The Ultimate Love It / Hate It Movie

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What do an environmentalist, a firefighter and a chain-store executive have in common?

Quite a bit, according to the film I’m about to introduce you to.

First, a little background about how Heather and I came to appreciate, and actually LOVE, everything that the movie portrayed.

One of our counterparts and colleagues (Heather is actually in the process of having a ‘niche’ book published through his company), for about two decades, has spent quite a few nights and days delving deep beneath the mysteries masking universal laws.

He’s studied with great minds — from hanging out with monks in India to training with leading martial arts masters — who had already contemplated life’s deep questions. And, he was one of Dr. John Demartini’s first students.

Needless to say, when it comes to knowing about tested universal truths, growth techniques, and conscious living practices, this man (hey, we’ll introduce you to him, via an audio, soon), has some things to share.

He’s a renaissance thinker, an avid reader, a conversationalist — just one highly-ambitious, curious hombre.

So last week, when I was talking to him about some business, we got into the topic of movies, scripts (we have a forthcoming client who has a very good script, by the way… sort of an “X-Files meets the DaVinci Code” thriller), and actors who are somewhat “tuned in” (ya know, the actors who aren’t afraid of sharing how they manifest things in big ways).

And our friend said:

“Oh, by the way, there is recent movie, maybe 2005 or so, that gives the most clear view of how reality really works… the problem is, you either ‘get it’ or hate it… it’s extremely funny, challenging and thought-provoking all at once. Grade-A actors too, acting wacky.”

So, he got me intrigued, and I went out and rented it.

=== Continued ===

Before I name the movie, a quick REMINDER about what we’ve been saying, preaching, and writing about for some time on this LWL blog:

That in the search for value in life, it is not wise to swallow someone else’s (including ours) perspective whole, and that value is not to be found all neatly typed up in one magical book, or succinctly summed up from one person’s mouth.

NOTE:  If you like, you can dive deeper into the reasoning around the above, via our newly revamped Renegade Growth Pak

Life, at least the PHYSICAL one you’re in now, is supposed to be about contrast… as in, over-dosing on one self-given label, one image, one main belief, or one ideal, gives you nothing more than CONDITIONAL control.

Contrast, however, when used in relation to your sense of life and your own attitude towards it, KEEPS you from  NEEDING to constantly be in search of some magnificent revelation or meaning. You have UNCONDITIONAL control when you learn to relax into your own limitations, explore options,  laugh at adversities, appreciate traumatic experiences, and just let Yin (or Yang) have as much air time as Yang (or Yin).

Yup, sometimes it’s TRULY just being okay with the fact that any sincere meaning (or perfection for you) just lies in you being able to see, hear, and handle the balance of OPPOSITES you’re presented with.

I ♥ Huckabees does a damn good job, in our opinion, of showing the human condition in all it’s full-color glory.

And, the reason some hate it is for the simple fact that it can hit-close-to-home in some pretty crystal-clear ways. When you’re least expecting it, straight out of some very looney tune and wacky comedy, comes a biting example of how we all can fool and deceive ourselves.

There’s an over-analytical environmentalist (played by Jason Schwartzman) who feels he must find some meaning or significance behind a trivial “coincidental” encounter with a tall African doorman, with the help of a pair of Existential Detectives (sorta reminds me of how people mostly think there’s “higher” relevance to practically every little “odd” occurrence they experience).

There’s a somewhat rebellious, angry oak fireman (played byMark Wahlberg) who obsesses over petroleum after the events of 9/11.  He repeats to anyone and everyone about the impending oil crisis and our oil-dependent lifestyle (sorta reminds me of  people who take an extreme external event and make it an extreme internal event, letting it affect their personal life in every way).

There’s a chain-store golden-boy executive (played by Jude Law) who seemingly has everything going for him… good looks, a beautiful girlfriend (who is the spokesmodel of the Huckabees stores), a rising career, famous connections, a house and an SUV. Yet, turns out, it’s all a manufactured, inauthentic act (sorta reminds me of the authors and teachers in self-growth who pretend to be somebody they’re not).

Jude Law’s character, by the way, gives a very tell-tale sign to what he’s yet to come to terms with, by asking this question to the Existential Detectives:

“How am I not myself?”

And, oh, before I get hammered for giving away some of the action, motives, and key plots of the movie, don’t worry:

This is one of those complex, powerfully-moving, and intellectually-fast movies that could use an instruction manual anyway.

Also, me spilling the beans on some stuff will cause you to PAY ATTENTION to the “riff” behind the comedy.

The reason most people watching this movie can’t (or won’t) relate to the characters is because all they are doing is critically assessing their lives, challenging traditional notions, and looking for more out of life — something the majority should all be doing constantly, but aren’t!

