A Mind Method... Monkey Business... 2 Renegades



As we transition out of this Friday the 13th into a weekend of fun, joy,
relaxation, and yes, even productive work (hey, when you're a home-based
online entrepreneur, working is like play anyway), we have 3 recommendations
for you

The first TWO are "self-study" — well, the one on the left fits that label more
(it requires some "inner" work to put it into action), with the one on the right
being more about using some key, very usable income-generating methods that
we have used ourselves to GROW our business.

Both are standout, rock-solid products that offer EXTREME value. They over-
deliver, are effective (nothing hollow or limited in detail with these), and
most importantly we can personally vouch for them both (well, at least, we
DO hope that means something to you! :)

The third recommendation is all about YOU "hiring" us to help give you a
one-on-one boost. Yes, picking our brain, our resources, and our contacts to
gain an edge in life, business, relationships... whatever, truly, you'd like some
hand-holding or new perspective on.

Okay, time to make your pick:


No Monkey Business


Want A Mentor Instead?... or... A Coach
As A Companion to the Above Recommendations

If you could just use a little interactivity with somebody — someone who's
, figured a few things out in life, and has a passion for
guiding people who have the ambition and genuine desire to experience prosperity
in all areas of life...

... If you feel you've got all the personal transformation / success-related
"self-study" or "online income" how-to material you need... If you've tried to
figure it all out, and put the pieces of the puzzle together on your own... but
would like someone to give you an edge, the offer below is for you:


LIMITED to 10 People ( First-Come-First-Served )


EXCLUSIVE To our LWL Community

We're announcing the
re-opening of :

The Goss-Vale
Renegade Coaching Program

This is our PERSONAL invitation to our community to be coached by a husband-and-wife team who has interviewed hundreds of success & business mentors, consulted with the same, coached hundreds of people thru "conversation" and created over 10 different sites that deliver quality, value-oriented content geared to personal achievement, success, manifestation, business and spirituality...

We have an ideology that simply goes like this: Life is part of a continual process of exploration with not just ourselves, but with “others” too.

And when you strip away all the fluff, hyperbole, and timid behind-the-computer communication, you’re only left with fresh, candid, uncensored conversation.

That basis is the root for nearly everything we do — and that’s because secrets are discovered, ideas are created, thoughts are provoked, and answers are revealed during the course of asking the right questions of the right people.

So whether you’re talking interview, candid discussion, or formal consultation, the art of conversation is what sows the seeds that the greatest a-ha moments spring from.

It’s truly where life is designed, folks, and without skipping a beat, it’s the very same reason we're making ourselves available to 10 people who see the value in being guided interactively by us.


Your Partner in The Quest For
Living a Life Without Limits,

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