them out and they will be forever grateful.

37 – Dare to do what no one else does.

38 – Follow your hunches and see where they take you.

39 – Make an outrageous claim or challenge.

Don’t worry about how you can meet the challenge — just get out there and do it. Your mind will find ways to meet the challenge when the time is right.

40 – Always remember that if you don’t do it — someone half as smart and half as nice will do it.

This is just one of several reasons we created GGPConline.com — there’s an obvious need for simplification, leverage, and automation (auto-pilot profits) when it comes to selling products and services online. The Green Goose Profit Club will help anyone who’s still scratching their head trying to make online e-commerce hassle-free and easy. Click here to learn more…

41 – Create an itch they have to scratch.

Make something known to them that they may have never thought of. Make it so important to them to find the answer or solve the problem.

42 – Always tell prospects right from the start what you are about to do and why.

43 – Small incremental improvements leveraged by technology leads to incredible breakthroughs.

Troy White has been involved in selling and direct marketing for almost 20 years.  His works span involvement with some of the biggest names in marketing around the world, as well as effectively helping hundreds of small businesses through his advice and products.

Success for clients is driven by Troy’s ability to clearly articulate complex messages and capabilities into business tactics that work — measured by the actual results they produce.

Despite Troy’s amazing success in the marketing field he remains very accessible and approachable.  His monthly articles are a source of inspiration to over 7,000 people, and tens of thousands read his blogs and postings weekly.

Troy lives in Calgary with his wife and twin daughters. During his off time, you will find Troy relaxing with a good book (a marketing one) in hand.


[ Editor’s  Note ] — We hope you’ve enjoyed the first half of this series of invaluable tools to build your business on a budget! Be sure to come back in a few days for the next 14 in the series.

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Living a Life Without Limits,

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