Basketball, Starbucks & 7 Figure Secrets

What do you get when you mix a basketball with a couple of business-minded internet entrepreneurs with 7 figure secrets in their heads?

You get Barry and Heather on a late-night mastermind session, telling you about one of the most amazing opportunities to hit the web in a long time… maybe ever.

This isn’t a sales video — it’s nothing more than a courtesy heads-up for something that’s worth thousands of dollars, but will cost you less than a couple of grande Starbucks mocha frappuccinos.

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11 Responses to “Basketball, Starbucks & 7 Figure Secrets”

  1. Looking forward to seeing what the big semi-free mystery product is!

    Hey Barry – remember never to play h-o-r-s-e with a pregnant woman!

  2. Yeah, I here ya Bob – I’ve switched the game up a little bit since she’s running around the court carrying swee’ pea now….

    We don’t spell out any LETTERS anymore when one of us miss a a duplicated shot by the other… and the way Heather’s been playing lately, she’s been making more than she misses… she’s got the bank shot, off the glass, down pat ( watch out Kobe Bryant ).

  3. Why do all the “Secret” experts seem to be making their money on internet marketing? I do not want to be an internet marketer. I want to produce movies and TV shows. I need to manifest investors, actors, etc. to make my movies happen.

    I e-mailed Joe Vitale about this, and he never e-mailed me back. Maybe the Secret only applies to internet marketers?

  4. I signed up. When will the notification be sent? Also, I have app’t until almost 2:00 then another at 2:45. Will I be able to listen and order if I want to later?

  5. Hi Joy,

    The site opens at 2pm EDT… so you’ll be able to access it then, or later if you prefer.


    No, “The Secret” doesn’t just work for Internet marketers. Didn’t Rhonda use it to make the movie “The Secret”? (And countless other movies have been made the same way, like What the Bleep and Pass It On and, I’m sure, some Hollywood blockbusters too).

    Obviously more is required than just “thinking about” what actors and investors you want — but I’m sure I don’t have to explain that to you and tell you that you might actually need to hold auditions to find your actors… right?

    But if we were moviemakers, we’d be making movies about it too… since we’re Internet marketers, we’ll talk about using it for what we know how to do. Same with the creator of the product.

    A lot of people want to learn Internet marketing, and those are the people that will be attracted to this information.

    And no, it’s not just limited to arts, entertainment and media either… we know dentists, doctors, lawyers, real estate agents, salespeople and construction workers that use it too.


  6. Hi

    I’m sure you had lots of interesting things to say but there are so many echos coming off the walls here I can barely hear a thing you say.

    It’s no good sending out messages (even by video) if people can’t hear your message and turn off in despair!



  7. To Stefan:

    Maybe in the United Kingdom, where I see you’re located, echo’s in gymnasium’s, combined with the Non Queen’s English, sounds like Pig Latin to you….

    …Uhmmmm, try a tad harder to listen – regardless of the echo. We’re pretty confident, if you get past the need for “clear perfection” in clarity, you’ll understand what we’re saying, just like everybody else did.

  8. Hey guys… and yeah, in the IM community there’s a lot of buzz around Mike Filsaime’s new product. Seriously considering getting this thing now when it launches, but I’m not sure…
    I have more than enough material to learn anyway!

    See ya,

  9. Just FYI, I could hear every word.

    Looking forward to the info. Probably will have to catch it later…early afternoon will not be convenient for me today…have prior engagement.


  10. Rick, this is your answer from the universe:
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  11. How could you fall for all this? Manifestation? This is all a pipe dream! I am sorry to shatter your concepts, but it doesnt work like that.

    There is a G-d who determines what you will manifest, when and if. This is decided based on your previous actions (the law of cause and effect, remember?)

    You either believe that YOU are a servant to G-d or you are doing everything you do becuase you will them and only your will will dictate the outcome. But it isn’t so.

    Nobody can force G-d’s hand. I wish I had the time to explain all this to you. It’s far deeper than you might think. Also, you could discrad the idea that we are “co-creators”. There is no such thing. G-d doesnt need us to “co-create” with him. (its like a man pushing a freight train that is already in movement. His force is null in comparison)

    When humanity will undertand that G-d is the only true king, then we will have the insight to know our place and truely be fullfiled.

    On the positive side, the concepts of law of attractions, manisfestation etc, are at best, a mean to end. Which is a goal setting and focusing excercise which helps us home in on our objectives with certainty and belief that we could in fact achieve our them.

    The proof is that despite all our best efforts and “manifestation excercises” not all of us achieve our goals!
    Answer this question:
    1.) Whose will shall prevail? ours or G-d’s?
    2. Does this great and vast universe has a king? If it does, then inevitably, we should be his humble servants and continue dreaming but acknowledging and thanking G-d for all.


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