Also, one of the most beneficial reasons to go rent and watch I ♥ Huckabees is to figure out for yourself how Wahlberg’s and Schwartzman’s characters came to this CONCLUSION about existence:

[ paraphrased between the conversational exchange ]: The interconnectedness of things is definitely real… it’s so fantastic. It’s amazing, but it’s also nothing special. Why? Because it grows from the manure of human trouble. You see, the detectives (beautifully played by Lily Tomlin and Dustin Hoffman) wanted to gloss right over that. But with no manure, no magic.

The point?

Those who haven’t tumbled down the rabbit hole themselves aren’t likely to “get” that or enjoy the film… yet, for those who have (maybe you?), it’s a MUST-SEE film about the nature of reality and what it looks like, as the illusion that is commonly mistaken for reality painfully unravels.

Enjoy it — here’s the TRAILER:

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18 Responses to “The Ultimate Love It / Hate It Movie”

  1. First off, I love the way your blog gently COMPELS me to comment since I’ve visited before.

    …now back to the subject at hand:

    I’m going to look for this RIGHT NOW in the On Demand menu to see if I can save myself a trip to the vid store.

    The interconnectedness reminds me of a quote:

    “I’m a completely and totally unique individual…just like everyone else.”

    I love the angle that you two look at things from. It’s refreshing and challenging. Keep up the great work.

    ~John Melanson
    “Gentle Hawk”

    John Melanson’s last blog post..Foster Customer Retention with Relationship Marketing Pt. 7

  2. Look like a good movie. I will likely relate well with the environmentalist.

  3. As with organic gardening, manure(crap) is necessary for healthy growth.
    I have experienced this movie at least 4 times and gain new insight each time…

  4. Well! Never had a clue that this movie (or any other one, really) presented this sort of slant on reality. Must get it!


  5. I have never seen this movie and will be going to the video store to find a copy. I am not even sure if we ever ran this movie here in Canada. This movie sort of reminded me about a film I saw at university – Clockwork Orange. It can also be compared with the Matrix.

  6. LOL! Okay, this is so Cool! We have this film, and have watched it. At the time I thought it was very unique in the way it was put together, but I honestly can’t say I got more than that from it. NOW, I shall watch it again, and get back to you, because you’ve given me something to consider.

    Thank You!

  7. Yes we are all connected, great looking movie, thanks for the info.

    Law of Attraction Guide’s last blog post..Regarding Other People

    [ Editor’s Note ] — yes, it’s true that, at some very energetic and cellular level, we ARE…. yet, the point of the movie is to compel us to NOT get so caught up in that very mystical / metaphysical truth…

  8. […] — one that doesn’t cheer lead you or come across as Glinda, The Good Witch of the North — try out I Heart Huckabees, staring Jude Law and Jason Schwartzman. Nope, it’s NOT gonna gloss over human drama and/or give […]

  9. Whew, what a chore watching that movie was. And, just a warning…there are several segments with some pretty foul language you probably don’t want your kids to hear.

    It reminded me a lot of the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes.

    I’m not sure what message you thought we should glean from watching the movie, but most of the “patients” for lack of a better word, were certainly candidates for the next “Jonestown KoolAid”.

    Glad I waited for 2 for a $1 to pick up this movie. I wonder how Jude Law and the rest of the Big Names that were in this movie feel about it?

    [ Barry’s Note ] –

    I’ll be discussing, precisely, what I think you should have “gleaned” from this movie next week, when I have a recorded conversation with the person introduced at the very beginning of this blog post.

    In the meantime, here’s a hint: Go back and think about Marky Mark’s character (The Fireman). Human existence, for each individual, has meaning (deep meaning) usually ONLY after something really traumatic breaks down the “perceived reality” that is taught to us from birth. For Tommy Corn, the Fireman, (played by Mark Wahlberg), that was 9-11. People in the Western tradition are taught that they are good, for the most part, that god loves them, etc. But, most don’t think about the REALITY of that passed down belief until something challenges them to think about it. That would be their crisis.

    If you don’t understand, or get, “existentialism”, you won’t get why “I Heart Huckabees” is an amazing depiction of different personalities, intentionally stereotyped, dealing with existence in their own way. Literally, every sequence is about that, pondering the question, dodging the question, being ignorant or actively denying there is a point to the question at all.

  10. Well to hear Dustin Hoffman say what we know to be so true… Everything is connected pretty kewl… does he really know what he is saying..

    [Heather’s NOTE]:

    Yes, sure, “we’re all connected.” We get it, and it’s obviously not a revelation of any sort anymore, although some people still treat it like it is (maybe they’re just learning this).

    But that phrase is so cliche that it was used as a marketing message for Bell Mobility in Canada a few years ago. You know, “we’re all connected through telecommunications”…

    So, bottom line is this… yes, it’s true on a deep, cellular (no pun intended) metaphysical level.

