What’s Sex Got To Do With It?

Yup, sometimes borrowing song titles from famous artists is what it takes around here to reel in your attention from all the “other” distracting stuff you read online.

Er, well, we’re not claiming we’re distracting too (annoying, maybe, but distracting, “no”).

So, like Tina Turner, who kept asking us over and over in the ’80s why “love” even matters (jeeesh, we told her the answer and she kept asking), we’re going to annoy you with this question (but, only once):

Does gender — male, female, transsexual, cross-dresser — really matter when it comes to getting results from teachers?

====== Continued =======

We don’t care about the specifics of “who” or “what” the teacher is; we care about the message that comes from the messenger (and… we also care that the messenger is congruent about delivering that message.  In other words, they walk the talk and practice what they preach).

Now, so far, we haven’t featured any cross-dressing or transsexual teachers (at least, not that we know about); however, we have interviewed a vast array of both men and women.

And normally, we don’t give a second thought to their genders.  There is more than enough segregation in this world without dividing up or categorizing our experts based on something as superficial as that.

However, sometimes when we put together an interview package, matching up cohesive messages with each other, we notice that, synchronistically, one gender or the other dominates.

For instance, our Renegade Growth Pak features ALL male mentors.  Does that mean there aren’t any female teachers who come from a position of “tough love” — i.e., teach from a foundation of irreverent, candid energy that is unmindful of the status quo, and demand their students take self-accountability for where their life is now, before moving on to create something dramatically better?

Not at all!  It’s just that this type of teaching style has so far been primarily presented to us in male form.

Yes, RGP is full of testosterone. No doubt about it… their brand, their style, their way of getting results lends them to naturally be part of that package.

Nonetheless, it’s all about the message anyway, NOT the messenger (which is also why we don’t name those MEN-tors on the sales page, but simply let you know what valuable life-changing lessons you’ll learn from them).

Similarly, the newest package we’ve just put together — the Intuition CD/MP3 Interview Set — features two very knowledgeable and insightful women.

And in these cases, having taken part in the interviews live on the phone, we can say without reserve that their feminine energy greatly contributed to the power of the content.

Could men have delivered the insights and wisdom we’re about to share with you just as effectively?  Probably… but we don’t know any who would have given MORE impact to the interview topics than Sonia and Terri did.

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve interviewed two people who know more about the spiritual side of our selves, and how tapping into that can greatly impact our physical selves… who have a more intuitive nature, or soul-driven insights about reality creation, personal achievement, and no-limits conscious living to share with you.

But this package is only available for a limited time… so make sure you grab your Intuition CD/MP3 Interview Set (plus some great bonuses) by clicking here today!

Your Partners in the Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

Barry and Heather

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2 Responses to “What’s Sex Got To Do With It?”

  1. Glad to see you too noticed the difference in the number of female mentors. I was so surprised to see a number of live events that had like 12 speakers and only one woman (just last year).

    Prediction, there will be a huge increase in feminine mentors, as the divine feminine has anchored herself firmly in our psyche’s once again.

    Think, Goddess Kali, who is all about destruction—that’t a key part of transformation, destroying what no longer works so you can rebuild something greater in its place.

    Michelle L. Casto
    The Soul Alignment Coach

  2. It’s great to see female teacher’s as well as male…what is puzzling though and i’m not sure how many others have noticed this but although there are a lot of male teacher’s there aren’t so many men who actually do anything about it…meaning spiritual awakening. It reminds me of cooking…we see lot’s of chef’s…but not so many men on the ground doing the cooking.

    What does it take to wake the men up and get a little more connected..??

    Dean Hopkins
    The Self Help Junkie

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