Hand Up… or… Hand Out?

Tonight at 8pm, ABC will air its second Secret Millionaire episode. It’s a show some call inspiring, and others (those, possibly, with an eye for self-reliant behavior) call just interesting. In a very uncharacteristic move, I’m refraining from telling you the level of conviction I have for either side of the spectrum (er, for now!) 🙂 […]

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The Big (“Poor Me”) Gamble

I didn’t set out with a desire to create a post about a topic so dispiriting — so head-shakingly disgusting — to start off the week. Nope, actually… instead, Heather and I were thinking about creating a poll around the very inspiring subject of “money multiplication” — as in, growing the digital ‘fiat’ cash in […]

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A Renegade Christmas Video Worth Your Time

Christmas means a lot of different things to different people. To your child, it might be about Santa Claus and sharing gifts with friends and family. To your neighbor, it might be about Midnight Mass and worshiping a chosen Messiah. To you, we hope it’s about joy, love and exciting expectations. The Christmas spirit is […]

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How To Ditch Your 9-to-5 Job Once and For All

Guest Post: By Michael Manville: Here are five pointers to get you off the treadmill and ditch your 9-5 job once and for all: Learn to be a professional communicator. Some things can be done from anywhere, some things can’t.  Communication can be done from anywhere, home building can’t.  If you are a home builder, […]

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What Would You Do if Your Income Disappeared?

Guest Post: By Simon Black What Would You Do if Your Income Disappeared? Would you be prepared? Do you have a plan? In the Age of Turmoil, many income sources that were considered ‘stable’ in the old system will be at risk; this includes retirement pensions, investment income, salaries and wages, and small business profits. […]

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“If We Open It, They Will Come” (Business Narcissism)

We live in one of the nation’s most idyllic towns — a small Southern Oregon jewel that is surrounded by some of nature’s greatest wonders. It’s protected by 360 degrees of small mountain peaks, and one of the most majestic rivers flows through the heart of it. We say it’s small because, while we’re in one of the west […]

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Why ‘The Crowd’ Likes to Regulate Success

 About 3 weeks ago here, I threw out my appeal for thinking straight — for being the person who doesn’t sit back, ponder about life, and produce little of substance. I talked about how “talk” (in the form of the Washington-infused word HOPE) means nothing when it comes to increasing your monetary value (the post […]

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Real Motivation… and… Personal Breakthroughs

I’ve come across a very interesting video on how people perform with reward-based incentives. It really had an impact on me and while it may seem counter-intuitive at first, it makes perfect sense in the end. The way it’s animated is really quite awesome. I love this video and I hope you enjoy it too! […]

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Earn More, Work Less, Enjoy Life!

This QUICK blog post is about YOU… … at least the part of YOU who dares to go beyond your own comfort zone and continually strive for new, expansive experiences in life. But, before we give you the details on what all this means, a big strong shout and cheer goes out to everyone in […]

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Why do you keep telling people this… ?

“I don’t have the time!” Well, if you don’t, in theory, neither do I. You see, time is the one constant that all us human beings have. After all, we each have the same 86,400 seconds per day to do what we need, want, and have to do. Somebody once said that life gives us […]

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