    But what does that do for your physical self to know that?

    The whole point of the movie is exactly what Barry and I have been saying for some time: that it’s an EXTREME view to say “we’re all connected” because that only tells one side of the story… the metaphysical side.

    It’s also an EXTREME view to say “we’re not connected”, as one of the characters does, because that only tells one side of the story too… the physical side.

    But we have both physical and metaphysical aspects, both an inner and an outer world, and life is designed to be lived in balance.

    That means both need to be taken into account, just like the two opposing teachers in the movie needed elements of the other to tell the whole truth. (And yes, I’m sure the actors “get” that.)

    Basically, like “up” needs “down”, “yin” needs “yang”, “positive” needs “negative” and “light” needs “dark” in order to define what it is, the only reason “we’re all connected” means ANYTHING at all is because we’re also NOT connected.

    It’s the law of polarity.

    And there’s duality in your non-duality, and non-duality in your duality (kinda like peanut butter and chocolate).

    Chew on that one for awhile! 😉

  11. I thought this was a little bit of hard work, but we all relate to ideas differently. I found the interconnectedness of people and things was expressed(for me) no better than in ‘The Matrix’ – what a metaphor for the outer ‘reality’ not being the whole story – but actually generated from ‘within’…

  12. Wow! thanks for the tip! i watched it right away and got blown away. They speak of some profound truths in a comic kind of way. Also a great movie for those who aren´t that into spiritualism or metaphysical living! its funny how they combine profound insights with the typical movie situations. Just loved it and recomend it 100%

  13. It bought tears into my eyes, i felt my heart….smile, …
    we are ALL….connected….lol…
    what an incredible revelation….
    …….. for us all…

  14. Wow!! I never knew about this movie. I can’t wait to watch it. Thank you.


  15. I rented it and waiting for the movie to arrive, so, no comments about the movie until I see it!

    I, too, do believe we are all connected and for me there is no separation between the spiritual metaphysical and physical reality. I am more a Gregg Braden/ Barbara Marx Hubbard kinda gal… 😉 and I think there is significance in many events that occur daily if we keep our eyes, minds and HEART open.. then again maybe I am wrong… who really knows… if I am, I guess I will keep getting sent back ‘here” until I get it right.

    [ Barry’s Note ]:

    That’s one way to go through life and play the game. The majority have been labeling themselves, putting themselves in a certain crowd, and pigeon-holing themselves into an identity or set of beliefs for millions of years.

    Forgot about taking the easy way out, which is to say “…maybe I’m wrong..” BE RIGHT. Be your own “crowd” !

    How do you do that ?

    You take the advice of one of our teachers inside our

    From “The Henry Fonda of Prosperity” (RGP Teacher):

    “Here’s how you can tell if someone is actually capable of really thinking about things. Ask almost anyone why they think what they think about something and watch them squirm as they try to rationalize what is usually some irrational assumed opinion or belief.

    Critical thinking is defined as ”Skilled, active, interpretation and evaluation of observations, communications, information, and argumentation.” Advertisers, propagandists, politicians and other conmen know this simple truth that most people are not capable of real critical thinking and use it to effectively manipulate the masses into behaving, buying and believing in all sorts of stupidities.

    Test your own thinking skills… Ask yourself why you think what you think. If your first response is “because it is true” then you know that you are lying to yourself or attempting to avoid actually thinking about your thinking. If you cannot write a list of ten good reasons why you think what you think about any single thing, then you know you are in need of some serious remedial self-analysis. When was the last time you actually sat down and thought about your own thinking processes? Hmmmm.”

  16. I shall endeavour to track this movie down, I feel it is a must see, if only to give different perspectives on an interesting subject. I have never heard of this movie being in Australia.

  17. Thanks for that. I love anything that questions the nature of reality (like Total Recall, The Matrix and many of the Sci Fi TV shows), but I would have missed this. I can’t find it on “On Demand” here in the UK, so I will look out for it on DVD.

    On a completely different subject, I have a question for you:
    If I create my own reality, why have I created a world where all the “normal” foods and drinks are unhealthy? I feel good if I avoid things like wheat, dairy, sugar, alcohol and caffeine. But surely, if it is “all in the mind”, I should be able to eat as much rubbish as I like and still be fit, healthy and happy…and so should everyone else. Is it just a case of changing our (Universal) mind/beliefs?

    [ Barry’s Comment ] —

    Here’s the thing – the raw, unvarnished truth – Jackie:

    You DON’T create your own reality… for insights, go here:

  18. I will see the movie on your recommendation. By the way, I’m a Platinum member of MOS, and have been getting your LWL emails. Do I keep the same account number for banners, etc with the new platform?

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